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Don't Just Say No; VOTE NO!

They're all Corruptocrats.

By Hobbes  |  February 1, 2008

The Democrats took over the House and Senate a year ago.  Pelosi promised to clean up Congress, but funny things happened.

Pelosi's Democrats threw out a law that would have required that they list lawmaker's names when a lawmaker spent money on a pet project.  When they steal our money, they don't want us to know which of them stole it.

They threw out a law that would make it illegal to send money to businesses that hire lawmaker's relatives.  When they steal our money, they want to split the swag with their families.

The only thing Democrats didn't like about Republican corruption was that they weren't in on it.  Now that they can send earmarks to their friends in return for bribes, sorry, campaign contributions, suddenly everything's OK with earmarks.

As Mark Twain put it, "90% of our politicians give the other 10% a bad name."

So what do we taxpayers do about it?  We can complain, but that won't get us anywhere.  Big shots bribe the Ways and Means Committee to write tax loopholes for them, they get representation without taxation, we get taxation without representation.  Complaining won't do us any good, but we can vote NO.

The only thing that gets a Congresscritter's attention is losing an election.  What if everybody on the web decided to vote against incumbents?  They're all crooked bums, we need a whole new set.

Whoever your incumbent is, just vote NO.  It doesn't matter whether you agree with him or not, they're all crooks, vote 'em out!

It's real simple, pass it on: this election, whoever's in office, just vote NO.  If we get rid of all the incumbents, maybe the new guys will take us seriously.

If we don't punish them for stealing our money, we have nobody to blame but ourselves.