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Those Bloodthirsty Democrat Warmongers

Obama makes George W. Bush look like a man of peace and good judgment.

By Hobbes  |  September 3, 2013

Conservatives have been playing "what if that crook was in the other party?" for a long time, and to no good effect.  It might be amusing to imagine the media firestorm that would incinerate any Republican politician caught sending pictures of his weiner as was Anthony Weiner (D, NY), or serially abusing women in his employ, his constituency, or within the length of his arm as was San Diego Mayor Filner (D, of course).  That doesn't even touch out-and-out thieves and tax-frauds like Charlie Rangel (D, NY - must be something in the water there).

Those are low crimes and misdemeanors.  What about "high" crimes that result in actual deaths - like, say, going to war in a foreign country that hasn't attacked us?

You might think we were talking about Iraq, which earned George W. Bush the sobriquet "Worst President Ever."   But no - America is about to do almost exactly the same thing, except in Syria.  Our President has decided that Syria deserves a few of the best, and so it shall be.

Barack Lied, Thousands Died?

Actually, comparing Iraq and Syria is not entirely fair.  Let's consider a few of the differences:

So let's review: In every way that matters, Mr. Obama's war in Syria has less authorization than Mr. Bush's Iraq war, less justification, less relevance to American interests, and a lower probability of success - indeed, Mr. Obama hasn't even attempted to describe what "success" would look like.

At the very best, after Mr. Obama chucks a few bombs at the place, Syria will end up being ruled by an evil, bloodthirsty tyrant just like most of the Middle East has always been, except not quite so evil as to kill his people with chemical weapons.  He'll machine-gun them instead.  Victory is ours!

Tell me again why the far-lefties, Code Pinkos, mainstream media, and every politician from dogcatcher on up isn't howling for his impeachment for even floating the idea of starting yet another lone-wolf war?  Oh, that's right: He's got a "D" after his name.  That makes it all OK.