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  • "It's not against any religion, To want to dispose of a pigeon." Not anymore!
  • Seeking a solution at the dairy farm is not a bad idea.
  • We find that not only aren't we getting warmer, we are in fact getting colder.
  • So that's why we can't find him!
  • Burning plants for fuel doesn't work forever.
  • Scientists want research grants, more published papers, and to be listened to by the general public. Bureaucrats want a bigger department and more clout. Politicians want a crisis - any crisis - so they can ride to power with a "solution".
  • Sure, global warming seems unlikely; but if it's true, it's so awful, shouldn't we take action just in case?
  • The ocean levels are not going to rise by 20 feet by 2100. According to the UN's International Panel on Climate Change, it's more like a single foot, or maybe 18 inches.
  • Government proposals to fix global warming won't work, at great expense.
  • Out of every million pounds of atmosphere... we are adding 6 pounds of carbon. That's .0006%.
41 - 50 of 57 resultsPage: 13 4 5 6
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