The Liberal Soul Shall Be Made Fat

The costs of unlimited immigration are not worth the exotic restaurants we get.

It's been interesting observing the fulminating outrage of the Left over Arizona's decision - shock! horror! - to actually defend its own borders and enforce our immigration laws.  How dare they put criminals in their proper place, and remove illegal invaders?  They're called illegal for a reason  - their very presence is against the law.  Has following the law become optional?

The avalanche of crime, welfare costs, schooling, and health care that illiterate illegals inevitably bring in their wake means nothing to the blueblood limousine liberal.  After all, there is an overwhelming reason why the wretched and poor from every corner of the globe should be wholeheartedly embraced by every American street and hamlet:

"Think of all the great restaurants they start!"

And it's true: only with the last few decades of untrammeled immigration have we beheld the current vast proliferation of restaurants serving Mexican, Chinese, Thai, Malaysian, Peruvian, Tibetan, Ethiopian, Somalian cuisines - never mind that for at least a generation in actual Somalia, cuisine has consisted primarily of bags of food aid paid for by your tax dollars.  They may not be able to eat their own food in their own country, but by gum they can serve it to us!

There is no other argument in favor of open borders.  Truly, there is not.  The overwhelming majority of legal immigrants, to say nothing of illegals, are less well educated than Americans, earn less, and are often (no, not always) less law-abiding.  This we need?  This is helpful how?

Yes, uneducated immigrants work cheaply at grunt labor.  Americans tend not to, but that's only because most Americans have been sufficiently educated as to be able to get a better-paying job.  Those that haven't, alas, our welfare state keeps them amply supplied with Doritos and Oprah.

Fix the one problem, and you'd fix the other; the only reason we "need immigrants to do our bottom jobs" is because we've foolishly made it possible for the already-existing and ever-growing American underclass not to do them.

Sadly, our native-born-and-bred underclass can't cook nearly so well as that which we are importing.  Thus the doors stay open and our culture, such as it is, gets trampled by the throngs.

The Book of Genesis tells the tale of foolish Esau, who sold his inheritance to his brother in exchange for a bowl of stew.  Lamebrained liberals!  They would sell out their whole country in exchange for a burrito - leaving us with nothing left save the gas.  Sure tastes good on the way down, but the indigestion is a killer.

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Reader Comments
This is an excellent tidbit:

"Fix the one problem, and you'd fix the other; the only reason we "need immigrants to do our bottom jobs" is because we've foolishly made it possible for the already-existing and ever-growing American underclass not to do them."

Stop giving people a reason NOT to work, and people will start working. ;-)
May 18, 2010 12:07 PM
You first make the 'Underclass' to work on those 'bottom jobs';The illegal immigrants will have no attraction to come to the 'Land of Opportunity'.
It will only be possible if you shun the false standard of living being maintained in USA through buying everything on lease .
May 18, 2010 1:28 PM
It seems the writers at 'Scragged'have joined the new millenium.. what were once conservatives are now liberal, and judging by their behavior during the Bush/Cheney yrs, very liberal with our soldiers' lives for the Bush legacy, liberal with our tax $$ in their wars, bailouts and entitlement programs, and even more sore with their tyranny disregarding our liberties with the Sarbanes-Oaxley act and this very anti-Patriot act.. and Liberals are now Progressives, as regressive as that sounds.
So whenever the Scragged pundits start railing against Liberals, their signals are crossed, for indeed there is little to distinguish a Republican from a Democrat, other than what color shirt he wears after 5pm.
You certainly conserve nothing; the mistake is when your editors foolishly leave out the quotes in "Liberal" or forget the capital "ell"- otherwise your tired collectivist/authoritarian approach not only misleads, but denigrates those of us who not only produce wealth, but despise the hypocrisy of those who claim to be our intellectual defenders, but contradict with their logical absurdities how they are protecting our liberty...
Two % of us pay fifty % of your wars and bloated military, your bailouts of companies who practice the cult of worshipping mediocrity, and your corporate and individual welfare: get off our backs or maybe we will render your foolishness obsolete.

May 18, 2010 10:34 PM
Re: irvn's latest worthless comment

I've been reading Scragged for awhile now so I'm used to seeing the usual commenters.

The commenter known as 'irvn' should be banned from commenting.

On nearly every new post, he says the exact same thing: Republicans are the same as Democrats, and Scragged writers and other conservatives are masked liberals.

He does not acknowledge the many dozens (hundreds?) of times writers have disagreed with the Republican Party and George Bush. To the objective reader, it's pretty obvious that is more libertarian-conservative than Republican-conservative and has been for years. You even endorsed Ron Paul for President, for goodness sake.

The few times he ventures away from his template, his arguments are rambling, redundant and Malaprop-ist.

Saying your piece once or twice, however disjointed and incorrect, is fine. But saying it over and over again on every blog post is disrespectful to the blog's community.

I've done some searching, and it appears that he does this on a number of other websites under a variety of similar names: ivrn, irvn, irvx. Exact same method: Republicans are Democrats, George Bush was evil, conservative writers are just liberals in sheep's clothing. Over and over again, he repeats it.

I follow a number of blogs and the ones that moderate commenters are the most enjoyable. After months of seeing his replies, I figured you would begin banning or at least editing them. Since nothing has changed, I thought I should pipe up and let you know how I feel. I'm sure I'm not alone.

I'm not suggesting that you should get rid of anyone that says anything you dislike. Far from it. Frequently, there are great debates on from commenters that make good points.

But after 8 to 12 months of repetitive nonsense, it's time to realize when a dead horse is being beaten.
May 19, 2010 8:06 AM
@ Boa

May 19, 2010 8:13 AM
Unlike most political websites, Scragged has maintained an open-comments policy - that is, we don't require commenters to create a user account and log in every time they want to post. So, since irvn doesn't have an "account", there's nothing to "ban." We would prefer to maintain this policy if at all possible.

Of course, we do control the database, and we can delete or edit anyone's comments - we've had to on occasion, generally for spam or profanity.

We are forced to reluctantly agree with the user community on this matter. Any further similarly repetitive posts from irvn saying that Republicans and Democrats are the same, or that Scragged is just a George Bush shill, will be deleted.

irvn, if you wish to participate in a meaningful and educational dialogue, this would be a good opportunity for you to learn to do so post haste; otherwise, begone.
May 19, 2010 8:34 AM
As ever I must disagree with the writers of scragged on the immigration debate.

Brave New World was correct to point out the need for Alphas, Betas ect.

I would not and could not be happy working at a factory. I did it for about a week as a temp worker once, that was more than enough for me. Every wave of immigration is met with hostility in America. Mexican immigrants are Americanizing far faster than my German ancestors did, who continued to speak German from the mid 1800s till Anti German sentiment forced the German communities to speak English during WWI.

The article is correct to point out that the there is an underlying cause which is the Welfare state that has been created. Immigrants, illegal or otherwise, would not cost our government much if there were not Welfare programs to assist them. They would have to work or starve, as should be the case for all humans.

Immigrants are essential to low paying jobs. Uneducated immigrants are willing to work a life time at McDonald's or in a factory, well educated people will not be.

I do endorse any reasonable actions by local agencies to enforce immigration laws. Whether the law is in the best interest of the United States or not it is the law and should be enforced.

It is important to remember that as long as illegal immigrants can do better here than they can in their home county they will continue to come here regardless of what our laws say and how well they are enforced. Improving the economy of Mexico would go a long way to curtailing Mexican immigration.

A major step in that direction would be the legalization of drugs, corruption in Mexico would decrease which would allow for much better use of the existing resources, including man power, in Mexico.
May 20, 2010 12:39 PM
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