My Memo on Comey

One reader is fed up with the Washington swamp's opposition to the President.

Letter to the Editors by Elizabeth O’Keefe

I am so done with the Democrats and their resistance movement against Trump.

I have tried to be tolerant and understanding of their pain and anguish over losing control of this government. Many of my long-time friends are Democrats and I try to respect their political leanings.

However, when the Republicans lose an election they suck it up. Dems?  Not so much.  Remember Al Gore and the hanging chads?  Every US President has been elected by the electoral college.  But when Trump won, fair and square, we needed to rewrite the Constitution?

We spent eight years under President Obama, supported by a Pravda-modeled media,  systematically undermining our Constitution, taking destructive measures to transfer wealth and power to our sworn enemies (especially those shouting “Death to America”), and apologizing for our generosity, morality and leadership in the world.  We were expected to swallow the virtues of the Progressives and politically correct, and to absorb their fascist blows.  The worst was that we had to keep our mouths shut because if we voiced dissent we were branded “racists.”

But when the Democrats lost to Trump, they immediately cried out for impeachment before the man was even inaugurated.  They had their target and now they needed to look for a crime.  As someone said, “They are bugs in search of a windshield!”  Enough already.

There has been a blatant attempt to undermine the legitimacy of President Trump’s election and to stop the change for which the American people voted.  There is no crime!  There is no evidence of collusion with the Russians!  There is no basis for any investigation of Trump, nor is there any basis for impeachment.

Yet, the Dems have managed to thwart any positive change that at least half the people in this country want.  If the Russians meddling in our election was so damn threatening, why didn’t President Obama initiate an investigation when he learned of it during the campaign process in say April or again in July?  Perhaps because he thought Hillary would be elected and his legacy would not be challenged.

The Democrat candidate did lie and she did break the law.  She violated the Espionage Act, and she solicited pay-to-play donations to her “501c3 Foundation,” rewarding favors and monies to despicable people with anti-American intentions.  And, she rigged the DNC so that Bernie Sanders would be wiped out of the running.

Yet, the result of her investigation was deemed by Mr. Comey as not deserving prosecution. “No reasonable prosecutor, blah, blah, blah.”  Really?  When Comey met with the head of the Justice Department, Loretta Lynch, and was told to tone down the description of the “investigation” to “a matter”, did he write a memo?  Did Ms Lynch decide that on her own, or was she instructed by her boss, the President?  Hum.

Evidently, President Obama, through his surrogates illegally surveiled his political opponents and so allowed leaks of names and information to the press.  There’s a crime!  Why isn’t he under investigation, along with only 20 people who had access to this surveillance and could request the unmasking of individuals?  Someone leaked that to the press, which is a felony.  Where's the hunt for these criminals?

President Obama spent taxpayer dollars sending his surrogates to Israel to more than meddle, but rather to help campaign and turn that country’s election against Netanyahu.  And what about elections in Ukraine, Egypt, Africa, and Turkey where Obama and his people interjected themselves to try to turn the outcome  How is that different from what Russia is claimed to have done to us?

And that brings me to Mr. James Comey and “The Jim Comey Show” today in front of the posturing politicos in in the Senate.

He presented himself as a boyish, goody two shoes, dedicated to defending America and the FBI, above reproach and unjustly dismissed.

It turns out that our nation’s top cop is really just an unscrupulous lawyer believing that he should rightly be positioned above everyone else.  What exactly did he accomplish during his four years as FBI director?  ISIS terrorists were apprehend and released to commit their heinous crimes, gun-running to Mexico went un-investigated, and other investigations went nowhere or were simply shut down.

He must despise President Trump; a crass, straight-talking construction and real estate billionaire who doesn’t understand the nuance of the political and legal world and who now has all the power of the Presidency.  I’ll bet that during that awkward silence Comey described over dinner just looking at at Trump, Comey was thinking, “How did you get here? I should have your job!”

