• Belief in Big Government is a religion - and a false one.
  • Yes, Obama can recess-appoint Elizabeth Warren - and he should.
  • We don't need more taxes, we need less government.
  • High taxes helped drive LeBron James away from Cleveland.
  • Some places are so rich that they can afford to drive employers out. Must be nice!
  • The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come is presenting us with a very large bill for this year.
  • Rep. Charles Rangel, author of our tax code, still can't pay his taxes correctly. But he's not a crook...
  • For the stated purpose of reviving our economy, this is nothing more than an exercise in silliness.
  • When liberals mail extra millions each year to the Treasury, then it might be time to listen to their ideas too.
  • Mr. Washington said, "Government is like fire - an uncertain servant and a fearful master," but he missed the essence. At its core, governance boils down to two questions: "Who says?" and "Who pays?"
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