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For President Trump to run in 2024 is asking too much of him.

I am a solid Trump supporter. I supported him through the primary and general elections; I supported him throughout his presidency. I supported President Trump through the re-election disaster and even when he was accused of inciting insurrection.

I am not willing to support President Trump in a re-election bid in 2024. I have had an agonizing time because of my support of President Trump, both with my family and professionally. I cannot withstand another session of that.

I also do not want to see President Trump have to stand up to another five years of the abuse he has been subjected to as a candidate and President.

I am also not a Republican, I haven't been since they purposely lost by anointing Bob Dole to compete with Bill Clinton. The Republicans have lied to me too many times before elections; "No new Taxes" was an absolute reveal of the vile character of Bush 1. People who lie to my face, do not have my respect. (See also "I did not have sex with that woman".)

President Trump kept the vast majority of his promises. Or, at least he tried to fight the Rep-Crat swamp to keep his promises.

I understood what President Trump was doing when he made contradictory position statements during his campaign and presidency - he was leading and pacing. Using this tactic, President Trump was able to have supporters with diverse opinions come to support his mostly moderate policies.

President Trump was the last President who was an American first and a politician second. No person will ever again stand a chance of surviving a campaign unless they are the anointed candidate of the ruling party, (Democrats) or at a minimum the candidate of the failure wing of the Republicans. (Romney, Ryan, McConnell, Colter, and that ilk.)  Romney clearly threw the second and third debates, displaying that he was (and still is) a solid Obama-Biden supporter.

I cannot support the Democrat policies because of their murderous hatred of innocent pre-born human beings and their hatred of the American Dream of everyone participating in earned success. I do like some things the Democrats pretend to support - things like helping those unable to help themselves. I can look to the future and see that we have some serious issues as technology replaces workers, ironically fueled even more by the elimination of low paying jobs. The Rebubli-cants won't even address this issue.

Notice: I said "pretend to support." A clear example of this is when Democrats, spearheaded by Resident Biden (not a misspelling, he clearly resides in the White House, he will not be there long, and he is not a president of any sort) promised two thousand dollars to citizens to buy Georgia voters, and wasted no time dropping the amount to 1400 and delaying the proposed arrival for months after getting his lackeys elected.

This next round of aid to Americans is not likely ever to happen. President Trump was almost solely responsible for both rounds of aid to the forgotten Americans, those who can't collect unemployment and don't own businesses or have other access to government money.

It is also very clear to see that a large amount of the mid lockdown Pseudo-Recovery was a direct result of the first "aid to the unwealthy" payments. In this vein, it is very clear to me that Mitch McConnell is the architect of the loss of relevancy of the Republicans by stealing two thousand dollars from every un-wealthy American and delivering it to people all around the world in order to give maximum power to Resident Biden.

Is there anyone who doubts that Mitch McConnell cost the Republican candidates in Georgia their seats by showing how out of touch with real suffering he could be? I posit that McConnell did this on purpose.

President Trump, a billionaire, clearly has a better rapport with ordinary people and their troubles than all the party-owned people in Washington DC, soon to become the state of Colombia or Obamaia or Bidenia or Clintonia or whatever the name of the new state will be.

In short, the swamp won. With the help of victory-adverse Republicans, We the People have been defeated for the foreseeable future.

President Trump has already done his part.  He has earned the right not to be the recipient of desperate, vicious, and continuous abuse by Democrat and Romney-style Republicans alike.


Former Republican

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Reader Comments

Trump pulled the curtain back and exposed the entrenched uniparty that is DC for who and what they are, namely, against us. And that's the reason the current 4 horsemen (Pelosi, Schumer, McConnell, McCarthy) are so angry. Because we've seen that they have no clothes. We've seen them as the greedy, immoral, indecent, ego driven, power hungry, deplorable hating weasels they are. But there is 535 of them. And I'm betting none of us can actually name more than 10-15 of them. So where are the remaining 520 senators and reps and what is their stance on the current state of society and politics.
Voting at all, is futile. We see that with Liz Cheney and many many others. These people do not have the freedom to vote their conscience, no...they are elected to vote our conscience. They can lie, cheat, steal, sell out, commit crimes and at no time are any of them ever held accountable. Totally unlike what we experience daily. There's a consequence for everything. But not the 535 or really most of the federal workers. Yet we are their payroll department but have no voice. And if we raise our voice, it and we are dismissed. Look at Wall Street.... same thing. Little guy figures out how to beat them and they stop the game and change the rules in their favor. And the talking heads on all tv channels explain how risky it is for little guy because gambling in and with the stock market requires some mysterious training and knowledge only available to these snobbish elites. We are to dumb to understand let alone win or be successful.
I know I've veered off topic. I'm done voting. It's a waste of time. The entire election process is rigged as well as the system, against us. And there's no denying it. I'm retiring at the end of 2021 and relocating from NJ south to be in a state and area where there are many more people who share my beliefs, my morals, my Christianity, and love of freedom. I do not want to be consumed with, and overshadowed by, this media created dark cloud of gloom and negativity.

January 30, 2021 12:27 PM

Once an individual decides, or is told, that he occupies the moral, ethical, and intellectual high ground, from which he can clearly see so much more truth and reality than average people (deplorables), he no longer sees any point in discussion or compromise; only lecturing.
This form of identity politics, typically represented by people whose actual IQ is likely 30 points less than they believe it to be, creates ideal "sheep", who are easily led by appeals to their narcissistic delusions. Unfortunately the "swamp", along with most of our young people and a healthy percentage of the voting public, seem to fit this description. The greatest danger they present to our freedom is the degree of rectitude they see within themselves. They're not bad, evil or stupid; their friends and family love them, and they'll watch this country go straight to hell, while they desperately try to blame conservatives and, as always......Trump.
I wish I could see a path to changing this situation, but as long as the government, and particularly the educational system, are doing such a wonderful job of perpetuating it, I fear that suffering dire consequences, particularly economic, will provide the only effective catalyst.

January 30, 2021 3:38 PM

Do not forget, Trump/Freedom supporters are no longer deplorables, we are domestic terrorists! Think you "They" are not coming for us?

For "Them," it is rah, rah Antifa; rah, rah BLM; rah, rah Proud Boys; burn down as many businesses, cause as much mayhem, etc. as you wish under those monikers (and many other evil-doing groups' names) because, after all, you have most of Hollywood, most of the 'spouters' of so-called news, Swamp rats (Dem., Rep. and Ind.), Tech Elites, Billionaire Elites, Socialists, Communists, and any follower of Evil and the NWO (be they in or out of this country) who will make sure you will not stay in jail--if you even go to jail--because you are doing exactly what "They" want you to do. But, hey, if you dare put a meme out on the wrong side of "Their" history, you can expect to be in jail for up to 10 years.

I think that every politician could help change all horrible going's on by enacting term limits. I also think this will never happen because the power they enjoy is so strong and most would refuse to give it up even if the whole of America came together and voted 100% for term limits. I used to write-in Donald Duck when I voted and there was no one of worth for whom to vote; I shall write-in Donald John Trump from now on. Besides, wouldn't it be hilarious if every freedom loving voter did the same thing and DJT was voted into every office from local to federal?!!! :D

Ultimately, only the individual has any power. Stand up for right and righteousness, God, freedom, and covenant America, and refuse to vote for anyone who champions, or even suggests they are okay with, the elective death/murder of fetuses; after all, a woman's right to choose comes BEFORE elective SEX, not after ending up pregnant--then she is choosing for three (fetus, father, self). GOD BLESS AMERICA! #freedomfromfear

January 31, 2021 8:59 PM
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