Does Abuse Excuse Murder?

And if not, why not?

Early one morning in 1987, June Briand pulled out her husband's gun and shot him as he slept.  He'd often beaten her and threatened to kill her if she left him.  Her ribs had been broken, she had kidney and stomach problems, and she could've been killed at any time. She ended up sentenced to 15 years for murder.  Did she have to shoot him?  Why didn't she just leave?

I read about her when someone asked her governor to pardon her, saying that she couldn't leave this guy, killing him was the only way she could get away, she wasn't dangerous otherwise, and they should let her go.  But according to the papers, she thought about killing, went and got a gun, and killed a sleeping man on purpose, that's first-degree murder.  What do you think of that?  Could she have left?

I asked a friend about her, I wanted to know if a woman really could be trapped in a terrifying, harmful, life-threatening situation and not be able to leave.  My friend told me her parents divorced when she was about 4, and for 3 or 4 years, she and her mother lived with a drunk who beat her mother up every week.  "Every Friday," she told me, "I'd call the cops, and they'd come try to calm him down."  She had to wait until the boyfriend started actually beating her mother, if she called too early, the cops got upset with her.

Her mother had some college and a good job, why did it take years to get away from this drunk?  According to Time Magazine of January 18, 1993, the men in their lives injure more American women, rich and poor alike, than car accidents, muggings and rape combined.

Is abuse a valid defense for murder?

Few people argue that it's OK for a woman, even an abused woman, to shoot a man in cold blood when she's not in danger at the time.  There are shelters for battered women, and the staff know not to tell who's there.  So why can't women just leave?

It's politically incorrect to talk about this, but the answer lies deep in the fundamental nature of men and women.  Up until maybe 150 years ago, there was no way for a woman in America to feed herself unless some man, her father, a brother, or a husband, was willing to feed her.  Women simply weren't strong enough to farm.  When spinning mills got going in the 1850's, women could get jobs and feed themselves without men, but until then, a woman didn't eat unless a man gave her food.  It's still that way for women in most of the world.

When a woman found a man who was willing to feed her, she had a powerful motive to stay with him, no matter how badly he treated her. Hanging around a guy meant she'd have children, of course, so he had to feed her children, too, but as long as he did that, her children could grow up to have children of their own.  That's called "reproductive success."

A woman who didn't want to hang out with men didn't have children; a woman who couldn't persuade a man to feed her usually starved to death.  Thus, if you look back at your ancestors, every one of your women ancestors was able to find a man to feed her and every man was willing to do it.

That long, long history of dependence on men makes it hard for a woman to pull away once she's established a relationship with a man.

What about men?  If a man took care of a woman, it helped her reproductive success but it didn't do anything for him unless her children were his.  A man who wasn't jealous, who wasn't possessive, might end up raising other men's children and thus get bred out of the gene pool.  A jealous, possessive man, on the other hand, kept close watch over his woman so that all her kids were his.  This assured his reproductive success along with hers.

A rich man could have many children by supporting multiple women, but he had to watch carefully to make sure all the children were his.  That's why eunuchs were popular as harem guards.  Historical records indicate that one of the Ottoman sultans had 880 children.

So women have an inherited tendency to cling to men and men have an inherited tendency to be possessive of women.  In extreme cases, a man may beat a woman who acts independent and she may not be able to tear herself away from him in spite of not wanting to belong to him.

Modern women have welfare and can get jobs, they don't need men to feed them, but children do a lot better if there's a father around the house.  The reason there's so much trouble in relationships between men and women is that nobody wants to admit that men and women are so different.  Having sex makes a woman feel dependent.  Most men know that women want a relationship and not just sex, so they pretend to give love in order to get sex.  If women were more aware of the emotions behind their desire for a long-term relationship and were taught that sexual involvement with a man can lead to deep emotional involvement, they might be a bit more careful.

There's no point in women wishing that men were less possessive; that's the way they are.

What, then, do we make of couples who live together?  In most cases, the woman thinks they'll get married eventually, the man doesn't.  Many women are persuaded that it's more liberated for her to pay her share of the rent and other expenses so that he gets her for nothing.  Women don't realize that if a man can have a woman for nothing, that's what she's worth.  If she'll have sex with him without marriage, how can he trust her not to have sex with other men if he marries her?  Being married to a woman he can't trust goes against all of a man's instincts.  He'll play with her, but he probably won't promise to stay with her.

