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Polls are a Crock

Don't let unfavorable polls discourage you from voting.

By A Reaper  |  October 27, 2020

by A Reaper

Do not let discouraging polls get you down! They aren’t a crystal ball – merely the “projected” outcome of a contest that is yet to be carried out.

Pollsters require two items: People questioned who give honest answers, and then, those people actually vote. Let that sentence sink-in.

It isn’t a “given” that any of the individuals polled will participate in the election! They may cast a ballot, but for whom isn’t etched in stone, either.

“Iron” Mike Tyson vs. Buster Douglas

Can you imagine Las Vegas casinos taking bets and establishing betting lines if they had no idea which athletes were going to participate in a major event? They would never do it! Yet pollsters make their predictions by “guessing” who is mostly like to vote in a very major event – the Presidential election!

But even when a big-time sporting competition is scheduled and the participants are known, it doesn’t necessarily mean bookies will take money on it. The casinos do this for a living; they have experts in the respective sport to guarantee money is made. And if they believe there is no upside? They will simply not accept any wagers.

In 1990, Mike Tyson faced Buster Douglas. Only one – just one – casino, The Mirage, would take bets on the fight. And they had “Iron” Mike as a 42-1 favorite. Tyson was undefeated facing a journeyman in Douglas.

Well, the unplanned happened: Douglas dominated Tyson nearly the entire fight; eventually knocking him out in the tenth round. Douglas was clearly “there” fight night while it was very apparent Tyson wasn’t.

What the casinos didn’t know? The seemingly invincible Tyson didn’t train for the fight, hile the underdog’s trainer, John Russell, put together the perfect game plan and made Douglas train harder than he ever had before – or after. One fighter “showed” up; the destructive Tyson wasn’t there. It is considered one of the biggest upsets in History.

Accentuate The Positive

You control the outcome more than any polling company. History is made by those who do – not those on the sidelines. You will vote.

And you do not have to vote alone! You have the ability to bring others with you – others who may have “skipped” voting if it wasn’t for you offering a ride. And one can be two, three or more!

Plus, you have the opportunity to have a positive influence on others – explain the reasons you are voting for Trump. Even if they dislike Trump, you can discuss and show the far-left ideologies Joe Biden would be bringing to Washington. Also, Joe is a habitual, serial liar; you can present this evidence to those who only watch the traditional media and thus haven't seen it.

The reality is, you have all the power: Power of Persuasion, Power of Getting Others to Vote and, most of all, the Power to Cast a Ballet Yourself.

“If things came easy, then everybody would be great at what they did, let's face it.”

 – Mike Ditka