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Why Global Warming Had To Get Rebranded

It's getting colder instead.

By Kermit Frosch  |  February 29, 2008

Al Gore's monumental global warming scam seems to have reached critical mass.  For some while now, the majority of developed nations have been pushing for action to reduce carbon emissions by international treaty, most notably Kyoto.

The United States thus far has been a bulwark of resistance to these efforts, rightly understanding that it will destroy our modern economy; so much so that even some Europeans have had their eyes opened to the lies and scaremongering behind the scam.  The upcoming presidential election seems to be foretelling an end to this resistance; naturally, the Democrats have long been on board with plans to submit our economy to global regulation and scrutiny, but for the first time the Republican nominee, John McCain, agrees with them on this point.  No matter who is elected, it would seem that we are fated to succumb to the rising tide - not of sea levels, but of stupidity.

There is yet remaining one source of light: the shining glow of reality demanding our attention.  If carbon dioxide levels are increasing, and carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas, and increasing the greenhouse effect causes global warming, one would expect the globe to be, well, warming.  But it is not.

Alert readers may recall last summer's amusing hottest-year controversy, when NASA announced to great fanfare that 2006 had been the hottest year on record just as Al Gore had foretold.  But when a simple blogger analyzed the pages of statistics published to support this claim, he discovered that they'd punched the numbers into their calculators wrong.  The correct hottest year on record was during the Great Depression - 1934 (not exactly a boon of growth and energy consumption).

This year, we find that not only aren't we getting warmer, we are in fact getting colder.  The proof for this requires no calculator; a simple look out your window will suffice.  According to the U.S. National Climatic Data Center (NCDC), the amount of snow cover over the northern hemisphere this year is the greatest seen since 1966.  In fact, the average global temperature this January was most of an entire degree cooler than the average for the entire 20th century.

Evidence of such magnitude abounds on the nightly news.  We've all seen the icy disaster in China, where hundreds of thousands of stranded passengers shivered in the street in front of snowbound railway stations. In fact, the chaos was of such monumental dimensions that, in what's probably a historic first, the prime minister of Communist China made a public appearance to apologize to the nation!  How often do we see this happen in Communist countries?  It hardly ever happens in democratic ones.

What's going on here?  We've previously reported that comparative studies of the other planets show increases in the Earth's heat, if any, to be matched by increases on Mars.  Since the only climactic common point between the Earth and Mars is that they both share the Sun, it seems logical to examine the Sun and see if it has increased its heat output.  Apparently, it had.

But now it isn't.  In fact, the sun seems to have gone to the opposite extreme.  The presence of magnetic solar activity is directly related to its heat output, and according to the director of Canada's National Research Council, the magnetic readings are the lowest he's ever seen.  The last time this happened, the result was the Little Ice Age.

Are we, in fact, now heading into an ice age?  It's very difficult to say.  Which is exactly the point.

The science of climate modeling is far, far, far from developed enough to make accurate predictions.  We have enough trouble knowing whether it will rain next week, much less how much it will snow ten years from now.  It's insane to make rules that would destroy modern economies based on science that is - let's be generous here - somewhat on the spotty side.

Have you noticed that you hear very little about "global warming" anymore?  Now, the phrase du jour is "climate change."  That way, by definition, the alarmists and control freaks can't possibly be wrong unless the weather stayed exactly the same all over the earth for a long time.  And they couldn't be that wrong...