Self-Hating Nancy Pelosi

What sort of psychopath is happy their family wants to be something else?

Nancy Pelosi has been making the news lately. It’s what she does; it’s what she lives for.

In a rather brash attempt at gathering headlines, she employed the old reliable filibuster, which the Main-Stream Media glommed onto like a truffle trained pig catching the scent of her reward beneath the turf.

Even Britt Hume of Fox News was impressed with her behavior (Pelosi’s, not the pig’s), specifically the amount of time she spent in front of cameras wearing 4” heels. Her filibuster ran for eight hours as she spent her time defending the manipulatively-named ‘DREAMers,’ who have become a Democrat pawn.

This group is identified by the clumsy acronym for ‘Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors.’ The acronym was obviously defined before the letters that made it up were connected to words.  Democrats probably have a whole task force whose business it is to come up with names for unpleasant groups who can help Democrats in their ongoing campaign to control the government, and "DREAMers" is a perfect example of their craft.

Who would ever suspect from that name that these are illegal immigrants who the Democrat party have given the unlawful opportunity to remain in the United States, beginning in the early days of Obama? Typically, these people are made out to be innocent, young, aspiring, and resolute individuals in pursuit of the Holy Grail of American citizenship – that’s the Democrat story and they’re sticking to it. Inexplicably, many Republicans also wish for these lawbreakers to remain.

In fact, these are people with backgrounds and characteristics which the left doesn’t want us to find out about, hence the impenetrable acronym. The Republican name for a group of these folks is "Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals" or DACA. I’m rather proud of the Republicans for making up this acronym, which is pronounceable, unlike the way they usually name their beneficiaries.

The group named Dreamers is a holdover from the Obama administration when Republicans and Democrats colluded to allow these people into the US. We have been holding them in limbo before absorbing them into our society for many years; they are no longer children as when they began. The DACA group is a subset of the Dreamers numbering approximately 800,000 of the 1.4 – 1.5 (some say 3.6) million that Trump has put forward to be allowed into the country after they qualify within certain limits of application.

This whole thing is a gargantuan mess, but whatever we do or don't do, Democrats will ensure that Republicans take the blame. Obama's program was to guarantee Democrat voters, and it appears that this will be the only favorable outcome of any possible legislative actions.  The Stupid Party gets snookered again.

And what of Democratic Minority Leader Ms. Pelosi?  She was elected Speaker of the House by her Democrat colleagues, and led the House in their tirades against George W. Bush as soon as she was able, seeing to it that his popularity waned drastically after its high immediately following the World Trade Center attack in 2001.

We cannot be sure what the machinations of power did when they turned, but we can be sure that Ms. Pelosi was fully cognizant of the direction she was taking the country. Her goal was to topple George W. Bush. She was unable to do that, but she worked as hard as she could.

One upon a time, a half-century ago, Ms. Pelosi was a startlingly pretty woman; to the left is a young Nancy with Pres. Kennedy.  One wonders what #MeToo stories she could tell if she felt so inclined.

She came from a political family in Baltimore, and married a fellow Baltimore-ite, who took her to San Francisco where his brother was a member of the city Board of Supervisors.

Her star rose as she made the jump to national politics with the Democrat party in 1976, and was elected to the US House of Representatives in 1987 to fill out the term of her predecessor, who died in office. Today, Nancy represents one of the politically safest districts in the entire United States, a seat that the Democrats have held since 1947.

Pelosi became the first woman in history to serve as Minority Whip (second-in-command of the House of Representatives) in 2001, and became Minority Leader in 2002, again, the first woman to hold that major House post. Then, after the 2006 Mid-Term elections, she was elected Majority Leader when Democrats took over control of the House, the first female Speaker ever.

Much was made of her victories for feminism, and when Barack Obama was elected President, she led what Democrats regarded as a coherent majority, capable of the great things that they envisioned.

Inept leadership from a megalomaniacal president saw Pelosi’s star begin to drop from its pinnacle. Democrats lost the House and she became Minority Leader once again. Her greatest accomplishment over the last few years was that storied position atop those probably very expensive four-inch heels.

Finally she is being recognized for the position she holds - four inches higher than she otherwise would.  And during the clamor over her lofty heights, a story emerged about her grandson. She spoke with a tear in her voice when she told about her pride in the young man and how he has become a fellow scion in an ascending liberal tide (she hopes).

She made her filibuster; it lasted eight hours, but the only memorable part of it was when she related how her grandson, years before, blew out the five candles on his birthday cake. She asked him if he wanted to make a wish, to which he replied:

“I wish I had brown skin and brown eyes like Antonio.”

Said Antonio being one of his young friends, of Hispanic extraction.

A slam-dunk for Ms. Pelosi?  Even her own grandson hates who he is and wants to be someone else, based on the color of his skin?

But it was not always so.

There was a speech given in 1964 by Martin Luther King, Jr., which portrayed a somewhat different sentiment. Dr. King pondered the possibility:

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.

Ms. Pelosi has the sentiment of the new Democrat Party. Dr. King’s thoughts and feelings have become passé.

My, how far the Democrat party has come.

Thomas Anderson is a multi-state registered architect and an ex-Air Force electronic technician, who is a keen observer of the human condition.  Read other articles by Thomas Anderson or other articles on Partisanship.
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Nancy Pelosi is God’s gift to Republicans.
I hope keeps getting elected.

February 19, 2018 6:06 PM
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