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I Support the President

Just not anything he wants to do.

By Fennoman  |  January 22, 2009

I support the President, but...

Even before the war started the anti-war crowd started chanting the mantra "We support the troops, but we don't support the war."  This, of course, was their way of committing treason while pretending to be patriotic.  After Vietnam, the left couldn't get away with not supporting the troops.  So, with a little bit of verbal trickery, a new slogan was born.  "Support the troops but not the war!"

The mainstream media, being of the left, picked up on their new protest without question.  Never mind the logical fallacy of the statement.

The purpose of an army is to wage war.  If you support the army, then you must support their efforts, especially in a country with an all volunteer army.  They signed up to be in the armed services, which means they signed up for war.

There are those, however, who will say that they support the troops but not this war at this time.  Does this mean you want the troops to lose?

Once committed, there are only two options:  win or lose.  Supporting the troops means you want them to win.  The anti-war crowd cannot understand that supporting the troops means supporting their mission to win.  You can't support them and want them to lose.

But, since they've decided it's possible to support someone, but not what they do, I've decided to do the same.  I declare today that I fully support President Barack Obama.

But I don't support his agenda.

I don't support expanding hate crimes legislation - as this is discrimination.

I don't support increasing government spending on projects with no return on the investment.

I don't support increasing government medical insurance programs.

I don't support increasing taxes on anyone for any reason.

I don't support increasing the federal government's stranglehold on education.

I could go on with what I don't support what President Obama doing.  But I support him fully.

And the same goes for Congress.  I support Congress but I don't support their stimulus package legislation.  I don't support changing House and Senate rules to make it more difficult for the minority to act as a check against reckless legislation.

The last 8 years have taught us that we can support the President and Congress, but we don't have to support their programs.  I support President Barack Hussein Obama.  I just don't support any of his plans for our country.

But don't ever accuse me of not supporting the President.  I do!