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Racism On Steroids - Black Lives Matter

Let's just state it plainly: the Black Lives Matter agenda is racist.

By A Reaper  |  October 30, 2020

by A. Reaper

Radical racism has never been stronger in our country – just look at Philadelphia! Black Lives Matter (BLM) is today’s KKK on a much bigger, grander scale. BLM destroys swathes of cities through their looting, destruction and pure Anarchy; so far, the cost of their destruction tops $2 Billion.

One cannot overlook their link to the increase in homicides. The more pressure they put on police forces, the more crimes increase indirectly. Though, you could make the case it is nearly direct: There are only so many police in a given area. When they are pushed to their limits, it is bound to decrease overall, pro-active police activities.

BLM’s message of hate rivals any group at any time in our history. Their despicable actions towards innocent people’s property are only matched by the abhorrent behavior they direct at police. Literally none of which is fit to print here; they simply want cops dead.

None of the above seems to really resonate with Americans. BLM should be labeled a terrorist organization and given no quarter. Treating them with kid gloves only encourages their outlandish behavior.  One criminal’s death may very well be one too many, but we should never allow any group to run roughshod over a community’s law enforcement.

Of course, BLM has a different take on the matter – it's not their fault: It is the result of umpteen decades of “police brutality.” Their solution: Defund cops.

Let that really sink in. The answer to more homicides or bad policing isn’t reform with an increase in police budgets, but to get rid of law enforcement completely?!  How does defunding those who uphold the law make for a safer society?

It doesn’t, but they are counting on it. Why? BLM is run by Marxists. They realize the easiest way to make wholesale changes to our basic Government principles is through wide-scale anarchy; it is the easiest pathway towards a sweeping, redefining of our model: A Representative Republic.

Our racial tolerance has been exploited. By not standing firmly behind the men and women in blue, we have given BLM more than a platform – states have allowed their violence to go virtually unchecked. We need to stop acting like cowards, reform our police departments where needed and increase their budgets to unprecedented heights. Only then, can our citizens be given the guarantee they deserve: A life free of fear caused by the most radical elements our society has ever seen.

The longer we “wish it” away or think it can be solved to their liking through government reform, which is ludicrous, the harder the job will be. Meanwhile, others will become emboldened, and a greater force will be needed to deal with this criminal element. Additional armament increases the likelihood of further injuries and deaths.

No, we need to stop this Racist, Terrorist Organization now. Every single lawbreaker involved needs to be arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. We cannot allow our tolerance to morph into ignorance and allow such a vacuum of hatred to exist.

“Be careful what you tolerate. You are teaching people how to treat you.” 


Do not be swayed by the Far-Left and their Racist Agenda. A country is only as good as its adherence to Law and Order.