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Science Says: Blacks and Whites are Born Racists

But that's no defense.

By Will Offensicht  |  September 23, 2009

We hear a great deal of bloviating about the evils of racism, particularly from liberals who think that any and all criticism of Mr. Obama is due solely to racism.  Nobody could possibly criticize him for his policies, they being so self-evidently all-wise and all-benevolent, so all these complaints we hear must be due to racism.  Time for yet more sensitivity training and more affirmative action!

Racism is Genetic

Newsweek dropped a bombshell into this mix of charges and counter-charges with an article "See Baby Discriminate."  New research indicates that children as young as six months judge other people based on skin color.

Birgitte Vittrup, a researcher from the University of Texas, recruited about a hundred Caucasian families with children 5 to 7 years old.  With the parents' permission, she administered a Racial Attitude Measure asking such questions as:

How many White people are nice?
(Almost all) (A lot) (Some) (Not many) (None)

How many Black people are nice?
(Almost all) (A lot) (Some) (Not many) (None)

During the test, the descriptive adjective "nice" was replaced with more than 20 other adjectives, like "dishonest," "pretty," "curious," and "snobby."

The families were located in Austin, a liberal city where most parents are multiculturalists who embrace diversity eagerly.  To the researcher's surprise, the kids weren't colorblind at all.  They said that very few white people were mean and that either "some" or "a lot" of blacks were mean, for example.

When given the results of the test, most parents stated that they didn't want to make their children race-conscious.  They avoided discussing race, skin color, or other attributes which could be subject to racism.  They had told their children generalities such as "Everybody's equal," or "God made all of us," but they'd avoided explicit talk about racial differences.

More disturbing, Vittrup also asked all the kids a very blunt question: "Do your parents like black people?" Fourteen percent said outright, "No, my parents don't like black people"; 38 percent of the kids answered, "I don't know." In this supposed race-free vacuum being created by parents, kids were left to improvise their own conclusions-many of which would be abhorrent to their parents. [Out of the mouths of babes!  emphasis added]

The article went on to explain that the "politically correct" practice of not talking about race contrasts with our explaining other color preferences to children.  Most parents teach that pink is for girls and that blue is for boys despite the entreaties of feminists, but children are left to figure out black and white on their own.

It turns out that differences in skin color are just as visible as differences in gender and that Caucasian children tend to believe that people who look the same as themselves more likable and are more trustworthy.  Such group preferences are visible wherever people of mixed races come together - people tend to sort each other out by race.

Moody found that the more diverse the school, the more the kids self-segregate by race and ethnicity within the school, and thus the likelihood that any two kids of different races have a friendship goes down.

It's no surprise that white children would prefer white people to black people because white people are more like themselves.  What surprises some people, however, is that black children also show strong preferences for white over black.

Back in the 1940's, Dr. Kenneth Clark studied what he thought were the psychological effects of segregation on black children.  Black children were given a white doll and a black doll and asked which was nicer.  Black children overwhelmingly chose the white doll.  Liberals immediately blamed white racism, saying that racists had communicated the message that blacks were inferior so strongly that even black children believed it.

The test was repeated in a Harlem school in 2005.  After decades of "black is beautiful," affirmative action, efforts by all and sundry to proclaim that black people are equal in every way to whites, much yelling and screaming about the evils of racism, and a lifetime of seeing black athletes outperform whites in nearly every professional sport, 15 of the 21 black children said that the white doll was good and pretty and the black doll bad.

It appears that a preference for white over black is built into the genes of children of all races: both white children and black children have an inbuilt preference for white over black.  Color-consciousness, which is another word for racism, is built into our genes!

What About Gaiety?

We shouldn't expect the fact that racial preferences are genetic to make liberals any more tolerant of color preferences: being a liberal means you twist any scientific fact to support your views, no matter what.  In recent years, we've noted a large number of articles proclaiming the discovery of a "gay gene" which makes homosexuals prefer to bond to their own gender rather than to the opposite gender.  Liberals all over the world are throwing this "scientific" evidence at conservatives, saying, in effect, "They're that way because it's in their genes.  They're here, they're queer, get used to it."

Now that Newsweek, no less, has reported that babies come from the factory pre-equipped with strong color preferences regardless of what their own parents might wish, should we expect liberals to accede to this reality?  Logically, we should expect liberals to accept the scientific-proven genetically-caused fact that most people prefer to associate with people who're like themselves and that people in general find white skin preferable - in other words, that racism is every bit as natural and inevitable as homosexuality, and should receive the same deference and respect.  Right?

The accompanying photograph illustrates our opinion regarding the exact moment when liberals will accept the same sorts of scientific evidence they demand that conservatives accept.

Of course, it could be that despite being genetically caused, both racism and homosexuality are morally wrong and should be opposed - but that would be a religious moral view, and we can't have those in modern America, now can we?