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Learning from the Victorious Left

What techniques have brought the Left the total cultural domination they enjoy today?

By Petrarch  |  February 10, 2021

Of the past few months of bitter defeat for conservatives, perhaps the most sickeningly nauseating was to watch and hear the obsequious fawning of our unanimous "news" media over the assumption to power of St. Joe Biden the Immaculate.  The worshipful language for liberal Democrats we first saw in Chris Matthews' infamous "thrill going up my leg" on hearing Mr. Obama's utterly forgettable rhetoric has now metastasized throughout the commentariat.  We can be grateful, I suppose, that they didn't compare Biden's inauguration to Stalin's hanging of the hammer and sickle over the Reichstag in Berlin in 1945.

In the mainstream press, which is to say the official far-left propaganda organs, these views were unanimous.  Salvation was at hand! And Joe Biden lived up to these high expectations: within days, he'd issued more executive orders than most previous presidents did in their entire term, with the specific goal of wiping out every single Trump accomplishment, including his record high employment rates for working-class American by summarily destroying thousands of well-paying union construction jobs.

In a way, the reaction was vaguely reminiscent of that of conservatives four years ago: immense relief that the horrors of the opposition would not be fulfilled, and that the chief symbolic enemy was banished - Felonia Milhous von Pantsuit in 2016, and now Literally Hitler Orange Man Bad.

Yet while conservatives in 2016 dropped to their knees to thank the Almighty for their salvation and expressed tears of gratitude for everything Donald Trump did to benefit their side - a not unreasonable reaction, considering that he's the first Republican president since Reagan who did much of that, indeed arguably even more so than the Gipper - it's quite striking to see the reaction of the true Left to the elevation to power of, without question, the farthest left administration America has ever seen.

Are they happy?  Not a bit!  Consider this recent sampling of headlines from lefty rags we read so you don't have to:

"Struggling Cities and States Shouldn't Pay the Price for Federal Bipartisanship" - or, put another way, Joe Biden needs to ram through a bailout for decades of misgovernance by blue states, to be paid for by red states that didn't spend money like drunken sailors.

"The New Environmentalism Must Demand Systemic Change" - or, canceling Keystone XL and throwing thousands of working-class Americans out on the street is just the barest scraping of the surface of demanded damage.

Most explicit of all:

"A Return to "Normal" Under Biden Is Not Good Enough. We Must Demand More."

Demands and the Overton Window

What's the lesson to be learned here?  The Left isn't exulting in victory.  They barely even breathed a sigh of relief.  Not for them pathetic gratefulness for a few scraps!

No.  Listen to Communist anti-Semite Angela Davis explain why a vote for Joe Biden was so important: he is the candidate "who can be most effectively pressured" by the left.

Put another way: Ms. Davis did not expect "China Joe" Biden to go full Stalin on his own.  She saw it as her job to push, shove, plead, and cajole him into doing so, whereas Donald Trump at best ignored her.  More nicely, the task of her and her allies on the streets is to create the political conditions where Mr. Biden can get away with doing more of what they want.

We see this happening with the response to the Capitol riot.  American now has conservative political prisoners, who at best committed misdemeanors but are being held without bail while BLM rioters are let free on bail paid for by Kamala Harris.  This was made possible of media propagandists casting the false-flag January 6th incident as an "insurrection," as distinct from the months of "mostly peaceful" arson attacks and dozens of murders committed by BLM.

We've often talked about the Overton Window of the politically possible.  The left has used this concept for decades, carefully seeding their goals into discussion well in advance so they can work their way from "unthinkable" to "radical" to "acceptable" and then be enacted.  Three months ago, talks of sending one's political opponents to re-education camps would have been "unthinkable," but now it's somewhere on the outer edge of "acceptable," at least in the sense that it's argued for in mainstream publications by respected officials.

Never have we seen so clearly yet another reason why conservatives are mostly polite losers.  Donald Trump, all by his lonesome, moved the Overton Window to the point where building hundreds of miles of serious border wall was not only politically possible, but in fact took place.  We admired and honored him for it, as well he deserved.

But - why didn't we do a better job of learning from his example?  If we'd thought to publish the following in February 2017, it would have been roughly the equivalent of what the left is doing now:

Having an American patriot in the White House is, of course, a massive improvement over the last eight years of blame-America-first and global apology tours.  President Trump deserves tremendous credit for almost singlehandedly demanding that the United States have what every single other functioning nation on earth enjoys as by natural right: a strictly enforced border.

As essential and fundamental as that is, though, by itself it will only scratch the surface of our problems with illegal immigration.  Yes, a real wall would help deter any number of would-be invaders.  What, though, of the estimated 30 million lawbreakers who are already here?

That sounds like a vast number, and it is - but like eating a whale, it can be attacked one bite at a time.  We have at least four years to enjoy a President who understands the fundamental importance of America's territorial integrity, and is proving himself willing and able to take what steps he can to enforce it. That's 1,460 days.

We could return the 30 million illegals occupying these United States within that time if we wanted to.  Divide by the number of days - we'd need to remove only 20,500 per day.  We could accomplish this with less than 100 jumbo jets, and there are at least that many already sitting around in the desert unused.

We have Air Force pilots certified on flying large aircraft; we have Air Force mechanics certified to repair them; our nation's air system already moves more than two million passengers daily.  This is a mere 1% of that - less than the amount air traffic increased between last year and this year.

Now, would Mr. Trump have actually done this?  Who knows?  Nobody asked him to.

Suppose we had, and he'd tried? The media and the left - but I repeat myself - would have screamed bloody murder. They would have called him literally Hitler.  They would have rioted in the streets and blockaded courthouses.

Wait a minute - they did all that anyway.  What difference would it have made if we'd tried to really do something to make them mad?  None whatsoever.

So why didn't we?  More to the point, why didn't it even occur to us to try a little Overton-window-shoving of our own?

Losers Must Learn From Winners

Yes, it is our firm belief that Joe Biden is an illegitimate president who benefited from a stolen election.  That matters not one whit: he's the one sitting in the White House wielding a pen and a phone.  He won, completely, in the only way that matters.

No, we aren't going to go out rioting and burning down buildings.  The Left already knows that works, which is why they're prepared to machine-gun conservatives if we ever tried it.

If we want to start winning, though, it's essential to learn from those who are already doing so.  Donald Trump won once and accomplished much; we'll be learning from him for a long time.

The Left wins, not by singular extraordinary individuals, but in vast overwhelming throngs.  If we're to have any hope of combating them, we can't simply pray for another hero; we must study the successful techniques of their nobodies, and figure out how to use them in a way that's consistent with our beliefs.