Enemies of the People

Europe's rulers declare war on their own female citizens.

Every cloud has its silver lining: the otherwise horrific news news coming out of the city of Cologne in Germany is having the salutary and potentially life-saving effect of showing ordinary Germans and, we hope, ordinary Americans, who their real enemies are.

Last New Years Eve, a mob of approximately 1,000 men of "Middle-Eastern and North African appearance" raped at least one woman and assaulted at least 90 othersSimilar attacks took place in Hamburg, Stuttgart, Helsinki, and elsewhere.

Anyone who has read the news will not be surprised; abuse of women and infidels is a fundamental part of the very definition of Islam, and this past summer German Chancellor Angela Merkel loudly invited millions of Muslim "refugees" to take over her country.

It would be fair to say that within living memory, chivalry and consideration for ladies or anyone else was rather lacking in German officialdom.  The past half-century, we thought, demonstrated that the German elite establishment had thoroughly turned over a new and much more appealing leaf.  The Germans we know thought so too.

The first day - indeed, the first few minutes - of 2016 have revealed this to be a false hope.  Far from protecting the citizens they swore to serve, the police and other municipal authorities in these cities did their best to suppress the news in order not to inflame criticism of the many Muslim immigrants who've been admitted to Germany in spite of citizen protests.  Instead, it is reported that the police stood by and watched while mobs of Muslims attacked women, leaving it to civic-minded nightclub bouncers to attempt to protect the women.

This is not the first time government officials who're supposed to protect citizens have ignored the Muslim War on Women.  Unlike the fake "war on women" which Democrats invented to criticize Republicans, the Muslim War On Women is all too real.

It's also international: In Rotherham, England, at least 1,400 young women were raped, tortured, beaten, abused, prostituted, passed from and abused in almost every conceivable way by gangs of Muslim men of Pakistani background - over a period of 15 years.  As in Germany, outraged citizens found the police to be on the side of the monsters:

In another [case], a father found his daughter, tried to rescue her, complained to the police, and was himself arrested while the authorities took no action on his complaint.

It is not as if this series of crimes was hidden or unknown. No fewer than three official investigations (prior to this one) looked into these crimes. They reported the broad truth that we now know and called for further investigations and arrests. The police and child-protection services did nothing whatever about them. Indeed, they quietly pigeonholed the findings with dismissive comments. The local councilors looked the other way or, on some occasions, intervened to discourage investigations by the police. Only the general public was innocently ignorant.

Similar cases have been uncovered in Oldham, Birmingham, and Oxford.  Why was nothing done?

To uncover such scandal would be not only racist, it would commit a sin against the ideal of multiculturalism that now actuates much official policy.

Does this sound like we're exaggerating the religious fervor attached to multiculturalism?

... recall that it was the same Rotherham social-work department that wanted to remove children from foster parents whose support for UKIP [a rival to the Labor party] indicated an impermissible hostility to multiculturalism. You couldn't make it up.

That would be like social workers wanting to take children from Republican families.  As it's fast becoming standard practice for our governmental agencies to abuse government power for political purposes, it's hard not to imagine this further horror right around the corner - which, no doubt, is a major driver behind the popularity of the gleefully politically-incorrect Donald Trump.

Alas, England has no Mr. Trump to blow the lid off these devastating, murderous multiculturalist lies.  The political angle is unmistakable: Rotherham consistently supported the Labor party for 80 years or more.  Needing Muslim support, the Labor party tried its best to cover the scandal.  They succeeded for decades, much as the German authorities kept the Muslim War on Women out of the press as long as they could, and for the same political reasons that Mr. Obama has tried to stir up a race war between black voters and the police.

The Rotherham girls were from working class families.  Progressive elites have contempt for people who actually work for a living, partly because they have no contact with them.  Cologne is a large city; the police chief rides in an official car driven by a police officer.  What contact has he with working-class people who're abused by Muslims?

Willfully Clueless

There's another reason for our elites' collective blindness about what Mr. Obama refuses to call "radical Islam" - they simply can not understand Muslim attitudes toward women.

Islam teaches that women are property and must always be totally under the control of men.  As the National Review article "Muslim Mobs Rape Europe" explains,

Cologne demonstrated in the crudest possible way was that among the things they wanted to take were "our" women. Our own society finds such logic hard to follow: In what sense are modern independent women anyone else's property? But by the logic of the societies and religion from which the rioters and most migrants come, women are either behind the veil, and thus the property of the family, or on the street, and thus the property of anyone.

The plain truth is this: Muslims regard women as property, as dogmatically taught by their religion and its pedophile founder.  Therefore, to a devout Muslim, any unveiled woman on the street is fair game for whatever he decides to do to her.

