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Patriots? Please Find A Different Word

Everybody calling themselves a patriot should think carefully about what that means.

By A Reaper  |  December 9, 2020

by A Reaper

The word "patriot" signifies a person who loves his or her country... and is ready to boldly support and defend it.

Today, everyone is a PATRIOT. Voted for Trump? PATRIOT. Against voter fraud? PATRIOT. Give money to a Conservative Cause? PATRIOT.

Reading “QAnon,” visiting conservative websites, watching endless podcasts on voter fraud and telling people how everything is going to be just fine – Rainbows over the White House fine – does not make you a Patriot. It makes you a lot of things…lots of unique things, but not a Patriot.

Call yourself a Great American or a True American. Anything you want, but please spare me the Patriot rhetoric. 

Did you storm the beaches of Normandy? Crawl through the sand at Peleliu? Are you a past or present member of our armed forces or police departments?  Then maybe… But those individuals, at least the ones I know, keep a pretty low profile. They're simply happy to quietly serve their country.

Why does it annoy me so much? Because everyone and their sister calling themselves a patriot takes away from those who truly were / are PATRIOTS. It greatly diminishes the word when 60, 70, 80 million claim it.  Maybe it makes them feel warm and fuzzy, but it doesn’t make them a patriot – at least not in my book.

And if you point this out to a so-called patriot?  Have earplugs ready. Being born in America makes you an American, so they want to be more than just an American. Great, Good or True? Nope. They are patriots! Face it: The word does have a better “ring” to it.

These same knuckleheads will tell you about how we could end up in a Civil War and what they will do to prevent the Far Left from taking over. Settle down there, Tiger; they have watched one too many war movies where the heroes never run out of bullets or get killed.

War is real. People die. They need to watch Saving Private Ryan to get a better idea of real combat.

Are there conservative groups who can stand-up to ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter? Of course: there are multiple organizations, with the Proud Boys being merely the most recognized. But the individuals who “call” themselves patriots and will stand up to Socialists are more than likely not going to do much – at least, not the ones I know and have seen on-line.

Now, don’t get me wrong: Their love of country, support of Trump, giving to Conservative causes and despising Socialism make them an extremely important part of our society. I consider them Great Americans. (Or whatever positive word they want to put in front of American.)

But Patriots? No, those are a rare breed who have bled, died, served and suffered so we can have our freedoms - indeed, the very freedom to use the word "patriot" to describe any pro-American action.

To the True Patriots, I tip my hat. To the others: Find a different word.