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The Liberal Soul Shall Be Made Fat

The costs of unlimited immigration are not worth the exotic restaurants we get.

By Hobbes  |  May 18, 2010

It's been interesting observing the fulminating outrage of the Left over Arizona's decision - shock! horror! - to actually defend its own borders and enforce our immigration laws.  How dare they put criminals in their proper place, and remove illegal invaders?  They're called illegal for a reason  - their very presence is against the law.  Has following the law become optional?

The avalanche of crime, welfare costs, schooling, and health care that illiterate illegals inevitably bring in their wake means nothing to the blueblood limousine liberal.  After all, there is an overwhelming reason why the wretched and poor from every corner of the globe should be wholeheartedly embraced by every American street and hamlet:

"Think of all the great restaurants they start!"

And it's true: only with the last few decades of untrammeled immigration have we beheld the current vast proliferation of restaurants serving Mexican, Chinese, Thai, Malaysian, Peruvian, Tibetan, Ethiopian, Somalian cuisines - never mind that for at least a generation in actual Somalia, cuisine has consisted primarily of bags of food aid paid for by your tax dollars.  They may not be able to eat their own food in their own country, but by gum they can serve it to us!

There is no other argument in favor of open borders.  Truly, there is not.  The overwhelming majority of legal immigrants, to say nothing of illegals, are less well educated than Americans, earn less, and are often (no, not always) less law-abiding.  This we need?  This is helpful how?

Yes, uneducated immigrants work cheaply at grunt labor.  Americans tend not to, but that's only because most Americans have been sufficiently educated as to be able to get a better-paying job.  Those that haven't, alas, our welfare state keeps them amply supplied with Doritos and Oprah.

Fix the one problem, and you'd fix the other; the only reason we "need immigrants to do our bottom jobs" is because we've foolishly made it possible for the already-existing and ever-growing American underclass not to do them.

Sadly, our native-born-and-bred underclass can't cook nearly so well as that which we are importing.  Thus the doors stay open and our culture, such as it is, gets trampled by the throngs.

The Book of Genesis tells the tale of foolish Esau, who sold his inheritance to his brother in exchange for a bowl of stew.  Lamebrained liberals!  They would sell out their whole country in exchange for a burrito - leaving us with nothing left save the gas.  Sure tastes good on the way down, but the indigestion is a killer.