Drowning on Main Street

Wake up - we're killing our country and neighbors with needless lockdowns.

by Friendly Bear

Among my favorite TV shows are those that feature ordinary restaurants which offer wonderful food. Often, they are small capacity restaurants found all over America, in big cities and micro towns, with a memorable culinary twist.

Maybe they are renowned for fun and tasty hot dogs. Maybe their barbecue or dry rub ribs are worth an hour drive. Maybe their seafood brings forth the best the ocean has to offer. America’s restaurants do more than feed a nation, they make our mouths water in anticipation and bring our diets to an untimely end, as we dine with those whom we so care about.

Lockdowns have morphed from a virus fighting tool into the “group time out” of tyrant Governors. Aside from their annoying limitations, they might be compared to drowning. Just as drowning in water can happen quickly and silently, so can a restaurant “drown” in a lockdown.

But, restaurants are not alone in their suffering. Retail stores, businesses that train or teach, all businesses that interact with people, are quietly and quickly drowning in lockdowns.

Please, don’t take my word for it, and certainly don’t bother with a useless business statistic.

Go get in the car and drive around. Look at the strip malls growing dark and empty. Drive past the brightly painted hamburger shack and the premier steakhouse. They are now equal in death, having failed when a law forbade them to earn a living.

Then, drive past the store that taught music lessons, and drive past the hair salon. Did you see the "closed sign" on the used office furniture outlet? How about the hotel your friend manages? Not many cars there, huh? Your business might feel safe, until the ripple of business failure reaches your customers.

Work in government or for a university, do you? Might you receive less tax money during a lockdown? But, of course you’re safe from layoffs! Go read about what happened during the Great Depression during your break. Since that was before you were born, maybe you should go read about what happened during the depressions in other countries in recent years. 

I’m not advocating that we throw caution to the wind, but if our economy dies what have we gained? Wear a mask, wear a face shield, wear a gas mask if you feel it will make you safer. Please wash your hands and sanitize surfaces. Clean is good, especially when it makes keeping businesses open more viable.

Lockdowns are now being hailed as the solution to a myriad of woes...by people who have never run a business. I’ve read comments by some of these people where they claim everyone should be a government employee. Yeah, that’s working real well in North Korea.

Businesses are essential, particularly small businesses. Shoe stores and tow trucks and plumbers and pet supply stores and so many others keep our day flowing smoothly.

Lifeguards must be vigilant to even have a chance of saving a drowning swimmer. Likewise, we all should seek to save the businesses drowning on Main Street - and, even more important now, to stop the governments that are holding their heads under water.

Friendly Bear is a staff writer for Scragged.com  Read other Scragged.com articles by Friendly Bear or other articles on Economics.
Reader Comments

I have been appalled at the way we have ‘cowed’ to first, the mask business and more importantly the Econ shutdown. My question is what are we going to do about it short of some kind of rebellion? I’ve been following as Scragged for some years now. Is submission of an article possible?

December 22, 2020 4:44 PM

@Jim - Yes, by all means! Please send it to us at editors@ .

December 22, 2020 4:48 PM

I disagree with only one point you made: "...when a law forbade them to earn a living." There is NO law! Only edicts made by tyrannical officials. As such those edicts do NOT need to be obeyed.

December 23, 2020 12:44 PM


"...those edicts do NOT need to be obeyed."

well, yes, but... in order to get around the illegal orders, one must submit to arrest and incarceration when disobeying, because the *LEGAL* thing to do - the thing anybody who loves freedom and the republic would do, because going around the law and making a mockery of it is what the left does, not what free people do - would be to challenge the edict, the arrest, and the incarceration in court. sadly, the hard-core left has filled the bench of most courts with their uneducated minions, to whom the law does not matter. one may go all the way to the US supreme court, and one is unlikely to win. in the meantime, *EVERY STEP OF THE FIGHT* requires money, and lots of it. lawyers don't work for free, and unless U file countersuits to recover your costs (if the government involved even allows itself to be sued - in many cases, the US government does not), every single penny will come out of your pocket. no money? then sorry, no case. judges in small-claims courts sometimes work with citizens who serve as their own attorneys, but this does not happen in *any* higher courts.

the only way a LEGAL fight can be won is if EVERY SINGLE FREE PERSON disobeys, clogging the courts with millions (yes, that's what it would take) of identical lawsuits. and until the roundups begin and the left begins shooting people in the back of the head (that, too, is coming, shortly before the beginning of Civil War II), most people will grumble and comply. it is truly unfortunate, and the blame is 100% on the hard-core left, but a civil war is inevitable.

finally, although education (rather than the current indoctrination) is the answer, so far, public "education" has remained an indoctrination system. only a fool would believe that newly-minted adult citizens will be anything but at least nominally leftist, so NOTHING WILL CHANGE until the shooting begins. it was fools like me who thought that the leftist idiots running the system would be shown as the fools they are, and stayed out of the fight for decades, who must bear the other part of the blame. i did nothing, and now thousands, if not millions, will die in a wholly-needless conflict brought on by hard-core leftists. if U are christian like me, pray for forgiveness, that the Lord heals the nation and starts another great awakening, and that He begins it with me.

January 8, 2021 5:04 PM
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