May Parisian Victims Not Die In Vain

Now will the world finally wake up to the Muslim threat?

Like the rest of the civilized world, we are appalled at the atrocities in Paris accurately described by the Drudge Report as a "Muslim Rampage."  Nearly 200 innocent Frenchmen are dead and many more maimed after hours of horror.

If this were 1970, we might rightly say we were "shocked and appalled."  Alas, anyone saying this in 2015 is a fool, a liar, or pathologically ignorant; the past twenty years have seen countless Muslim atrocities, many with far higher Western body counts.

Unfortunately, the list of the thus self-indicted includes too many Western leaders who should know better:

David Cameron: I am shocked by events in Paris tonight. Our thoughts and prayers are with the French people. We will do whatever we can to help.

German chancellor Angela Merkel: "Deeply shocked" by events, the German foreign office said.

Canadian Prime Minster Justin Trudeau: I am shocked and saddened that so many people have been killed and injured in violent attacks in Paris. Canada stands with France at this dark time and offers all possible assistance.

It's nice to hear expressions of sympathy from leaders old and new, but if they are truly shocked that yet another bunch of barbaric Muslims do what their barbaric founder Mohammed told them to do in his evil book the Koran, then they are utterly unfit for any office higher than dogcatcher.  Actually, that's too generous: they probably wouldn't perform even that office well, since catching and properly disposing of (Muslim terrorist) dogs is what France and the rest of the world needs to focus on.

French President Hollande declared a three-day mourning period, after which he would lay out his plan of attack in what he finally admitted was a war.  Good for him!  Certainly it's both wise and humane for a leader to take a little time to allow the rational part of your brain to surface out of the maelstrom of grief.

Unlike President Hollande, we don't have our fingers on a nuclear button, so there's no need for us to wait until we cool down.  And we can't help noticing that our own President Franklin Roosevelt took hardly 24 hours before being able to accurately identify the guilty behind the Pearl Harbor attack and confront the obvious fact that we were at war, not just with bombs and terror, nor a handful of Asian extremists, but specifically with the Empire of Japan.  He was also honest enough to warn us that it would be a long war instead of comparing the attackers to the Junior Varsity.

Alas, we pointed out these blatantly obvious truths almost a month ago.  Unlike President Hollande, we do not have access to the intelligence gathering capabilities of a major world power.  Why, then, could we easily see what he only now is figuring out, after hundreds of his citizens are brutally maimed and murdered?

We would think that there's no hope for our French friends, or for that matter the rest of our Western European friends, except for one thing: Despite a lifetime suffused in the toxic waste of multiculturalistic political correctness, deep down, President Hollande still has the root instincts of self-preservation that are characteristic of any sane human being.

What was Hollande's very first reaction as the scale of the attacks became clear?  As the London Telegraph pointed out:

It was instructive that the moment President Hollande grasped the awful reality his first instinct was to close France’s borders.

Approached legalistically, this gesture is illogical: it was demonstrated almost immediately that at least some of the attackers were French citizens.  Some of the others may have been dual citizens; at least several were almost certainly Syrian "refugees" abusing the foolish but goodhearted hospitality of the French people.

Yet when fear, grief, and panic bring his animal hindbrain to the fore, President Hollande acts according to the fundamental truth that regardless of passports, Muslims are not and never can be either French or friends.  This has nothing to do with their race, skin color, or where their parents came from - the French president Hollande succeeded, Nicolas Sarkozy, had Hungarian parents, yet he was certainly 100% French in every meaningful way.  Citizenship is not a matter of race, but what's in hearts.

And if Islam is in your heart, you cannot truly be said to be a citizen of any Western country, in the sense that you cannot have any loyalty to your country or its tradition of Western culture, freedom, democracy, and respect for human rights.  Islam and Western human rights are irreconcilably, irretrievably, and irremediably opposed.

Nearly 15 years ago, the world had a warning when Muslim terrorists murdered almost three thousand innocent Americans.  To his everlasting shame and disgrace, George W. Bush defended Islam as a "religion of peace" while the ashes of Islam's incinerated victims were still in his lungs.

Sure, he bombed a barbaric nation where some of our barbarian attackers lived; they hid in the mountains for a few years.  Now that we've gotten bored, the Taliban are moving right back into power.

