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Omaha Victims of Gun 'Control'

If guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.

By Will Offensicht  |  December 10, 2007

USA Today reported on page 1 of the Dec. 6 issue, "Gunman's rampage kills 9, including self."  Another madman went on a killing spree in a mall in Omaha, Nebraska, packed with Christmas shoppers.

The murderer killed as many poor souls as he saw fit; the bloodbath was stopped only at his own choice, when he turned the gun on himself.  That's 8 more innocents who died because of gun control.

Will liberals never learn?  No matter how much money we spend on cops, they can't be everywhere at once.  Terrorists and madmen can strike anywhere and anytime they choose, the incident was over before police could get there.  The only way we can find protection is to protect ourselves.

Some years ago, the media reported that a licensed gun owner was eating with her parents in a restaurant in a "No Guns Allowed" mall, when someone tried to rob the place  Things went wrong; when the bullets stopped flying, her dad and two others were dead.  "I'll never get over being sorry for obeying the law and leaving my gun in the car," she said.  "I'd have stopped him before he killed my dad."

At the time, the newspapers were less rabidly anti-gun than they are now.  If someone in Omaha were to tell the papers he could have stopped the shooter if he'd been armed, they'd ignore it.

It's possible that we'd be a safer society if criminals couldn't get hold of guns, but American has far more guns than people.  Any criminal can get his hands on a gun at any time.  Gun control laws work only on law-abiding citizens.

Criminals prefer unarmed victims.  The Amish schoolhouse, Columbine, Virginia Tech, Omaha.... How many innocents will have to die before we wise up?