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  • The Left doesn't care about the costs of illegal immigration.
  • The last thing the world needs is more globalism.
  • Our greedy, grasping government steals even from foreigners.
  • Yes, the problem is Islam.
  • Anti-illegals is not anti-immigrant.
  • Now we are specially searching passengers from Muslim countries? What took us so long?
  • Does nobody care about "aiding and abetting" criminals anymore?
  • Paying out for people who don't pay in is bad for the exchequer.
  • Absolut believes that they will gain by linking their concept of "An Absolut World" to a world in which significant parts of the American West are part of Mexico.
  • If we can't decide between the bird lovers and the cat lovers without a jury trial, how are we going to decide what to do about "honor killing," "female circumcision," and other facets of "diversity"?
1 - 10 of 11 resultsPage: 1 2
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