Is abuse an excuse for murder?  No, it isn't, and if women were taught more about how their emotions can tie them to men, they might be a bit more careful.

It would be a good idea for men to be more responsible, of course, but women have been saying that for a long time without much result.  Women can talk all they want about responsibility, but if a woman is willing to go to bed with a man without assuring herself that he'll act responsibly, why should he take on the burden of marriage?

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Reader Comments

June briand is a murder and did not have to kill my uncle .........I was to young to know what was going on but THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR MURDER.

March 22, 2013 4:46 PM

^ Your uncle was a piece of human shit who deserved to die. If he had chosen not to be apiece of wife-beating scum, he would still be alive today.

June 25, 2013 1:15 PM

The world is a better place with that person gone.

August 19, 2013 11:29 PM

The events, this woman and her book are the nightmare of my life. Ive watched many true stories thru-out my life and endured an unhealthy relationship my self. I have learned during the course of my entire life that there is three sides to every story. His, hers and the truth. Not every verbal story, written book or produced movie is 100% factual. I know this, because this is MY life that everyone comments on! As the daughter of James Briand I am devastated by the customer and authors reviews. Yes, to the common person this book may be a good read. This book may relate to the real abused portion of the world but someone who lived it and can remember every horrifying detail can whole heartily tell you that June Briand is a complete and total LIAR! My father was no saint, but he was the best man in my world! I was daddys little girl. My father loved with all his heart his two little girls. This maybe hard for anyone to accept, but June Briand was in fact the ABUSER! June Briand beat me all the time. I have a dent in my skull til this day from her slamming me into a corner. The only physical,verbal and mental abuse that was endured in our home was by June Briand. My father made sure June Briand had everything she wanted within his limits. No relationship is perfect and people fight. June Briand killed my father for the shear simple fact he was going to leave her! It absolutely devastates and breaks my heart and soul to read the crushing words that my father was/is a monster! I have read reviews on the internet from people and the things everyone says is the most soulless, gut wrenching words any daughter could read. June Briand destroyed my life! June Briand tore my family apart! As I stated, this book may be a good read and everyone is entitled to read and comment but please please keep in mind NOT everything is true and the cruel insensitive pass of judgement of words is the worst considering his daughters will one day have to read them. Yes there is only one book and one side of the story...but Has it ever occurred to you that maybe the Briand family is struggling daily to get thru the daily reminders of my fathers unnecessary death and have not chose to write a book due to the pain it causes? I cant speak for anyone else on here or any other review pertaining to my father but I am his daughter and I know the truth! I lived it..remember it and still living it! Im just asking all readers to please respect the Briand family with the comments and please please understand that this is a true book of lies. I cant keep stressing this enough. My father James Briand was my Teddy Bear....NOT A MONSTER!!! I LOVE YOU DADDY!!! XO

Jarred..thank you for your review and may you and my father rest in peace!

May 24, 2015 7:00 PM

If it was all a lie what about the physical evidence of abuse that had been going on for years?

July 28, 2015 1:24 AM

there is not one ounce of evidence physical documents anything of that nature providing proof not to mention personal eyewitness of no such thing occurring.

July 28, 2015 10:04 AM

As I read the papers, the hospitals had treated her for bruises many times. The abuse was more or less regarded as factual, but does that excuse murder?

July 28, 2015 9:02 PM

so you claim the papers said she was medically treated? so I guess the daughter who lives in the home is a delusional liar, yeah I guess I would read some sort of entertainment ie the newspaper with no factual proof first is listening to someone who lived it first hand

July 29, 2015 12:26 AM

It is a very sad situation,the kids were very young at the time then went to live with his family who i'm sure hate June. Do you think with his violence outside the home that he would be peachy at home? If even a third of that is true he was one sick man and there were mitigating circumstances.

July 29, 2015 12:41 AM

Even after all these years, it still amazes me how cruel people can be. My brother was not a sick man and you have some nerve saying he was especially in the same comments that his daughter is in. So because she killed him , he must of deserved it, right! ? The trashy book must be true because it says so right there on the cover. .so it just has to be true..just goes 5o show intelligent you are. .I hope that you never lose anyone in your family like we lost in ours. He was murdered in cold blood. The cops even commented that she was one "cold blooded bitch"..she didn't even have any feelings of remorse or didn't even cry..she was cold..she was like that to her children too!! You know nothing about my family or my brother. . Go read another True story and I pity the next family! Don't you find it odd that no one else was even interviewed for this book..?? The crazy crap they wrote about my family is insane. Had my family been interviewed by a REAL author (TRUE CRIME) , this book would of went in a completely different direction. Check out the author of the book and you will see he is just a back room author with no experience. Seriously.

