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Only One Bullet Left

Donald Trump looks like the indispensable man.

By A Reaper  |  June 11, 2021

Our "reversal of fortune" against all the man-made disasters plaguing America, is predicated on one man leading a new movement within the Republican Party: None other than President Donald J. Trump.

I am not a "Trumper-for-Life" - I deal only with logic and reality.

I don't care what the "big name" Republicans write or say; we are boxed into a corner. Their thoughts on our fiscal situation, voter fraud, transgenders, economy, COVID, etc. have no bearing on the reality at hand: The America we knew is nearing extinction, and currently, there isn't a damn thing we can do about it.

Analyze what any "influential" conservative says: Their thoughts on the "what is or isn't" happening in America are meaningless - simply rearranging the furniture on the Titanic. What of their ideas could ever see the light of day in our current circumstance?  They are talking into the roaring whirlwind of overwhelming leftist propaganda that, for years now, has driven all before it ever-leftward and closer to an unrecoverable tyranny.

Only one man has the potential to change this sorry fate, The Donald himself.

Why Only Trump?

To have any hope of turning things around, it is essential for the Right to finally create a solid organization across the United States. This can only be accomplished by a movement with money behind it, in a situation where every major source of money and communications is utterly opposed.

But what is Mr. Trump good at? Raising money, and rallying the People. And unlike other political structures, it would have a great figurehead at its helm: Mr. Trump himself.

The organization and money is everything. Without it, America erodes into a socialistic form of government.

Anyone who says this can be done without Mr. Trump is an idiot. Is there another conservative with his money, charisma, and proven ability to lead? Most importantly: Is there anyone else so effective at getting the people involved?

If yes, who are these individuals? Have they demonstrated all of Mr. Trump's positive qualities? Then I would be for him or her. But we all know there is no one else out there who fits the job description.

Is it a lot to ask of him? Yes. But is it the only way to save America? Yes

What If Mr. Trump Does Nothing?

America is over. End of story.

And if this movement isn't started soon, all future elections mean nothing.

There are too many big issues which need to be addressed immediately:

First - and the most important - is stopping voter fraud. We have to be working on this at the local level ASAP. We must guarantee each state's elections are honest.

Second, we need to re-work the Republican Party. Congressionally, they barely represented us during Mr. Trump's administration and even less now. We need new blood at all levels: More of putting the citizens first and the politicians second.

Keeping the Party's status-quo only lends itself to long-term incumbents who hardly move the needle towards what needs to be done nationally. Yes, they bring money back to their states. But who are we kidding? Politicians are doing this to stay elected - not for the betterment of America.

We Can Do It Without Him!

Not really. A grassroots campaign would be a mess, just as we saw with the well-meaning but ultimately ineffective Tea Party a decade ago. Yes, local changes could occur. But those actions will not put a stop to the far left that dominates D.C. Only a strong, well-organized national movement can achieve the necessary goals: the necessary leverage only occurs in vast numbers, blackmail or cheating, only one of which is acceptable to our side.

But what about individuals? The smartest, strongest, most articulate individual means nothing outside a group setting.

Example: Michael Jordan is considered the Greatest Basketball Player Ever. He could play his best game, but without teammates, Jordan would have zero chance of winning against any team. An individual has to be part of a like-minded group to succeed.

And starting a third party? As the Libertarian party has proven over many decades, that would only divide the Conservative vote, leaving us in an even worse position.

I do not expect the Union to be dissolved - I do not expect the house to fall - but I do expect it will cease to be divided. It will become all one thing, or all the other.

- Abraham Lincoln

Either there is a Trump Movement within the Republican Party - or we lose America to the Left.  Make your choice!

Contact Mr. Trump @ and let him know we need him to be the Savior of our country now. A Movement needs to be started now. Changes need to occur now.