The Community Disorganizer

What do "community organizers" actually do?

It was during the 1970s that I began hearing the job description, "Community Organizer." Unlike jobs such as baker, cashier, soldier, or nurse, "Community Organizer" (CO) was not clearly defined. Asking around, no one seemed to know what they did.

Out of an abundance of curiosity, I even checked the IRS Business Occupation Codes. It wasn't under Information. It wasn't under Healthcare and Social Assistance, either.

People affiliated with COs said that they "helped a community get their voices heard." Unless laryngitis is an urban epidemic, this didn't make sense. After all, communities are in Legislative and Congressional districts, so there was already a clear process to express their opinions to elected representatives who held the power to Do Something if needed. In addition, all members of every community could write editorials, circulate petitions, and even publish their own newsletters.

For many years, it made sense that a CO could teach people how express their opinions to elected representatives. The CO could explain the benefits of a letter vs. a phone call, or how to word a petition, and that kind of thing.  Critics of COs accused them of being fancy con artists who kept most of the donated money for themselves. Probably, people defined and viewed a Community Organizer based upon whether they supported the CO's cause.

In 2020, the definition of a Community Organizer began to include "brick tosser", "looter" and "occupier" (a nicer sounding word than "insurgent"). By midsummer, Community Organizers sure were sounding like Carlos Marighella and Che Guevara.

2020 brought more fun stuff, including remote learning. This new requirement of remote-logging onto your child's teacher's Internet lessons was particularly informative for parents - they discovered what their kids were really learning, or at least, what they were being taught.

Activist teachers were presenting, among other things, Critical Race Theory (CRT), "Wokeness," "diversity/equity/inclusion," that "Capitalism is bad," the "evils of America," that "statues of America's Founders should be torn down," and.wait for it."math is racist!" I just knew those pesky numbers were up to something.

Recently, I learned of university courses which teach students how to be activists.

The culmination of the Community Organizer's work is, what I will call, the "Beat Down Mob" (BDM). You can see them in action somewhere about once a week.

A conservative speaker is invited to address a campus group? The BDM invades the meeting, yells and chants, and punches people with whom they disagree.

An author, who refuses to endorse kindergarten sex change surgeries, holds a book signing? The BDM invades the book signing, yells and chants, and punches people with whom they disagree.

A Legislature debates a bill unpopular with the Antifa/BLM/LGBTQ+ crowd? The BDM invades the Legislature, yells and chants, and punches people with whom they disagree.

Perhaps there is a pattern here?

During her appearance at San Francisco State University on April 6, 2023, former NCAA swimming star Riley Gaines was physically assaulted by a Beat Down Mob. Riley Gaines was speaking against allowing transgender athletes to compete in women's sports. At least one of Beat Down Mob members was recorded on video saying, "Tell her to pay us, and then she can go, $10 each."

Ah, that's an interesting little tidbit, they want money to not beat an innocent woman. Hmm, this sounds like a protection racket. The message is simple, "Donate to our cause, speak only the approved words, and hire our people and influencers, and we won't commit serious bodily harm to you."

So, finally, we have a definition of a Community Organizer: it's someone who manipulates a violent, destructive mob for power and financial gain.

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Reader Comments

II believe President Obama had Community Organizer on his resume. As I recall, his major claim to fame was getting Chicago area financial institutions to lower their mortgage standards to make home owning more " inclusive". To do that the banks etc had to securitize the loans ( bundle them into a bond) and share the risk. Pretty much the spark that ignited the Great Financial Crisis of 2008. Based on his extensive inventory of homes, I would appear that Obama, himself, did fine as a CO.

April 12, 2023 1:35 PM

At least Obama made a pretense of caring and concern; Joe just cut to the chase.....

April 17, 2023 12:00 PM

Saul Alinsky defined a community organizer in his Rules for Radicals as a propagandist using his rules to destroy the capitalist fabric of America. Obama was trained in the Alinsky techniques from grade school and made them part of his transformation of the country.

May 8, 2023 4:06 PM
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