December 7, 2015 9:12 PM


December 8, 2015 4:28 PM

Yes. I think abuse is the perfect excuse to kill. If the person in question is abused so bad to where they become insane, the abuser should expect something awful to happen to him/her. If they end up being killed, they had it coming.

January 4, 2016 8:37 PM

Yes. I think abuse is the perfect excuse to kill. If the person in question is abused so bad to where they become insane, the abuser should expect something awful to happen to him/her. If they end up being killed, they had it coming.

January 4, 2016 8:37 PM

You u all.. should be ashamed of yourselves...
Fyi...the family did not drill or convince anything in my head I am NOT a part of that family I am merely speaking truth on behalf of my father. these comments are disgusting and cold considering nobody commenting knows any facts. therefore your theory of his children being convinced he was something else is a lie. I am NOT a part of that father was not a monster nor did he deserve to die...

January 11, 2016 10:04 PM

You are overlooking something else. An abused woman is essentially a prisoner of war. Her boyfriend/husband has became her jailer. Everything she does is because he allows her to do so. If she commits any transgression, he punishes her severely, mentally, emotionally, and physically. Her sense of self is gone. Her sense of pride is gone. Her sense of anything other than strictly staying a alive, is gone.

She knows leaving wont save her. He will find her and when he does he will kill her. He also may kill her friends and family, to teach her a lesson. There is no escape for her, from him, as long as he is alive.

If John McCain had killed his prison guards, in order to escape, would that have been murder? If he had killed his guards, in order to escape, should he have been put in jail? Or would he have been viewed as doing what he had to do, in order to survive?

Battered women are prisoners of war and the batterer is the prison guard.

April 11, 2018 11:37 AM

A Battered woman is equivalent to being a prisoner off war in a country that does not respect the Geneva Convention. If not for divine intervention, my two husbands self-destructed, I would be dead.

April 13, 2018 6:45 PM

It's called Battered Woman Syndrome and June experienced learned helplessness. This means she felt she had no escape. The most dangerous time for a battered woman is when they leave. They are more likely to be murdered themselves. That is a known fact.

June 2, 2018 8:24 AM

He was an abuser who got back what he gave.

July 20, 2018 7:49 PM

Your ignorance shines

July 20, 2018 8:05 PM

Your denial shines

July 20, 2018 8:44 PM

Were you there? Are or were you involved with the case? Have you inquired thru police, hospital and ANY thing pertaining to this? If not than you do not know anything!
If I'm in denial then dig what ever you can up! Nobody said this man was 100% perfect human being but he was not a woman beater. Your going to state that the people involved in this case are all liars and in denial?
There is so much about this case that if you actually dug deep would find that June had the issues and used him as her excuse rather than admit she was a train wreck long before him.
Its funny..everyone thinks they know the truth and can spew hatred just because of a book but to damn lazy and afraid to actually investigate this whole thing to prove his family is liars.

July 21, 2018 12:54 PM

Well, I WAS there, and I DID see the abuse. The Monster even lunged at me once when I was visiting June, but he caught himself barely in time. I saw her frequently for a few months, and it was glaringly obvious, physically, mentally, socially and psychologically that she was horribly abused. And Georgette, other people WERE interviewed for the book. I was one of them, along with 8 others I can list by name. I'm sorry, but face the facts. Your father was a complete monster and brought on his own death.

July 31, 2018 7:24 PM

Well, I WAS there, and I DID see the abuse. The Monster even lunged at me once when I was visiting June, but he caught himself barely in time. I saw her frequently for a few months, and it was glaringly obvious, physically, mentally, socially and psychologically that she was horribly abused. And Georgette, other people WERE interviewed for the book. I was one of them, along with 8 others I can list by name. I'm sorry, but face the facts. Your father was a complete monster and brought on his own death.

August 1, 2018 1:05 AM

Name drop please! Facts! Come on, if you were really there lets hear it!
Whats the children names and ages. Point out specifics that a family member would know because your comment holds no relavance of knowing this family.
Show me the proof!!

