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The End is Nigh

Things fall apart; the center cannot hold.

By Petrarch  |  November 8, 2012

So all our hopes and prayers were wrong.

We truly believed that the polls were biased, that the very low response rate reflected Shy Republicans who were tired of being told they were racists but who'd let out their fury in the privacy of the voting booth. We were deluded.

As we all know, those biased, low-response-rate polls were pretty much spot on: Barack Obama won a solid re-election victory just as predicted. Nothing Romney did - or nothing bad Obama has done, of all the billions spent - made much difference at all.

As has now been said by numerous people over the past few months, America's problem is not that Barack Obama is in office, it is that we have a totally debauched American electorate that chose to put him there.

Today, we are in even worse shape we thought it was a week ago. In 2008, you could argue that most Americans were caught up in the hype and were deceived by a highly partisan media and entranced by the thought of ending our long march to racial equality by finally putting a black man in the White House, never mind his many personal flaws that mostly the voters had never heard about anyway.

Not so in 2012! There is not one single American that doesn't know that the Obama economy is horrendous, that our debt levels are literally astronomical, that paying off our obligations is literally unimaginable, that individually and collectively we are in more danger from our enemies the world around than we've been since the Cuban Missile Crisis. A record audience of Americans got to see Barack Obama, in the first debate, as the petty, vindictive, unattractive person he really is.

And yet, a clear majority of Americans freely and knowingly decided to pull the lever for this so very flawed man.  Of course there was fraud, there always is - but not 2 million votes' worth.  Mr. Obama won fair and square, and this time honestly, in the sense that all America knows him for what he truly is and decided we like him anyway.

In Other News...

Faithful readers of Scragged will have noticed of late that, where once Scragged published a daily article as regular as clockwork, our schedule has become increasingly erratic, with nothing for days or even weeks on end.

This is for a simple reason: as appealing and enjoyable as it may be, Scragged is a hobby. It produces essentially no revenue or remuneration, and unlike the esteemed William Buckley who founded National Review on the back of an inherited family fortune, we don't have one. In fact, in this Obama Depression now renewed for an additional four years, even prosaic employment is hard to find.

A hobby is a creature of good times. In hard times, luxuries are cast aside as all hands, at least those hands who work, start bailing lest the ship sink. And we now know that help is not around the corner; the storms will not abate nor the situation improve.

No, Scragged will not die, at least not right away. The site will remain, articles will still be published, and we'd still welcome new authors. But given the choice between writing an article and earning one more desperately needed dollar, well, philosophy must take a back seat to practicality.

Why are we so brutally frank and grimly pessimistic?  In the coming weeks, we will publish a major series under the name of "Things to Come." Scragged has always emphasized the importance of learning from history and seeing where past events can shed light on current ones; now we will turn our hand to prophesying the future and give our reasons why.

It won't be pleasant reading, but if it enables our readers to make prudent choices for themselves and their families, then something worthy will have been accomplished. For when all else is stripped away, if you still have loyal family, you are never truly alone.

Our American family has been intentionally and purposely chopped apart and set at each other's throats, with malice aforethought, and for the sole purpose of amassing tyrannical power over our lives. What history may well judge to be our last chance to stop this process has failed. Now is the time for each to look on the needs of his own family and of his friends, for in the days ahead we'll need all we can get of both.

Good luck and God bless.