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The Pit Lamb

Don't be a victim, or a serf!

By Friendly Bear  |  January 18, 2021

by Friendly Bear

Few symbols convey gentleness and harmlessness more than the lamb. In no small part this is because lambs are rather helpless. Other animals could fit this description, but lambs are particularly cute, so we cut them some slack and use them as a symbol. Sadly for lambs, this special status often ends when the nearest predator gets hungry.

Suppose that there was an alternative ending for a wolf vs. lamb match-up. Suppose that we could crossbreed a lamb with a pit bull. Then, our meek, loving, sweet little lamb could give the powerful, stalking, salivating, predatory wolf the option of changing his dinner plans or becoming a fireside rug.

Now, let us translate our pit lamb concept into people, specifically the people whom we care about. What if we could transform the "lambs": our family, our friends, the elderly, and the infirm, into "pit lambs", safer from human predators? In fact, we can: we could teach them to safely carry and use a 9mm pistol loaded with an ample supply of predator-stopping ammunition.

Transform our sweet, but vulnerable, little lambs into pit lambs who are generally harmless, but if pressed, would present formidable opponents to the most massive and brutal of criminals. Would we have not created equality?

For more than four decades I have sought to teach, explain, defend, and support the 2nd Amendment. If there is one positive from the riots of 2020, it is that the riots are making an indisputable case for the 2nd Amendment. I need only point to images of the riots and say, "That is why we need the 2nd Amendment!"

Transforming our "lambs" into "pit lambs" would make all of civilized society safer.  Do you really think that if you give granny a gun, she'll start shooting up schools and shopping malls?  Of course not - but if a thug decides to assault her, at least she'll have the ability to give them a run for the money.

To the robbers, the murderers, the sexual predators, the gangs, the tyrants, I say to you: that "lamb" is off the menu. You now face the pit lamb, and while you might win as you did against the "lamb"... I don't think so!