August 1, 2018 11:13 AM

What relation of Junes are you? How did you come about to be involved in her life?

August 1, 2018 11:17 AM

Some friend you are!! If June's abuse was as you stated so " glaringly obvious, physically, mentally, socially and psychologically that she was horribly abused." Then why on earth would you not report such incidents? If someone attacked me friend or not Id have them in jail! If Junes abuse was so glaringly obvious to you it would have been to authorities. If you were so called scared of this "monster" the report could've been made anonymous. The fact you are on here gloryfying your relationship with these people and did nothing to protect this so called " abused" woman makes you just as much as a monster by sitting back and allowing it. A real person with real evidence wouldn't hide their name. I honeslty wish a true investigator would rip this case apart, pull and find everything pertaining to the case and their lifestyles then go public with the findings to end this charade.
I do not think people think before running their mouths. Your creditably and judgement is clearly in question here. No police reports from you, no court appearances, you have nothing that shows you were involved in protecting this woman or involvement. Just words!

Personally I think your a very unstable troll, but again thats just my opinion.

August 1, 2018 2:29 PM

Of course that's not my real name. I am not a relative, I am a friend. And I DID report it, but because of the Beast's abuse and manipulation, June chose not to press charges. In those dsys, the victim had to press charges or it was dropped.

The reason I am remaining private is stupidly obvious. This case disrupted my life for a long time and I really don't care to have any of the Beast's idiotic supporters knowing my name.

And until you've walked in my shoes, you have NO right to judge my credibility, judgment, decisions or actions.

August 1, 2018 9:53 PM

Until we've walked in your shoes... LOL
Get the police report. Prove it! As far as Im concerned your a troll making this story about you.
Your police report is a lie! The reason I say this, Is no report exist! LOL
You seem to forget the real people involved have gone that bunny hole looking for anytime of evidence of reports and nothing founded!
Your a liar and I challange you to proof!
Its one thing for someone to be a monster and having to live with that fact but its another when people accuse someone of being a monster whom wasn't. I personally know if had he been a true woman beater I would not deny the fact if that were true no matter what but your a lonely should injecting your self into something you know nothing about. May I suggest finding a different hobby!
Your crediibility holds no value to me and several others until you show evidence :)
The comment of "until we've walked in your shoes" my god you really are a special kind of stupid aren't you?!
Say all of what you must, because we've decided to find an outlet to actually dig and I mean dig very deep in to this case. Someone who has access to case files where most can't and hopefully be aired for the world to see. So with that being said sweetheart, If in fact your true story is so called true we will find out if your life altering accounts are in fact true even tho we know its not. You have given me inspiration to show proof that your full of shit :) Stay tuned :)

August 2, 2018 12:21 PM

Lets entertain The idea this woman was a friend of June and does not feel safe to release her name.
Can you give us a year this happened? Location? Who was there to witness? Which police department did you call to make this report?
You must know the family?
You didn't mention much about her child/children. Where they there? Do you know their names or ages at the time? Did you know the imidiate family? Did you join in on functions or outings they liked? Where did all this take place?
Did you attend court or submit a police statement on behalf of June?
I think for people to believe that your have been a victim by this event and how it destroyed your life so much to where people can't understand I think a bit of information might help you plead your case.
We live in a world today, were your proceed by law and Im assuming his family would not torment you.
I personally would like to her your story. How long did you know her and where did you meet?
You have announced that this had such a huge impact on your life, so please share.
If you wanted to keep private nor re-live the events I would probably not follow these pages and state your story because we the people are going to ask. Help us understand your pain.

August 2, 2018 2:05 PM

I am curious as to have you kept your friendship with June over the years?

August 2, 2018 2:59 PM

YOU posted the question, ‘Does abuse excuse murder? Did you not? Yet every challenge to the question YOU asked is met with nasty and abusive responses. If you can’t handle the answer why did you ask the question? Furthermore, why did you ask the question in the first place if you are so adamant that there was no abuse?

