Stop, Thief!

Don't let the Left steal this election.

Today is Election Day, that eagerly-anticipated, long-hoped-for occasion when Americas voters will rise up in righteous indignation and throw from office the crooks and scoundrels who arrogantly attempted to impose their vision of European socialism upon the free and independent United States.  Tomorrow's dawn will bring a historically overwhelming avalanche of new Republican representatives, no few of whom will be not merely Republican but actual conservatives for the first time in many a year.

Or perhaps not.

There is an all-too-real possibility that we'll wake up tomorrow to discover, not the much-vaunted Republican resurgence, but that the Democrats have squeaked out teeny-weeny margins in close races all across the fruited plain, allowing Nancy Pelosi to cling to her gavel by her filed-to-a-point black-painted fingernails.

How could this be?  Were the polls predicting a conservative ascendancy all wrong?  Do the American people really want two more years of all-too-believable horrifying change?

No.  But Democrats cheat.

The One-Percent Advantage

We're familiar with cheating Democrats in the pages of history, from Boss Tweed's Tammany Hall ring in New York through the legendary corruption of Louisiana and even to John F. Kennedy's stolen election of 1960 courtesy of Chicago's Mayor Daley the First.  Democrat electoral fraud is every bit as real today, though perhaps not as blatant and definitely not as well advertised.

For one thing, the Democrats have learned wherever possible to avoid cheating by elected officials.  Instead they use proxies and allies, as with the infamous ACORN and its massive voter-registration fraud.  This wise precaution means that when the fraud is caught, as with ACORN, only that agent goes down and not the Democratic Party itself.

When the rubber meets the road, however, Democrat officials will use their power to save rightful losers.  Well aware of Stalin's observation that "It's not the people who vote that count. It's the people who count the votes," the George Soros-funded "Secretary of State Project" set out to elect far-left loyalists to that generally-obscure office in as many states as possible, particularly purple ones.

Why was this important?  America found out in 2008, when the Minnesota Senate election was stolen for Al Franken.  Norm Coleman won initially, but the totals were close enough that Franken exercised his legal right to demand a recount - and recount, and recount, and recount, until the Democrats got the answer they were looking for.

"Senator" Franken is sitting in Washington today where he provided the crucial 60th vote for Obamacare, but the historians and investigators did not stop digging.  There is now documented evidence of double-voting fraud as well as illegal votes by ineligible convicted felons - in numbers greater than Franken's final victory margin.

How could this happen?  Minnesota Secretary of State Mark Ritchie was one of the early victories of the Secretary of State Project.  It is his duty to prevent ineligible voting and illegal voting; instead, he refused to require any form of photo IDs and has declined to pursue the many instances of proven fraud.

Much the same thing happened in the 2004 gubernatorial election, as Wikipedia reports:

Republican Dino Rossi was declared the winner in the initial automated count and again in the subsequent automated recount. It wasn't until after the third count, a second recount done by hand, that Christine Gregoire, a Democrat, took the lead by a margin of 129 votes. Although Gregoire was sworn in as Governor of Washington on January 12, 2005, Rossi did not formally concede and called for a re-vote over concerns about the integrity of the election. The Republican Party filed a lawsuit in Chelan County Superior Court contesting the election, but the trial judge ruled against it, citing lack of evidence of deliberate electoral sabotage.

Once again, a Republican victor had their seat stolen by Democratic operatives and liberal judges.

Now, there is a limit to Democratic talents of thievery.  They can't, and don't, just manufacture bulk votes in any quantity required, so only a relatively close election is threatened by these tactics.  What's more, in long-time Democratic strongholds like Massachusetts, they haven't needed to cheat for so long that they are badly out of practice, thus letting Scott Brown win Ted Kennedy's erstwhile Senate seat fair and square.

They're awake now, and with sufficient advance warning there are other ways.

Robbing From Our Soldiers

If there is one group of Americans who deserve special consideration and accommodation for voting, it is the members of our military.  After all, they are putting their very lives on the line for us; their right to be heard at the polls should be absolute.  It's also the law; the 2009 MOVE Act demands that states send absentee ballots to military personnel well in advance of the election to ensure there's enough time for their votes to count.

