Random Thoughts on a Bizarre Election

This election just keeps getting weirder.

I've been reading Scragged for years and I'm blown away by this election season.  The media have finally admitted their bias - who knew?

So I've made a list of observations - can you add some?

 - The Huffington Post made a big deal of a black church being burned after Trump graffiti was sprayed on it, but not much was said when a Trump campaign headquarters was burned.  Scragged pointed out that when Cindy Sheehan decided to run against a big-time Democrat, her headquarters was vandalized, and we've found that Democrats have hired people to riot in Ferguson and at Mr. Trump's rallies.  Which party is more likely to have burned the church?

 - The White House didn't say much when someone stole information about all government employees and everyone with a security clearance from the government personnel office.  It was a big ho-hum, and the head of the agency who'd done nothing in spite of having been warned about vulnerabilities stayed on for a long time.  When the emails from the Democratic National Committee were exposed, however, embarrassing Democrats was clearly unacceptable.  Despite no one knowing how the data had been leaked and Wikileaks saying that Seth Rich, a murdered DNC employee, had been the source, the White House threatened dire consequences for Russia for daring to interfere in American elections.  Our media spent far more ink being indignant at whomever did the leak than discussing questionable behavior by Democrats.  It's sad that our media are no longer interested in investigating politicians themselves and criticize whomever commits what we used to call "journalism."

 - The FBI said it would take "weeks" to examine the 650,000 new emails that were found on Mr. Weiner's laptop.  There seems to be a bit of a fudge.  ABC reported that

... federal authorities looking into the Weiner matter discovered the emails weeks ago. The process that followed was a complicated one, with lots of back-and-forth over how to handle the situation ...

They found them "weeks ago" and still have no idea what's in them?  Do you think Mr. Comey wanted to re-open the investigation?  What's in the emails that made him have to rip open the wound again?

Democrats went nuts complaining that Mr. Comey had interfered in an election when he refused to say that the Russians were interfering in the election and when he announced that he had to re-open the question of Hillary's emails.  It didn't bother them a bit, however, when Eric T. Schneiderman, the New York State Attorney General who'd made significant contributions to Hillary's campaign, announced an investigation of Mr. Trump's foundation and ordered the foundation to stop raising money in New York.

 - Scragged and others have been referring to CNN as the Clinton News Network for years.  On Nov 1, the Boston Herald reported that Donna Brazile, the acting chairman of the DNC whom CNN had hired to comment on the election, had leaked upcoming questions to Hillary.

Many years ago, "The $64,000 Question" became the first big-time TV quiz show.  Congress investigated and the show was shut down when it was found that some contestants had been given the questions in advance - multiple times.  When asked about Brazile's cheating, though, the White House said, "No, the President believes that she has done a fine job stepping in during a very difficult situation to lead the Democratic party ... she is a person of high character.  Mr. Obama obviously defines "high character" as someone who cheats to help Democrats.  Even CNN doesn't want to be the "Crooked News Network:" they fired Ms. Brazile.

 - Media bias has been evident for decades, but it turns out that Scragged's description was too mild.  The Herald article cited a media research study which showed that 91% of the media coverage of Mr. Trump was hostile compared to a tiny fraction of negative stories about Hillary.  Actually, that doesn't seem so bad when you consider that of campaign donations by journalists, more then 96% went to Hillary - so 5% of Hillary-loving journalists at least were honest enough to be fair to Mr. Trump.  Who knew there were that many?

 - Mr. Trump finally got around to criticizing Obamacare now that everyone in the nation including Bill Clinton is hollering that it's a complete disaster.  Why hasn't he attacked Hillary's policies even more forcefully?  Does he really want to win?

At least he started discussing election fraud.  The New York Times calls vote fraud a "myth;" Fox News reports that many unguarded ballots have been found in California, and police in Pennsylvania and Ohio are raiding offices of corrupt groups registering nonexistent voters.  We've seen dozens more reports of cheating this time than ever before.  It's hard to say whether there actually is more cheating this time, but at least far more people know about it now.

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Reader Comments

How come it is OK for Hillary to complain about the "Vast right-woing conspiracy" for years on end while anyone who thinks that leftists are conspiring together is consigned to the tin-hat brigade?

Why did Democrats think Mr. Comey was illegally interfering in the election, where as it was OK for Mr. Obama, who is a federal employee just like Mr. Comey, to electioneer for Hillary?

November 6, 2016 5:17 PM
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