August 2, 2018 11:10 PM

Does Abuse Excuse Murder?
And if not, why not?
By Will Offensicht | August 29, 2007

This is who started this!
I’m adamant about no abuse because there was none.
The family gets wind of nasty things that are being said about their loved one on a public page.
If you knew your loved one whom has died could not defend their self you would do it for them .
I’m not necessarily sure where you’re getting your factual information but this is based on a book by an uneducated gentleman wrote claiming that he has proof and documentation which he does not.
Anyone intelligent reading this book would see the mass inconsistencies.
How would you feel going to bed at night completely bashing and running your mouth about somebody that you have no clue about and then wake up the next day to see on the news that you were wrong . I’m on that mission. I am finding any type of media source to help this family. I know I want the truth. Wouldn’t you?
It’s one thing to comment on a book that was written by the author and give your opinion and it’s another to completely bash somebody and their family because of one person‘s accusations.
Nobody involved in this case would start a blog such is this just for debate. This blog was created by somebody else and family members found out about it and saying their piece as well. You can’t figure out why their disgruntle but rather call them abusive? Maybe because everyone involved has taken such a beating and accused of so many things that they can’t take it anymore.

August 3, 2018 12:03 AM

I was in an abusive marriage for 7 years. His family sounds just like the Briard family- they stick together, don’t think their dad, son, cousin etc. did anything wrong WHY- because that is how they were raised. I imagine this is the older daughter writing in All caps, trying to sound threatening and demeaning. Apple does t fall from the tree. The poor kids- that’s all they knew-and normally the child tries to gain the love and trust of the abuser. I called the cops one time- out of many bruises, punches and slaps- I finally “knew better” as it would get worse. We were both Air Force and how low I would feel saying my high ranking husband hit me! I think there is plenty of evidence- broken ribs, collar bone, hanging baby out window- well not to mention his numerous run in with the law. I will say it is the worst feeling in the world for people not to believe you when you have been abused and my abuse was not nearly as bad. I feel sorry for his family that they would stand beside him even without the spousal abuse. He sounds like a real red neck jerk. It was either him or her. Now he can’t hurt anyone else.

August 7, 2018 5:23 PM

Reading this article and a few others i see a child like mantality going on. Everyone in this article talking about abuse is extremely abusive themselves. Comments like :^ Your uncle was a piece of human shit who deserved to die. If he had chosen not to be apiece of wife-beating scum, he would still be alive today. The world is a better place with that person gone." He was an abuser who got back what he gave." Your father was a complete monster and brought on his own death." Those are just a few examples.

Some others say they have seen the evidence and one said she witnessed the events but did you really?

Theres several people attacking members of the family and that one I cannot understand. Nobody but the man upstairs, the couple and evidence knows the truth. The family didn't abuse or commit a crime so why would we as people attack them for defending their loved one? If they are defending him because they are in denial than thats their issue but the facts remain that anybody on this earth would defend their loved one if they weren't alive. Some family may or may not be in denial and some may just say it like it is. Attacking this georgette person or stating the older daughter must have written the caption in upper case letters appears someone with a personal vendetta wrote that review. It takes a unique individual to attack members of this mans family, especially attacking his daughter. None of us know the name or age of this person. Not to mention if this is really even from the daughter. I didn't find the daughters review abusive. Who knows if anyone of us is the real people we claim in this article.

Everyone is entitled to their own thoughts but we are talking about an abuse topic and all I see is nothing but abuse displayed by all. I watch the true crime station and saw several posts about getting proof and media. I think thats a great Idea! We too the people who were not there can submit a story to find out the truth if we find ourselves so passionatly involved with a story that angers us so badly to bring the bully out. The family won't back down about the abuse, and the by standers won't back down either. The people commenting are highly abusive and the ones who have claimed their own encounter with abuse would not speak this way. To the family, I would keep your passion down a bit. I understand the frustration if its warranted but lashing out will appear your in denial. I have done some research and the only thing that has me leaning in the families direction is the fact No evidence of abuse was ever physically documented in regards to Mr. Briand.

Im trying to play monkey in the middle here, and as stated none of us but the two main people involved know the truth. I suggest we stop the abusive bullying and arguing like school children about something that nobody is willing to do anything about. All this talk is unproductive and only hurting each other so lets let go or contact our local crime station and submit a story.

