March of the Mippies

Protests without a point.

One of the few disadvantages of electing a President over the massed opposition of everybody who's anybody, including the leaders of both political parties, is that it's hard for him to ramp up a fully-functional organization in nothing flat.  Your humble correspondent would have dearly loved to attend the inauguration but, being unable to score tickets, was disinclined to fight through the predicted public-transit mayhem and stand for hours in a wet field where both umbrellas and folding chairs were prohibited by the Praetorian Guard.

The left, of course, has no such limitations, the result being seen in exulting headlines the world around: the so-called "Women's Marches" vastly outnumbered inauguration attendees.  Not just in Washington, D.C. either: apparently cities all across the country and the world featured women protesting a President who hasn't actually done anything yet.  As Internet wags point out: if they'd put this much energy into campaigning and voting they might have got the result they think they want.

As hopeful and optimistic as Mr. Trump's inauguration should be for anyone who loves America's past greatness, it's deeply saddening to watch these vast hordes peacefully protesting or rioting over they know not what.

Worthy Protest

The Washington Mall has seen a vast number of protests over the years, and once upon a time they were meaningful.  We've all seen the old photos and newsreels of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s civil rights marches.  Everyone was dressed in their Sunday best, everyone of all colors behaved with perfect order and decorum, every speech extolled the greatness of America.  The result was that America was moved, perhaps grudgingly but in concrete reality, to begin making payments on the "promissory note to which every American was to fall heir."

Everyone rightly honors these marches; the fact that those opposed to black civil rights were almost exclusively Democrats, including St. John F. Kennedy's Justice Department and FBI while he was alive, has been thrust down the memory hole.

Protest marches have not always been so peaceful and orderly, of course - the hippie protests against the Vietnam War were as horrifying to most Americans as the race riots of a few years earlier.  Still, the hippies at least had something worth protesting about: a desire not to be drafted into a military they had no respect for, and sent across the world to fight in a war that, even today, people have a hard time understanding the point of.

Then there are protests for flat-out evil, but at least understandable evil.  It is evil, inhuman, and profoundly unnatural for a woman to want to murder the unborn child within her.  It is also an objective fact that having a baby is painful, fantastically expensive, and desperately inconvenient in every possible way.  If you've been taught since childhood that there is no God, there are no such thing as morals, and sex is the most important thing in the world, as so many of our publicly-educated youth have, it's not unreasonable to conclude that the second-most important thing in the world is to avoid being "punished with a baby."

Has Donald Trump proposed to outlaw abortion in America?  Not only hasn't he, it's almost impossible to imagine how he could make that happen.  Even if his Supreme Court appointees struck down the pretend Constitutional right to abortion, that wouldn't outlaw it.

Striking down Roe v Wade would merely permit states to outlaw it themselves should they wish.  This might happen in Alabama but is inconceivable in New York, California, Massachusetts, and a whole host of other blue states.  Barring a massive religious Great Awakening, abortion is never going to be outlawed nationwide and everybody knows it.

Enviably fashionable headgear
How do you expect anyone to take you seriously
when you look like a demented clown?

Aimless Protest

According to the drug-addled celebrities and the rest of the chattering classes, the current round of female protests are about making sure the voices of women are heard.  Are they so ignorant as to not know how many of Mr. Trump's chief advisers are women?  His own daughter, Ivanka, seems to be his closest adviser and she's as female as it gets.  Kellyanne Conaway is largely credited with strategizing his election win, and now she too is a high adviser.  The list goes on - for a while, it seemed like every Trump spokesperson on every talk show was a female.  This is no surprise because he's spent his career lifting women to heights of wealth and power.

There's no doubt that the voices of women are heard in the Trump administration - but we all know that's not what the protests were about.  Indeed, the so-called "Women's March" banned one particular group of women, those who happened to be pro-life.  If you're a woman who does not believe in murdering your offspring, your voice isn't worth hearing.

The trouble is, the Women's March didn't have any ideas or causes of their own aside from "We don't like Trump!"  In other words, it was a childish tantrum, stereotypical of females.  Are today's post-modern feminists really so un-self-aware as to want to act out the living embodiment of outdated stereotypes like that?

The millennial protesters of today are in some ways the heirs of the hippies of yesterday in that they are just as suffused with sex, as addled by drugs, and sometimes as filthy and as violent as the hippies ever were.  But they're missing the one factor that made the hippies more than just a bunch of loudmouthed bums: namely, a cause.

To be fair, there were so many hippies who didn't know why they were protesting that they were lampooned as being members of S.W.I.N.E., Students Wildly Indignant About Nearly Everything.  Alas, there are hundreds of thousands of modern protesters every bit as causeless, yet without even a core with a point.

They deserve an equally derisory name since no doubt we'll be having to put up with them for years to come, until they grow up.  Let's hear it for the Millennial Hippies, henceforward to be known as Mippies - by way of a giant Bronx cheer.

Petrarch is a contributing editor for Scragged.  Read other articles by Petrarch or other articles on Society.
Reader Comments

Great job Petrarch! Since President Trump started winning in the primaries the only 'cause' I've heard is "Not Trump" but without any solid reasoning for it. I always thought of him as a brooding rich man - so out of touch with the every-man that he even thought we'd want to watch his stupid TV show; which I did not. But his ideas and words speak louder to me than I've ever heard from ANY pol in the past. My first vote in the Presidential election was Ronald Reagan, and there hasn't been any clear choice for me up til now.

January 26, 2017 11:04 AM

What is the word for the female version of "Uncle Tom?" Remember all those Jewish women that supported Hitler? Boy were they surprised.

January 26, 2017 11:45 AM
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