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  • How to tell people who are genuinely concerned with the environment, from the power-hungry thieves.
  • Throughout the administration of the Devil Incarnate, George W. Bush, the amount of trees, flowers, and pretty birds all over the world has increased.
  • You'd expect there to be a decreasing number of polar bears out there. You'd be wrong.
  • Our government's wrongheaded policies are causing an artificial and avoidable famine worldwide.
  • Some people have the temerity to ask whether the fact that the earth is not getting warmer might be proof that the earth is, in fact, not warming.
  • When was the last time at an environmental group changed their mind about anything?
  • It's been said that the government should stay out of the bedroom. They can jolly well stay out of my bathroom too!
  • Seeking a solution at the dairy farm is not a bad idea.
  • We find that not only aren't we getting warmer, we are in fact getting colder.
  • So that's why we can't find him!
81 - 90 of 109 resultsPage: 17 8 9 10 11
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