August 8, 2018 10:51 AM

Ray Hughes is a columnist for a village paper in New Hampshire
from Raymond Hughes
Everywhere I turn I find lying manipulative women--and the ever-present
advocates who support them.
"Briand Fiction"
by Raymond Hughes RR 2 Box 475, Claremont, NH 03743 (603) 542-2708
published 11/26/96 in the "News Leader" 6 Sullivan St. PO Box1358,
Claremont, NH 03743 (603) 543-1500
        I assume you've all have read of the June Briand pardon hearing
last week.
        Briand killed her husband James 10 years ago, plea bargained to
second degree murder (against the dead man's family's wishes) and got 15 to
        I'm also assuming you know a little about the domestic violence
agenda advanced by women's advocates--domestic violence is always a man's
fault, so if a woman kills her husband or children, she must have had a
        That's why June petitioned the governor for a pardon--she claims
she was a battered woman, therefore, she had to kill him.
        So, the NH Domestic Violence Coalition supported her. Indeed,
dozens of women's advocates attended the hearing wearing  "Pardon June"
        I became skeptical of June's argument of abuse when newspaper
articles never offered hard evidence of it, so I contacted the dead man's
        What Jimmy Briand's extended--and extensive--family told me is that
they saw no abuse and they were quite close to June and Jim, camping,
fishing, celebrating holidays together. They treated June as a daughter.
        Back to the hearing, a 5 1/2-hr. nightmare. For the first 3 1/2
hours, advocate after advocate, including Barry McMichaels, co-director of
the NH Domestic Violence Commission, outlined how it is that no one,
including June's own family, realized she was being battered, that Jim
abused her so cleverly he left no marks.
        Hours of testimony on battered women before the Briand family had a
chance to say word one. Yet, in all that testimony not one person testified
that they saw abuse, or were told of it by June before the murder. And the
few second hand accounts of abuse related 10 years ago were simply weak
hearsay, the worst being that Jim told someone in her family he hat hit
June once. Certainly no one suggested the systematic abuse which defines
Battered Women Syndrome.

August 9, 2018 2:04 PM

Curious in all this is that there was one woman who did know,
June's best friend at the time she shot Jim in cold blood in his sleep four
Reporters claimed they couldn't locate her. So I did.
I spoke at length with Cynthia Newell, who was actually with June
and Jim at their apartment the night of the murder. The same Cynthia that
June claimed helped plan the murder, bought the bullets, looked for a spot
to dump the gun and encouraged her to pull the trigger.
Except, June claimed at the hearing that she herself loaded the gun
because someone called and threatened Jim and he asked her to load it. And
previously, she claimed she acted alone, not to mention that the night she
herself pulled the trigger, she told the police--and Jim's family--that an
intruder had shot Jim.
But if Cynthia helped plan it, why did she run to Jim's best friend
downstairs and have him call the police?
Though police never believed Cynthia helped June and she was never
charged, when the story resurfaced in June's pardon petition, Cynthia was
devastated again by the accusation, but she fears for her life and couldn't
bring herself to face June, something she regrets. So here is her story.
"James did not abuse June," Cynthia says flatly. "He may have
picked on her, but he did not batter her."
"That night, he came home from work late, June and I went for some
pizza, he had some, watched a little TV with us and went in to bed."
Though Jim and June argued, as any married couple, they did not
fight that night. Jim did not assault June in any way that night, or ever,
according to the only eyewitness to the events leading up to the murder, a
woman who was very close to June and Jim the entire year before the murder,
during which time she often spent the night, went with them camping,
swimming, to dinner, on weekdays, weekends.
She saw June in dresses, shorts, bikinis, and even during all the
time she spent with June alone, she never once saw any evidence of
psychological or physical abuse, and June mentioned none.
In spite of the fact much of this story was told police at the
time, women's advocates at the hearing chose to ignore this and believe
June's contradictory tale of systematic abuse.
June even had the audacity to say at the hearing that all the
Briand women are abused. I have spoken with them all and this is simply
Indeed, the only Briand girl to confirm abuse was Jim's oldest
daughter by a previous marriage, Jana, now 17, who said that it was June
who abused her and threatened her if she ever told her father, adding that
she fears for her life if her stepmother is pardoned.
And Jana's mother, who lived with Jim for several years like a
wife, told police Jim had never abused her.
Not to mention, the state's psychiatrist at sentencing said June's
actions were most likely the result of June's drug abuse and "chaotic
childhood." Yet, advocates pointed to the 1500 women killed by spouses last
year (without mentioning the 700 or so men killed by women), to the "44000
women" battered last year in NH, which is simply absurdly inflated and
ignores even UNH studies, among others, which conclude women attack men at
an equal rate and instigate disturbances at a higher rate.
It was intellectually insulting listening to woman after woman
offer excuse after excuse for June, like alms at an altar.
This one took the cake--she killed him because he came home and
didn't abuse her, the premise being that the pattern of abuse had changed,
thus her life was in danger. The old calm before the storm deal.
The fact is, no one, including June, ever said he even threatened
to kill her.