We can almost hear the media gearing up to call us racist bigots.  But they should listen to these shocked words from an eyewitness to the Cologne assaults:

I’ve never witnessed something like this, I always thought this stuff would be some sort of right wing propaganda. But it was real!

By refusing to acknowledge this reality no matter how often it is demonstrated live and in color, our ruling elites are demonstrating that they have abandoned their obligation to protect their most vulnerable citizens.  Thankfully, ordinary citizens across the entire Western world, from Hungary to Germany, from Denmark to England, from Finland to the United States, are waking up to the lies of their leadership.

It's actually worse than that.  By inviting hordes of barbarians into the countries they purport to rule, Angela Merkel and her fellow Eurocrats are pimping out their own nations' women - the events in Cologne and everywhere else being the obvious, predictable result, about which they do not care one whit.  We'd say they were selling the ladies of Germany into sexual slavery, except that the word "sale" implies receipt of payment, and the opposite is true: The mandarins of Europe are in fact paying the monsters by placing them all on welfare benefits of one form or another.

Maybe a better comparison would be King George III, who hired foreign Hessian mercenaries to plunder and defile good British citizens?  But at least that was in the colonies on the other side of the Atlantic from George's palace, whereas Ms. Merkel could easily encounter leering mobs of Muslims within a few minutes' walk of her residence - assuming she ventured there without the customary armed guards her government denies to ordinary citizens.

Who's the real enemy of the people?  Muslims, or our clueless (at best) rulers who insist on welcoming them into our neighborhoods, our lives, and ultimately, our female relations regardless of their own preferences in the matter?

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Reader Comments

Islam is not really a religion as much as it is a system of law and governance. The Roman Catholic church was able in Medieval times to operate this way on a limited scale (and the Vatican continues as a remnant to this day). But in the West, secular rulers always remained separate. After the Reformation, Western Civilization grew in multifaceted ways and spread worldwide--thus incurring the enmity of Islamic civilization, which never advanced much philosophically in 1400 years.
These young Muslim refugees in Europe are sex-starved, too poor to hire prostitutes, have no women of their own, and believe that the young women our Western Culture believes it has freed, are really just "free for the taking." Islam is not a "religion of peace." It is a tribal, recidivistic artifact of the past, and its adherents will have to watched, enculturated (almost impossible), imprisoned, or killed, depending on the level of affront they present to us. Or else we will be so treated by them.

January 10, 2016 11:55 PM

The core problem is the willful, narcissistic blindness to the reality of islamic doctrine by elites such as Merkel. Not one of them, Merkel, Hillary Clinton, Obama, Hollande, has to walk a city block alone, in the dark, unescorted to get home from work.
Reality is a great ideological disinfectant; it is time we, as a people, demand that our purported leaders leave their protected comforted and walk, unescorted, among us.

January 11, 2016 6:41 AM

There is coming a point very soon to now when Western societies are going to have to decide whether "banning a religion" is more offensive as a concept than handing away their culture and freedom. Banning Religion is so offensive a thought, as a concept, that free societies find themselves with no choice other than to lie about Islam while it sits on their chest, punching them in the face. Freedom isn't free. We must fight at times - YES ACTUALLY FIGHT - to keep our way of life. Will we fight Islam to keep our freedom?

January 11, 2016 7:24 AM

My favorite comment in the campaign so far was Mr. Trump saying he'd give up his concealed carry permit if Hillary gave up her armed escort.

I might pay more attention to Mr. Bloomberg's wanting to take guns away if he didn't have armed bodyguards we pay for.

January 11, 2016 1:47 PM

Here is one German citizen - a 16 year old girl no less - who gets it. Maybe there's hope for the old country yet?


January 23, 2016 1:13 PM

Liberal elites and their propagandized (unable to see or judge facts) minions ignor reality. The ideal of multiculturalism is as bankrupt and doomed to failure as socialism. Millions die as the pendulum of history slowly swings back. Islam CALLS for the forced conversion or death of infidels. Some choice- Jesus Christ (love) OR a pedophile, women subjugating fraud. One Big A$$ Mistake America--OBAMA. Fool the dummies once terrible, Hillary must be indicted based on emerging (Much More than Drips) evidence

February 14, 2016 10:55 AM

Excellent article. Have shared it on Google+

June 14, 2016 10:42 AM

The problem with the term "multiculturalism" is that it has been hijacked by the pro-Islamists, the same way Islam divides the world into two camps: Muslim and non-Muslim. Not all cultures are equal.

June 14, 2016 10:48 AM
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