Humility is Comey’s cloak of deceit used to promote his delusions of grandeur and righteous indignation.  It “confused him” and “concerned him” and again he experienced some sort of “mild nausea,” but not enough to do anything about it.  Perhaps he should consult a gastrointestinal specialist.

It is evident that Comey is self-serving, devious, envious and opportunistic.  He is now a disgruntled ex-employee, vindictive and willing to smear by innuendo - even leaking his own personal memo to the press about a confidential conversation with the President of the United States for the purpose of justifying his position and insuring that a special council would be appointed!  Now, there may be a crime!

President Trump instinctively assessed Comey’s animosity and his intent to undermine his agenda, and so tested him.  He questioned his motive; Comey failed the test and Mr. Trump fired him.  Bravo, Mr. Trump.  One less alligator in the swamp.

Now it’s time for us to call out the corrupt members of the Senate and Congress who have war chests that they dole out to the elected party officials who will vote them back into power.  I’m addressing Republicans and Democrats alike!  There is the obstruction of Justice.

You may cringe at Mr. Trump's hair, his tweets, his aggressive in-your-face manner.  However, he is the legitimate POTUS and he calls it as he sees it.  Stop undermining him, attacking his kids and his wife and inventing lies and investigations to impeach him. There is serious work to be done and it is in jeopardy.

This great country, while not flawless, is the finest form of government ever created on this earth, and it is under assault.  The United States and the world has been left in terrible trouble, financially overwhelmed by debt, slow economic growth, exposed to the threat of terror and nuclear destruction, with a Godless lack of reverence for life and human dignity.

It is time to recognize the natural laws that govern our human, social and moral civilization and live up to the expectation of our individual responsibility.  It is time for us to elect and support the officials who will respect that responsibility and respond to the will of the governed.

Let’s roll!

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Reader Comments

How do we find those "officials who will respect that responsibility and respond to the will of the governed"? The problem with Washington IS Washington. When a person is first elected to Congress, how long does it take to corrupt him? I wish I were not so cynical, but the power in Washington is stronger than any one individual. Should Mr. Smith go to Washington today, he would become a victim of suicide.

June 11, 2017 10:27 PM

Very astute analysis of the current situation our nation and president face. We are looking at a silent coup attempt which should not surprise us after the last administration transformed our government into a banana republic!!

June 11, 2017 11:53 PM

Term limits.

June 12, 2017 5:24 PM

@Jeff Warden I agreed with you about term limits for some years until I spent a plane ride with a Georgetown professor who taught Constitutional law. He told me that the Founders had carefully considered term limits and decided against it for reasons which to this day he found persuasive.

As Scrag argues, we messed up big time when we changed the Senate away from their model.

Given our track record for tinkering, I tend to want to stick with what the Founders gave us.

June 12, 2017 8:02 PM

@Namte - I am currently in the middle of reading James Madison's "Notes of Debates in the Federal Convention of 1787." It's quite astonishing really, the things that worried our Founders that we never even think about, as well as the problems that they did not foresee or dismissed lightly. The term limits debate went on for a great many pages, I am still in the middle of it.

June 13, 2017 6:30 AM

There seems to be a fundamental difference in how Democrats and Republicans. The Democrat's core constituents...govt employees, transfer payment recipients, trial lawyers, grant seeking professors, government unions, regulators etc all have one thing in common...they get funds from government entities. When the Dems are out of power, they get less. The Republicans are more likely to represent the folks who actually pay taxes. The exception would be the mega rich Wall St and Tech leaders who fund the Dems since they want to put a gloss of respectability on their gains.
So to the dems, this is a fight for income... always motivating. To the Republicans it is more about containing the damage. At best, success is a few victories. They will always be taxes and they usually go up.

June 13, 2017 4:16 PM

Not term limits----Federal employment limits.

1. No one works longer than 10 yrs for the Gov.

2. The pay is sufficient to provide a generous retirement, and is controlled solely by the recipient.

3. After employment is terminated, the individual cannot work for any company that does work with the Gov for 10 years.

4. No elected office holder will receive any compensation of any kind from the Gov after they leave office.

March 11, 2019 10:56 PM
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