August 9, 2018 8:21 PM

And not on person stood up in that room to say that he/she had seen
James abuse June, or even that they personally knew someone who knew,
indeed, none of them even knew her then.
None of June's advocates ever knew Jim.
This all without noting the other tragedy, an abuse of almost equal
proportions--that of the two daughters, Jana and Pam.
After the murder, June insisted the two girls be brought to her
grandparents house before she would confess, into a home everyone has
acknowledged had a sordid history of abuse. They were later ferried from
one foster home to another, one replete with bars on the windows.
"We spent over four years and over $4000 on lawyers fighting for
custody in district court," says Jim's mother, Linda, who read a damning
family statement at the hearing.
"I can't tell you how many times I had to look at her laughing with
her state-paid lawyer while I was in tears, barely able to make ends meet.
"Is she also asking the Governor to pardon her for ruining these
two girl's childhoods? For keeping them from our home, where they were
loved and where they loved to be?
"This woman canceled and cut short court-ordered visits to the
prison by a foster mother and the two girls. She even canceled a Christmas
visit. She says she wants to reconnect with the girls, but it's just
another lie."
Certainly neither of the girls have indicated they want to
reconnect with her, the oldest even testifying she's afraid June will kill
Which raises the most important question-- rehabilitation.
I am all for rehabilitating criminals, but the first step in
rehabilitation is recognizing the problem.
And the problem is, June hasn't even taken the first step--she
would have us believe it was all Jim's fault. She still even blames her
one-time best friend.
Well, Jim may have hit June, and June may have hit Jim, and
certainly Jim's sisters recall the Thanksgiving June ripped one sister's
blouse off (not to mention June had a major write up in prison for
fighting), but no one hit anyone the night of the murder--according to an
eyewitness, June's own best friend.
According to that same friend, June was off work from an accident
she faked for compensation and was high at least on Demerol that night.
The state's psychiatrist had it right--June's actions were due to
her drug abuse and abuse before she ever met James Briand. She simply took
it out on her husband.
This woman is not repentant, she is not rehabilitated.
And she is not helping the cause to address domestic violence.
Indeed, she has exposed the sexism inherent in their cause--funded by your
tax dollars. These victims advocates never even spoke with the real
victim's family, forgetting, I guess, her dead husband's family, notably
his sisters, mother, daughters, aunts. Women who do not tolerate domestic
violence from anyone.

June Briand has such a long line of lies trailing her veil of
innocence that she doesn't even know the truth herself anymore.
And women's advocates played the fool at the macabre wedding--of
liar to suckers.
She's embarrassed these all-too-receptive advocates, and they will
remain in the dark until they factor all elements into the domestic
There are plenty of battered women out there, but not all who claim
to be, are.
June once told Cynthia, "I should have been an actress."
Well, she may have gotten the Oscar from women's advocates, but it
was all scripted and rehearsed . . . fiction.

August 9, 2018 8:25 PM

I have read everything I can find on this case. The above articles were noteworthy. My question is this: if she wasn't abused, why did she kill Jim? Any insight?

August 13, 2018 11:52 AM

Why does anyone kill anyone? Usually it’s because are psychotic. How many murders do you see in the news and there is no logical reason why they did what they did. Her child hood was weird as hell. The story she told us was that her grandfather was actually her father! Because he raped his own daughter! That’s why her “grandparents “ raised her! She then married a much older man at a very young age! All of this BEFORE she met my brother! I would say that is the making of someone with mental illness!

August 13, 2018 7:46 PM

Has the thought occurred that maybe just maybe he was going to leave her! Clearly she had to have some one. This has been expressed! The only great man in her life couldn’t handle her drugs, drinking and abuse of his daughter. If she wasn’t going to have him... Nobody would! REMEMBER we only have her side and his side is proven but nobody wants to see that. The evidence you read on the internet is not much. NH is a locked tight state. You would need to go to public records.

August 14, 2018 7:36 AM

This was in the author of the books new paper page. Tell me why when he was publicly making a statement about his book or June push these so called facts of abuse by jim? Its no secret June has claimed years of abuse from everyone she had encountered since her birth but why is the so called abuse aimed towards Jim? June could have symptoms of battered woman for sure! By others she claimed abuse from BUT certainly does not show it was from JIM considering two articles now clearly state NO EVIDENCE was founded that James beat,raped or tortured June. Lets be realistic here. Common sense goes a long way here.

