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How Many Covid Deaths?

The covid lies are piling up.

By A Reaper  |  September 14, 2020

by A Reaper

Hush Americans,
Don’t say a WORD.
Stop the COVID Virus,
Just as you have heard.
Right around the corner
And even under your Bed.
It could be in your closet
But more importantly,
We’ve got it in your Head.

Children fuss more when fighting sleep than we have over the insane rules imposed upon us to supposedly stop the Dreaded Virus!  We don’t need facemasks; we need earmuffs to stop the Pravda drivel. And then a little something called the truth.

The Truth: The CDC, using death certificates, now estimate only 6% died from COVID only. And even that number is suspect, since underlying conditions may not have been listed, or more importantly, very few autopsies were done. This equates to a little over 9,000 deaths – New York City data was excluded.

You may very well be hearing this for the first time. You would think this would be shouted from the rooftops. Not so - in fact, the media has moved heaven and earth to "debunk" the truth.

The Liberal Media, the Democrats’ propaganda arm, sneers at the fly over states and truly believes they are here to direct the wayward masses. They have been playing us for fools. They need COVID to be a monster.

The more they scare us. the more they try to force us not to question the science - or, what they claim falsely is science. The more they bury opposite views, the more control they have inserted into our lives without a fight, and the more they withhold important data.

With the help of their political brethren, socialist programs are “needed” now more than ever: Bankruptcies, record unemployment, historic decrease in our GDP was all caused by the continued proliferation of this supposed pandemic.

Stay at home. Practice safe distancing at work. Essential vs. Nonessential. Just wear the mask... Enough!  If we continue down this path, America will not be the country it was even a few months ago.

Do you really believe the magnitude of the pandemic accidentally coincides with the upcoming election? They despise our current President and believe his voters are idiots. All the while, their candidate, Joe Biden, is looking for the door out of his basement; the DNC knows he cannot talk intelligently to a large gathering of his followers for 15 minutes.

Now, the media will pivot to the overall supposed death count – 183,000+ deaths and six million tested positive. They will use those numbers - frightening, without context - to overshadow all the optimistic figures.

So we must put the COVID numbers in context:  2.8 million Americans die each year. The biggest category is those over 65. COVID’s Average age of death is in the low 80s, with by far the largest group coming from assisted living and nursing homes.

Have you ever visited a loved-one in a nursing home? In all but the most posh, their quality of life is extremely low. Assisted living is somewhat better, but only somewhat, and nobody would wish their nearest and dearest to be there if there were any other chice.

Yes, any death is hard, but death is always the end result of life. And in the above places, it is, at times, a relief to see them pass.

We now know very few people were actually killed by COVID; the overwhelming majority of those that "were", were dying of other things already anyway.

What's more, we've now also learned that the Media can make any future bad flu / pneumonia season a pandemic by overanalyzing the deaths, infection rates and present it in such a way to terrorize us – with zero positive news on the subject or countering viewpoints.

And if Trump came-out with the true virus numbers contrary to the Liberal narrative? He would be skewered - as, indeed, he is, when he attempts to put forward even the slightest smidgen of good news, as wartime presidents always have. Instead, the President is made to look uncaring, not very intelligent and certainly not the man to lead the COVID crisis.

So, the Libs want us to believe in two items: Trump is Bad. COVID was mishandled by Trump.  If you believe that, then all else follows.

Instead, rather than believe the lies of known liars, we must question everything. Do your own research into the real science, recognizing that the headline is almost certainly false. And, most of all, get off your butt and vote!

The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.

 – Albert Einstein