Serving military members tend to vote strongly Republican.  There is every incentive for Democratic administrators to "conveniently forget" to send out their ballots - and sure enough, that's exactly what's going on all over the place.  WLS in Chicago reports:

The U.S. Justice Department is investigating whether the state of Illinois missed the deadline for mailing absentee ballots to members of the military and other overseas American voters as part of a new federal overseas voting law...

Illinois was required to have all of its absentee ballots mailed by Sept. 18, the national deadline. Election officials have until Nov. 15 to count the absentee ballots, which must be postmarked by midnight Nov. 1 to be eligible.

In an e-mail response, Justice Department spokeswoman Xochil Hinojosa confirmed that Illinois is being investigated for the absentee ballot infraction.

The Justice Department has brought a lawsuit against the state of New York after settling with New Mexico over a similar case of delinquent absentee ballots for overseas Americans.

Those are just the examples which are so egregious that Obama's Department of Justice had to act.  Wherever possible, it's avoided taking action to enforce the law and ensure the sanctity of the military vote, as the Washington Times tells us:

Nearly one-third of the states have failed to implement one or more of the key provisions of the MOVE Act. At least 11 states (Hawaii, New York, Delaware, Alaska, Washington, Maryland, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Colorado) and the District of Columbia have not implemented the 45-day deadline for mailing absentee ballots. At least five states (Alabama, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Missouri and New Hampshire) have not implemented the electronic-delivery requirement under the MOVE Act.

For its part, the [Justice Department's] Voting Section appears to be in no hurry to enforce the new law and, more problematic, appears to be hiding how many states have failed to comply fully with the MOVE Act.

Right, then; that takes care of the military vote, which should mean an additional few percent in favor of the Democratic candidate wherever this stalling is tolerated.

The Last Defense

At this writing we can't know whether the Democrats are using it today, but there's one more tactic that has worked well for them in the past: out-and-out violence.

We saw in the 2008 election how armed Black Panthers were permitted to intimidate non-Democrat voters at a Philadelphia polling place, and Obama's newly-installed Justice Department dropped all charges after they'd won the case.  We've seen the SEIU's "Purple People Beaters" assault peaceful Tea Party protesters, again without police intervention - the very same SEIU whose members service the Nevada voting machines that check the box for Harry Reid no matter what the voter wanted.

Michelle Obama would never want to break her expensively-manicured nails by engaging in actual violence herself, but as we've already seen, even the First Lady has no respect for the integrity of the polling place or the voting process.  Intimidation doesn't always require brass knuckles or a truncheon; that's why voting is supposed to be private and free of immediate political argumentation.

With the notable exception of George W. Bush in 2000 who shocked the world by actually standing up to fight for his legitimate victory - which, years later, even the New York Times had to admit was fair and accurate - most modern Republicans have a shameful and sordid history of rolling over in front of even the most outrageous abuses.  Norm Coleman didn't even retain a lawyer until some weeks into his recount, whereas the Franken team had their legal help lined up before the election even took place.

This restraint has consequences.  When presented with clear evidence of Daley's Chicago fraud and his gift of the Oval Office to Kennedy, Nixon refused to go public with it, saying that "The American people should not know that the presidency of the United States can be stolen."  As noble as such a decision seemed at the time, it turned out to be a desperately bad one.

It was bad for Nixon who simply became more embittered and learned (or so he thought) that electoral crime does pay.  It was bad for Kennedy, who was assassinated by an ardent communist in retaliation for his ordering the CIA to take down Fidel Castro.  It was also bad for the country whose citizens all suffered greatly from JFK's misadventures and lost confidence in the electoral process.

America cannot afford a Republican party that plays by Marquess of Queensberry rules when the Democrats epitomize the Chicago WayGentlemen are not required to be gentle all the time, or with those who are no gentlemen.

Independent conservative groups are stepping up, providing such tools as the online Voter Fraud reporting applet which lets ordinary voters instantly upload video of fraud, which operatives will then submit to the appropriate law enforcement agencies and news media.  That's a start, but conservative candidates need to be out in front.  We shouldn't stoop to theft and cheating, but we have an obligation to fight for truth and right.

After all, isn't that what we want conservative Representatives to do once they get to Congress?  It's just as well for them to get a little practice beforehand.

Petrarch is a contributing editor for Scragged.  Read other articles by Petrarch or other articles on Partisanship.
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This article is a great "huzzah!" for conservatives. The democrats have nothing else. To win now, they MUST cheat.

November 2, 2010 9:46 AM
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