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How many more Muslim terrorists must we naturalize?

Despite themselves, our utterly corrupt media cannot avoid wringing their hands and our hearts over the latest Islamic outrages wreaked upon our fair shores.  In several incidents utterly unlinked aside from the customary religious motivation of the perpetrators, Americans were attacked in New York City and its environs (hardly shocking) and Minnesota (somewhat more startling, until you realize just how many Somali barbarians have been dumped there by feckless administrations of both parties.)

Of course, the airwaves are suffused with meaningless horse-race babble, to which Crooked Hillary's senile incompetence is contributing cartloads: how out-of-it do you have to be to, as did Hillary, first refer to these attacks as "bombings" (which they were) and then condemn Donald Trump for saying that they were the result of a "bomb" (which bombings generally are)?  Fortunately for her, not everyone in the MSM was put to sleep by her soporific pontification; CNN moved swiftly to expunge her misstep from their airwaves.  Don't they know that, in this modern day of the Internet, erasing their darling's missteps simply doesn't work anymore?

In all of this manure, the only gleams of sanity emanated, as seems to be the norm, from ordinary Americans who haven't forgotten how to see what is in front of their noses.  Somehow, CNN permitted the corrosive truth to make it to their website, at least as regards Ahmad Khan Rahami who tried and failed to blow up his neighbors in New York and New Jersey:

[Rahami] alleged that police officers and city officials had said "the restaurant presented a danger to the community." It also accused a neighboring business owner of saying, "Muslims make too much trouble in this country" and "Muslims don't belong here."

How Much Poison Do We Need?

As you'd expect, and as the article goes on to point out, these allegations were strenuously denied by all involved.  Since it was part of a legal proceeding and criticizing Islam has been decreed to be totally unacceptable, denials are quite understandable, but these denials are most unlikely to be true.  In fact, it's almost certain that someone, over the course of the twenty years Rahami spent in the United States, expressed these sentiments, perhaps vehemently.

Consider these facts, also reported by CNN:

  • "The FBI interviewed Rahami's father in 2014 after a violent domestic dispute... At the time of that interview, Rahami was in jail following a family dispute in which he stabbed one of his relatives."  Exactly how violent does a domestic dispute have to get in order for the Federal Bureau of Investigation to get involved?
  • "Rahami's family lives in an apartment above First American Fried Chicken in Elizabeth, New Jersey, Mayor Chris Bollwage said. The family has a history of clashes with the community over the restaurant, which used to be open 24 hours a day...  a 2012 ruling on the case favored the city, adding that the family's restaurant was "'disruptive in the city for many, many years.'"
  • "Rahami traveled to Afghanistan multiple times... [and] spent several weeks in Kandahar, Afghanistan, and Quetta, Pakistan.  Quetta is considered a stronghold of the Taliban. He married his wife during that trip." He then spent a year in Pakistan.

And then, it is alleged on good authority, he cobbled together a bomb out of a pressure cooker and tried to blow up innocent Americans.  Not for him anything so unprofessional as "Make a bomb in the kitchen of your Mom," as the legendary jihadist publication Inspire put it, he had an entire professional restaurant kitchen at his disposal.  Indeed, thanks to the efforts of the community to limit the hours the restaurant was permitted to disturb the public peace, he had several hours a night in which to work without fear of intrusion.

It's patently obvious that, yes, this Muslim family very much made too much trouble in this country, and most definitely did not belong here.  Yet some officious moron granted them the world's most valuable mass-produced document, a U.S. naturalization certificate.  And we aren't even allowed to express this transparently clear fact without fear of lawsuit!

Even Our Nuts Are Saner

Cue the pantywaists chorus: "White men commit terrorism too!  And a whole lot more of it!"

One could argue that's because, unlike Muslims, white men are competent and succeed in actually blowing people up when they set out to do so, which Mr. Rahami signally failed to do.

But on the numbers, they have a point.  Let's consider the deadliest murder at a school in all of American history, which was indeed perpetrated by a white male - a fiscal conservative no less - and which nowadays would without question be characterized as terrorism.  Wikipedia grimly informs us:

Andrew Kehoe, the 55-year-old school board treasurer, was angered by increased taxes and his defeat in the Spring 1926 election for township clerk... Kehoe purchased explosives and discreetly planted them on his property and under the school.

On the morning of May 18 at about 8:45 a.m., he set off various incendiary devices on his homestead that caused the house and other farm buildings to be destroyed by the explosives' blasts and their subsequent fires.

Almost simultaneously, an explosion devastated the north wing of the school building, killing 36 schoolchildren and two teachers. Kehoe had used a timed detonator to ignite hundreds of pounds of dynamite and incendiary pyrotol, which he had secretly planted inside the school over the course of many months. As rescuers began working at the school, Kehoe drove up, stopped, and used a rifle to detonate dynamite inside his shrapnel-filled truck, killing himself, the school superintendent, and several others nearby, as well as injuring more bystanders. During rescue efforts at the school, searchers discovered an additional 500 pounds (230 kg) of unexploded dynamite and pyrotol connected to a timing device set to detonate at the same time as the first explosions; the material was hidden throughout the basement of the south wing. Kehoe had apparently intended to blow up and destroy the entire school.

If this happened today, of course, we'd never hear the end of it: a terrorist depravity committed by a white male anti-tax activist and crusader for smaller government!  Republican candidates would be disavowing and repudiating Mr. Kehoe until the party dissolved in shame.

But consider the logic of his actions - twisted, depraved, insane logic, but logic nonetheless.  Mr. Kehoe was furious at the bank which was repossessing his farm and the lavish school paid for by his excessive taxation which made it impossible for him to pay his mortgage so he blows up his farm and the school.  There is a clear connection between the targets of his wrath and his grievances.

And to be fair, the Pentagon attack on 9-11 has a similar depraved logic: if you believe America is the enemy, hitting the headquarters of our army makes a certain amount of sense.

But the World Trade Center?  Despite its name, those buildings held no special sway over our economy; the New York Stock Exchange would have been a better target from that point of view.  The only reason to smash planes into the WTC was to murder the maximum number of innocent, entirely uninvolved people, nothing more.

Those attacks worked, killing thousands.  Mr. Rahami, like the Shoe Bomber, the Underwear Bomber, and so many other incompetent Muslims before him, accomplished exactly nothing besides getting himself shot.  Even if Mr. Rahami had managed to murder New Yorkers, they almost certainly would have had nothing whatsoever to do with any of his grievances, real or imagined, personal or religious.  Could anyone that incompetent ever hold a productive job of any kind?

Why, precisely, does America need even one single more incompetent medieval Muslim barbarian nutjob than we've already had foisted on us by our homicidally feckless leaders?

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So, let me get this straight. An American, at some point in the recent past, utters the flagrantly obvious truth that Muslims are a major problem in the United States, cause mayhem and chaos and violence everyplace they go, are driven by a culture utterly alien and hostile toward the United States, and are being imported in huge numbers against our will. Subsequently, one such Muslim responds by behaving in exactly the stereotypical fashion, i.e., trying to blow up Americans. And somehow it's the Americans that have the problem??

Yes, it is we Americans we have a problem: our leadership consists almost entirely of cowards, fools, and traitors. We used to hang or fry them; now, we give them tenure, put them on TV and call them newsreaders, and elect them to the highest offices in the land.

September 20, 2016 11:27 PM
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