Healthcare Reform, or, Watch the Pea!

Distracting us from the theft of liberty.

A recent Politico story announced that President Obama has, once again, dropped the "public option" from the health care reform proposals.  First it was in, then it was out, then some in Congress insisted it was in, while some insisted it was out.  All good theater to serve as a distraction... Meanwhile, we're not watching where the pea is.

Barack Obama working on health care reform. Watch the pea...

Not only is the "public option" a pea to watch, but so is the very purpose for health care reform.  Is it to provide health insurance to those who don't have it?  Or is it to provide health care to those who can't afford it?  Or is it to reduce the cost of health care?  We've got lots of peas under lots of shells that keep being shuffled around.

Today the pea is called "ensuring choice and competition."  Tomorrow it will be something different.  The purpose of all of this is to keep members of Congress and the public unsure about their own thoughts, but confident there is a pea under one of the shells.

Just as the skilled con in the video has rigged his pea shell game (watch his hand and how it's always held so that he can keep a pea in the palm) Obama and his liberal cronies have rigged the health care debate.  In the end, they'll get what they want and we'll all stand by clapping.  Unlike the guy in the video, the health care con will take money (and liberty) from us, just like the con in the street.

The skilled con uses speed and language to distract from what's happening.  He moves so quickly you can't see what he's doing.  He also uses his hands and gestures to distract you from the playing surface.

These same tactics are being used today. First, speed is used to keep you from seeing what's going on.  We must get this legislation passed now or the sky will fall.

Second, he keeps talking to you keeping you from being able to focus on any one thing  - where the pea is going (under the shell?  into his hand?).  This is what's been done with the "public option" in, "public option" out but call it a co-op.  Where's the pea now?

The point is that you can't trust a con artist - and you can't trust Mr. Obama's socialists.  They're playing a shell game with terms and words and language that is rigged to guarantee them a win.  They may pretend to let us win with some watered down incremental legislation, but their end game is clear.

The only way to win is - not to play the game.  "Party of No" is not a bad thing, it's the patriotic thing and a great compliment when "Yes" means an unConstitutional theft of our liberty.

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Reader Comments
Interesting analogy. I suppose the commentators standing next to the con man are the media and the academic elite, each showing their scholar-certified amazement. Obama moves his peas, the elite laugh, applaud and act amazed and all of us in the audience have no choice but to watch.
September 8, 2009 8:27 AM
RIGHT! These guys are responsible for prosecuting fraud, yet who is a greater source of fraud, corruption, ineptness? WHO, I ask?
September 8, 2009 1:47 PM
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