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Tyrants in Uniform

New York wants resisting the police to be a felony?

By Petrarch  |  March 23, 2016

Most ordinary Americans are aghast at the way Barack Obama has pilloried the police who protect us from thugs in the night, and instead sided with those thugs.  The overwhelming majority of our police truly do have as their motto "To Protect and Serve."

But alas, there are those that don'tProtected by all-powerful unions, bad cops leave a trail of mayhem and destruction for years on end.  The monster-in-uniform Daniel Holtzclaw was unusually unlucky, only managing to continue his reign of terror for a mere six months while raping a dozen victims.  More frequently such predation can continue for years before it's dealt with.

So, just in time to celebrate the removal of this vicious reprobate from America's streets, along comes New York Police Department commissioner Bill Bratton arguing for a law to - wait a sec, to make resisting arrest a felony?

Obviously, slugging it out with a cop is a crime and ought to be.  Why, then, do we need for mere "resisting" to be, in its own right, felonious?  A fleeing criminal, if caught, can be convicted for the crime they were chasing him for, as can anyone who commits assault and battery of a cop.

Besides, what exactly counts as "resisting"?  Clearly it doesn't require violence, since that's already illegal.

Sure enough:

[New York attorney Chaumtoli] Huq was... waiting for her husband and their 6- and 10-year-old kids to come out from a bathroom stop at Ruby Tuesday's in Times Square when she was told to leave by an officer, the suit says.

She said she explained she was waiting for her family and then the officer “without any legal basis, grabbed Ms. Huq, turned her and pushed her against the wall and placed her under arrest.”

She was held for nine hours after the officers falsely claimed she had refused instructions to move and had “flailed her arms and twisted her body” to make it hard for them to handcuff her, the suit says.

Now, we don't agree with this lady's politics as she's apparently rabidly pro-Palestinian-terrorist, but is arguing with a cop "resisting"?  Logically, it is, and that's the way the NYPD treats it.

If we're no longer able to even complain when a cop tells us to do something no matter how out of line, then we no longer live in a free country.  It's bad enough that law enforcement already has the power to steal from us without making us felons for protesting the injustice.

Like Ted Cruz, we wholeheartedly stand with the 99% of police who are good, honest, and true.  They are still human, however, and power corrupts.

We need to protect them by not giving them more power than they can safely handle.  Immunity from disagreement is a privilege no human being ought to have, much less one who carries a loaded gun and a badge.