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  • You can't legislate morality? We do all the time!
  • The Commerce Clause was NOT meant to give Congress power to do anything it wants, no matter if the Supreme Court tells us so.
  • Or rather, where is he?
  • The problem isn't that the tent has shrunk, it's that progressively fewer people think they should come into it anymore.
  • Tax cuts are not an expense for the government.
  • Just not anything he's said he wants to do.
  • Mr. Obama, do you want to achieve Ronald Reagan stature? Then read this letter!
  • Senator Obama clearly thinks that the way to a great society is to redistribute wealth. But that doesn't work.
  • What should have been said, by a wiser candidate than the two we have.
  • Each of the unfortunate changes in the American system which happened in 1913 would have resulted in some problems probably more manageable each on their own.
11 - 20 of 27 resultsPage: 1 2 3
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