Sure, Mr. Bush attacked a nation whose leader had done many evil things including acts of war against the United States itself, and sent that leader to his just reward.  At the end of the day, however, America and the West were immeasurably more safe with Saddam Hussein in a palace in Baghdad than the situation Mr. Obama has bequeathed us.  And of course we were several trillion dollars less in debt.

Worst of all, George W. Bush, in partnership with the rest of the Western world, encouraged Muslim refugees to come into our previously mostly Muslim- and terrorism-free homelands.  America paid for this national malpractice with the Boston Marathon bombing.

England paid with the 7/7 London bus bombings.

France is paying today.  Germany has yet to be presented with their bill but it's only a matter of time.

Imagine, instead, that our leaders had done what every other leader of every other nation in all of history (with one exception that led directly to the fall of Rome) did when presented with a similar situation, and expelled the alien residents which adhered to the dangerous and deadly enemy ideology?  Imagine that every last Muslim immigrant had been rejected by the West, every visa held by a Muslim revoked, and every citizen following that religion monitored closely?

Hundreds if not thousands of our citizens would be happily alive today.

We hear our leaders repeating their empty vow to do "whatever it takes" to protect their citizens.  That is a bald-faced, evil lie which layers victims' blood on their hands till it's thick and dripping.

If our leaders truly cared about protecting the people of their nation, at the very least, there would be no more Muslims allowed in, period, for any reason whatsoever.  Yet Mr. Obama is preparing to ram hundreds of thousands of Syrian Muslim refugees down America's throat - though, noticeably, no Syrian Christians who have absolutely no record of international terrorism of any sort.

Every Muslim who walks across the border into France represents French politicians pissing on the fresh graves of the massacre victims - just as every Syrian Muslim permitted into the United States represents our politicians doing the same on the graves of the 9-11 victims.

Like most Americans old enough to remember 9-11, we powerfully recall our thoughts on that day of fear and shock.  What your humble correspondent recalls as most vividly shocking, was the lack of personal shock or surprise - the first thought in fact being, "Wonder why it took Muslim terrorists so long to achieve something this effective?"

That was when 9-11 happened.  Today, there is no excuse whatsoever.  We thought 9-11 would be enough to wake up the world to the threat of Islam, but it wasn't.

Then we thought the Muslim train bombs in Spain would drive the point home.  It didn't.

Nor did the London bus bombing.  Nor did the Muslim terrorist assault of the Taj Hotel and a nearby Jewish center in Bombay.

Nor, even, did last year's attack on Charlie Hebdo in Paris itself.

We know what to do and we have the means to do it - and it has nothing to do with more tightly regulating the instruments of terror.  The Washington Post reports that in supposedly anti-gun Europe, terrorists have no trouble getting fully automatic weapons:

"It's very easy to get such a weapon," said Hans Jorgen Bonnichsen, a former operations director for the Danish security service PET. "It's not only a problem for Denmark. It's a problem for all of Europe."

ABC News reports:

Interpol Secretary General Ronald Noble said today the U.S. and the rest of the democratic world is at a security crossroads in the wake of last month's deadly al-Shabab attack at a shopping mall in Nairobi, Kenya - and suggested an answer could be in arming civilians. ...

Noble said there are really only two choices ... : either create secure perimeters around the locations or allow civilians to carry their own guns to protect themselves.

Not even our disarmed military forces can protect themselves against "workplace violence" by armed bad guys.  As the head of the NRA put it, "The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun."  Police can't be everywhere; the only way for us to be safe is for us to protect ourselves - collectively, nationally, and individually, against rampaging Muslims.

Will, finally, this latest atrocity open our collective eyes, and more importantly, the eyes of our leaders?  If so, these dead will not have died in vain, and the innocent victims of those other attacks will salute them from the grave.

If not, how many more massacres by barbarians invading Western victim disarmament zones small and large will it take?

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Reader Comments

At the end of WW II Nazi terrorists continued to attack the allies until about 1950. Germany outlawed the Nazi party and all it's symbols thus giving the government the ability to jail and imprison people for practicing that belief. The terrorism ended.

The core problem of Islam is the teachings of Mohammad as stated in their holy books. The books should be banned, the mosques closed, and practice of that religion outlawed. Good people from the middle east should recognize the inherent evil and denounce the religion or they should be forced to return to a land where they are free to kill each other. That is what you do in war.

November 15, 2015 8:51 PM

Very well put. There's nothing more that can be said or done really. Politicians either stopped being "shocked" (pretending, none of them really are) and take action or we continue the cycle forever.

November 16, 2015 12:09 PM
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