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Saving Your America - It's Closer than You Realize

Pain can eventually lead to learning.

By Friendly Bear  |  June 2, 2023

Maybe I know something about you.

You grew up believing in America. You proudly put your hand over your heart and gazed unwaveringly at the flag as you stood for the national anthem. To you, America was special; you valued America more than you valued your own life.  You could sing, "Who more than self their country loved, and duty more than life."

You always thought no one was above the law.until you saw senators and congressional representatives amassing fortunes equal to forty or a hundred times their career earnings, and sometimes much more than that.

You taught your daughter to respect herself and that goodness and decency would prevail. Then, you watched Presidents grope women against their will, sometimes in front of the press. Even small children were not safe. Sickeningly, nothing happened to these brazen molesters, not even mild criticism.

You voted for candidates who said exactly what you longed to hear, and then they ignored their promises. They mocked and laughed at you after they were elected. And the worst was when they were up for re-election and smirked while taunting you with, "You don't want the other candidate to get elected, do you?" They never intended to vote for what you supported. You labeled them RINOs, but they didn't care - they had the office, the power, and the perks.  What did you have besides gnawing frustration?

A torch deep within your heart was lit when Donald Trump spoke the words, "Make America Great Again!" President Trump worked to fulfill MAGA, but that's hard to do when you face made up criminal charges every day of your presidency and for over 5 1/2 years so far.

You grew up believing that, despite our differences, we are all Americans, united behind our country. Now, it's a divided country, Blue States and Red States, the polite and the rude, the law-abiding and the violent.

What is a country anyway? It's a place defined by borders, unified by a common culture and a common language. Now, the border has been thrown wide open. Even the cells in our bodies have walls.

Our culture used to be a melting pot of many cultures, bound by a respect for the rights of individual Americans. Now, we are a collection of two or more increasingly incompatible groups. It is with great sadness in our hearts that we know that these groups have irreconcilable differences egged on by our power-mad leaders who feed off the conflicts.

Maybe you are a nurse whose personal beliefs will not let you abandon a dying patient, despite the hospital administrator's orders. You do it because you're you.

Maybe you are a preacher who sometimes has to skip a meal to pay the rent on your tiny urban ministry, located in a crappy strip mall. You do it because God called you.

Maybe you are a police officer who performed CPR on a baby who wasn't breathing or caught a carjacker, and now you have to check to see if the employee at Greasy Burger spit on your lunch.

Maybe you run a small business and you face ruinous tax increases as the national debt spirals out of control.

You don't watch the news anymore because it irritated you. Now, you can't even read the online news because you think it's hopeless.

You used to pick out the clothes you wore on Election Day to that include red, white and blue. Now, Election Day has been replaced by Election Month, ballot harvesting, and easily falsified mail-in ballots coming from who knows whom.

Now, you seldom talk about politics or elections to anyone, because you believe that the outcome is being manipulated.

You sometimes avoid speaking to acquaintances because you are trying to focus on where you go from here. Like a person in shock, you clench your jaws and look straight ahead. Maybe you are in shock.

Interest rates are increasing and you are beginning to feel the sting. Credit cards, insurance, mortgage, they all have to be paid.

Today, I heard a vehemently anti-Trump, Biden voter complain about her credit card interest rates. Hopefully, she will make the connection with how she voted.

You often blame the media for hiding the acts of an out-of-control President, his Administration, and Blue state politicians. The problem is not that Blue voters are ignorant of what crimes and dictates are being committed; it's that they don't give a rat's little rear end, and you don't know how to overcome their indifference.

Right now, you and I know that Red America and Blue America are locked in a stalemate. Unfortunately, Blue America is running the country with a "Reverse Midas Touch;" everything they touch turns to.

Therein might lie our answer.

Title 42 has ended. Oh, sure, the Biden Administration lost their nerve at the last moment and are implementing the very Trump policies they so opposed. Too late, the rabble horde is already at the border and determined to get inside America. The steady flow envisioned by the Biden Administration might become the world's largest bums rush.

Over the coming weeks, the hordes of illegal aliens will spread around America. When they do, quiet, upper middle class suburbs in places like Connecticut, Massachusetts, Northern Virginia, and North Carolina, might soon have a better understanding of the burdens of cities like Phoenix, Tucson, El Paso, and Brownsville.

Is it possible that some Democrats will reconsider their voting? We will see soon enough.

How's that electric car and no more gas powered cars thing going? The electric power infrastructure is not in place to support it.

Batteries no longer hold as much charge after a certain amount of use, too. Just like the battery in your cell phone or laptop, electric car batteries have to be replaced after a few years. Electric car batteries are not cheap. Replacing the batteries in some models of electric cars will cost more than the resale value of the car.

In some European countries, electric cars which need new batteries are simply discarded. Of course, if you are the President, a senator, or congressional representative, whose family owns stock in lithium or cobalt production, forcing electric cars on America will bring you fabulous wealth.

Will Democrats reconsider their voting as their electric car costs mount up? Let's watch it unfold.

Crime in Blue cities is increasing. Does rising crime bother you? Do you worry about the safety of your family? Or your pets? Or your home? Your own safety is important, too.

Perhaps rising crime will become an issue for Democrats.

We have high-ranking elected officials taking bribes from America's enemies. Worse, these traitors are actively seeking to embroil America in wars for their own profit.

Will Democrats cheer while their sons, and maybe their daughters, are drafted?

Perhaps America will be saved when enough Democrats are touched by the failures and betrayals of their own leaders. And when it happens, we can join together and begin to Make America Great Again.