On Scragged Book Reviews

Wherein we announce that we do them.

Scragged is an opinion magazine, but we've done the occasional book and even movie review.  As the 2012 election shapes into what may be the ultimate clash of worldviews of conservative limited-government liberty vs statist, bureaucratic soft tyranny slouching toward the harsh, it's all the more important that Americans be armed with the best and most thorough thoughts and arguments.

We all know the headliners of conservatism; their books are on every mass-market shelf and, despite best efforts to keep them off, the New York Times bestseller list.  As helpful as these resources are, though, the world also throws up lesser-known gems by writers who also deserve audiences.

As a service to our community, Scragged has decided to offer book reviews on a more formal basis.  To wit: If you mail us your book, we'll review it - at least until we're buried under an avalanche and can't keep up.

There are, of course, a few caveats:

  • We promise a review.  We do not promise a positive review.  If your book is gibberish or tripe, expect it to be eviscerated as eloquently as we are able.

  • It doesn't necessarily have to be conservative if it's persuasive.  Much error, liberal and otherwise, has been packaged in persuasive but flawed reasoning.  Puncturing fallacies is part of our stock in trade.
  • We cannot necessarily publish the review on any particular schedule, though if there's a time window that would be most helpful we'll do what we can.

  • Physical books only; we're old-fashioned that way.  If you have not succeeded in convincing a publisher of its merit or aren't sufficiently convinced to pay for a private printing yourself, your book is not worth our time.

  • If it's listed on Amazon we'll provide a link to it; if not, you must provide a link where it can be ordered.  What's the point of reviewing a book nobody can buy?

  • Don't expect your book back; it will take its place in the Scragged Library of Political Thought.

For the record, let us say here and now: Just because Scragged reviews a book does not mean that we endorse or agree with it, any more than the Washington Post endorsed Glenn Beck's novel by reviewing it.

You don't have to be the author or his agent.  If you have been enlightened by a worthy tome and you feel it worth the cost of a book and postage to have Scragged review it, by all means send it in.

To submit a book for review, you may send it directly to:

Attn: Book Review
P.O. Box 96503  #81829
Washington, DC 20090-6503

Please include a note explaining who you are - author, publisher, or a reader.  If you're shipping it directly from a reseller, Contact Us online with the information so we know what to expect.  If you have any questions or concerns otherwise, let us know.

Happy reading!

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