The Book, Written by Robert Davidson states : "Based on hundreds of hours interviewing June Briand, speaking with her lawyers, and poring over countless pages of court transcripts, police and hospital records, and interviews with virtually every key person involved with this case, BUT in his Seacoast Online new paper article it states this: : At trial in 1987, the defendant contended she had been physically and emotionally abused to the point where she feared for her life. A psychiatrist testified that Briand met the profile of a battered woman, but there were no hospital visits, no calls to the police, no orders of protection, and no witnesses to substantiate the alleged abuse.
At 14, June Jackson had married a much older man to escape her own abusive family. They divorced, and she married a second time thinking she had found a protector.

Now the question I have is, why are his lies being allowed and why is Mr. Davidson blocking and stopping comments about this case especially when the comments made a cold hard facts pulled from internet. If Mr Davidson can claim someone is a wife beater, monster, and rapiest then why is frowned on that someone is trying to provide proof that what he sells is lies? Why is Mr. Davidson avoiding simple questions? Just show this valid proof. Of course if proof is ever given I would go to the courts and police to verify its authenticity.

August 14, 2018 7:50 AM

Obviously dude deserved to die. Her story was believed & backed by the US government. Why else was she pardoned? His family is a bunch of foul, red-neck, Ignorant inbred illiterates

August 14, 2018 10:01 PM

His family can spend the rest of eternity in Hell with dear ole Jimmy boy. Nice shot.

August 14, 2018 10:04 PM

Or should I say "shots"?

August 14, 2018 10:05 PM

Oh poor dear sweet precious Henry boy.

You couldn't be so farthest from the truth! Sweetheart, Do some research. Odd, that since Ive been posting reviews that author and other affiliates are avoiding and not liking right now is seeming to pick up more of the direct name calling and abuse. I think these reviews lately are from the people involved with this book. What I love is how scared you are right now. Your day in court I think maybe coming. I think the family finally had it and found giving intimate details doesn't matter. Thank you for showing your abuse! Thank you for showing us how scared you really are! If you have done your research as to this case than please present it. God bless you, dear sweet angel and may god place love in your heart someday. Your momma so proud of her special cupcake.

August 15, 2018 10:43 AM

It’s people like you that are usually the abuser. You should be ashamed of the person you are. It’s honestly disgusting. A real human being, my brother died because of June. My family has had to endure people like you all these years.
Again, it all comes down to NO PROOF whatsoever! Had that case went to trial like it was supposed to, like we wanted to. She would of gotten LIFE in prison. There was never any proof and do many witnesses of the opposite and she and her attorney knew it and that’s why she plea bargained. She KNEW her story was crap in front of a jury! I will never understand how people can go along with such lies just because the author put “true story “ on the cover. And so many hateful people in this sad world we live in.
When people with their nasty mean comments on here feel good about talking to his little sister and his daughter like that, there has got to be something seriously wrong with you as a human being.
Monkey in the middle.. I appreciate your comment. I appreciate that you looked at both sides instead of just taking the word of one. I wish more people were more opened minded like you were.
We are not in denial! We know what really happened because we were there. My niece was absolutely a Daddy’s girl and he was a wonderful father. I would know this since I seen them constantly and I was their baby sitter! For someone so abused, she sure did like going out and having a good time! But I’m this book, makes it look like my brother kept her in and away from everyone and everything. Wondering how he did that when all holidays, cookouts, camping and on and on and on.. Jim and June were always there! You see, we were just like any other family. We did all those things as a family! That’s not family denial that’s stating the facts.

August 15, 2018 10:01 PM

As requested by many :
Things are starting to slowly come in, but are unable to load pictures on to this site. I "we" have started an open discussion in regards to this book to share facts as an open community but no affiliation with the author. We have tried to reach out several times to the author and also posted the very same things we are sharing in this online Facebook discussion but they are ignored, blocked and deleted. The link for newly created site is

August 17, 2018 11:40 AM

The guy did not get what he deserved. Instant death while sleeping was much to easy for him. June was my sister? A pair of pliers and a soldering iron. With me and the boys constant attention for a day or two. For starters.

March 10, 2022 5:52 AM
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