Diddling While the World Burns

The Left cares nothing about Islamic murders of homosexuals.

From the reaction of all sides, one might be forgiven for thinking that the most important event in homosexual history took place with the stunningly unprecedented Supreme Court ruling that homosexuals have an inherent and fundamental Constitutional right, not just to enjoy each other's company, but actually to marry each other.  The tone of the ruling means that everyone had better acknowledge this joyfully, or else.

The days since then have no doubt seen the offices of county clerks and justices of the peace deluged with same-sex couples wishing to tie the knot; shortly it will be the divorce lawyers' turn to burn the midnight oil.  Our divorce laws weren't written with same-sex in mind, but there are hordes of lawyers salivating at the chance to explore just how that will work out in court.

All this rejoicing raises the question: what comfort is it to the four nameless Arab homosexuals whom ISIS threw off a high-rise building to their deaths?

Of Ostriches and Fiddles

To hear the left scream in triumph, you'd think that homosexuals were being brutally slaughtered all across the fruited plain.  In fact, the last American homosexual who died that way, Matthew Shepard, was murdered by fellow homosexual drug dealers, not religious Christians or bigoted cops.

Have homosexuals always been permitted to flaunt their choices in the public square?  Certainly not; a seminal series of events in homosexual history were the Stonewall Riots on June 28, 1969.

In the early hours of that day, the NYPD raided the Stonewall Inn bar, a Mafia-owned establishment that catered to the poorest and most unappealing homosexuals in New York.  Although the bar was private property occupied by consenting adults, the police stormed in to enforce anti-sodomy laws.  A riot ensued, which led to the formation of most of the modern homosexual activist groups who have been making the Internet explode with rainbows of late.

But - the NYPD didn't murder the homosexuals they were trying to arrest and they didn't fling any of them off the Empire State Building.

Have there been homosexuals murdered in the United States for their sexual choices? Sure there have.  Have there been homosexuals abused and mistreated by officialdom?  Of course, in the past.  Have they even been murdered under color of law?  No doubt historical research would unearth a few such incidents.

Right now, though, if a homosexual is abused or mistreated by anyone, he can go to the police in confidence that his complaint will be treated respectfully and investigated with the same vigor that any other similar complaint from anyone else would receive.  If a homosexual is murdered, the full panoply of modern forensic science will be deployed to discern the perpetrator and bring him to justice.

Are homosexuals perfectly safe in the United States?  Of course not - no human being is ever perfectly safe, anywhere, at any time.  But homosexuals are just as safe as anyone else.

Why, then, is the United States Enemy Number One in the lavender book?

Those Phony Politicians

This hypocrisy utterly infests our foreign policy debates.  Of all countries in the world, which one is assaulted on every side by the Left calling for divestment, boycotts, and every other form of pressure short of war?  The nation of Israel, of course.

Isn't it odd, though, that the nation of Israel is also the one and only nation for a thousand miles around where homosexuals can freely walk the streets without fear?  It's not just the barbarians of ISIS that give short shrift to same-sex attraction: in Saudi Arabia, a major US ally, the other year a pair of homosexuals were executed - yes, for murder (of another homosexual), but their homosexuality carried the same death penalty and was on the charge sheet.

Yet we don't see the Left demanding divestment from Saudi Arabia and other Arab lands, do we?  Far from it: the liberal Ivy League is notorious for accepting big piles of money from rich Muslims who use one hand to write checks while the other hand lops heads off homosexuals.  In fact, a dean at Cornell University said that ISIS would be welcome to form a club on campus, to bring in a warrior to train Cornell students, and even to spend college activities money sending care packages to terrorists fighting overseas.  This professor wanted to offer aid and comfort to those very same ISIS monsters who used gravity to do their dirty work against homosexuals.

Nobody cares.  No, to the left, the only and exclusive source of all evil in the world is found right here in the United States, in churches with crosses on their steeples, but never anywhere the symbol is a crescent.

The homosexual lobby celebrates when Hillary Clinton comes out swinging on their behalf, but they silently sit on their hands as she rakes in vast sums from Arab nations which shed gay blood.

It's almost as if Hillary cares nothing about the lives of actual homosexuals, just about the whacking great checks their tormentors write her!  One wonders if the rich Democrat homosexuals will really get what they pay for, when ISIS turns up over here since we don't want to fight them over there.

Petrarch is a contributing editor for Scragged.  Read other Scragged.com articles by Petrarch or other articles on Foreign Affairs.
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