The Dem's Honest Convention

America got to see Democrats for what they really are.

If you happened to watch the Republican convention on the mainstream media, you would have seen exactly what the MSM wanted you to see: a bunch of conservative white guys in a lily-white room.

That was, of course, a deliberate lie by omission: in reality, the convention featured a parade of spectral diversity from black females Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice and Mayor Mia Love to Hispanic Sen. Ted Cruz, female Sikh Gov. Nikki Haley, and Latina Gov. Susana Martinez.  If you're the sort of person who keeps score on a Pantone chart, this would matter - but only if you been given the opportunity to see it, which most of America wasn't.

The Democratic convention, in contrast, received the generally adulatory wall-to-wall coverage we have come to expect of any event with Barack Obama's name on it, no matter how sordid or banal.  The bias could hardly be more transparent.

In this case, however, that's a good thing.  Thanks to the worshipful attention of the media, all America is getting the opportunity to see the Democratic Party for what it truly is.  It's an appalling sight.

Known by the company you keep.

The Holy Sacrament of Abortion

All summer, the media Dems have pushed the false meme of a phony Republican "war on women."  The entire first day of the convention was occupied by women carrying on this one note: those evil Republicans want to take away our right to murder our children and refuse to pay for however many contraceptives our lifestyles require!

The overwhelming majority of Americans see nothing wrong with contraceptives; neither do the overwhelming majority of Republicans, for that matter.  We can almost all agree that any American woman should have the right to buy all the contraceptives her doctor prescribes for her, or as many as she wants if they're non-prescription.

Where we differ is in not wanting to pay for someone else's fun - we don't pay for strangers' hotel rooms, flowers, or romantic dinners, why should we pay for a stranger's prophylactics?  Most of America grasps this distinction, but apparently not Sandra Fluke or her fellow Democratic leeches.

As for abortion, most of America grudgingly tolerates it, but only the far Left celebrates it to the general nausea of ordinary voters.  Mentioning abortion rights is one thing; celebrating, honoring, and glorifying abortion is quite another.  Extreme feminists will be enthused, but the vast middle will be turned off.

God D--n America!

John McCain's steadfastly incomprehensible refusal to publicise Obama's racist pastor during the 2008 election campaign is the stuff of legend.  Since then, the Rev. Wright's sermons have been revealed as even more odious then originally thought and Obama's decade-long attendance at his church as all the more disturbing.

Rev. Wright's America-hating tirades have been dismissed as the rantings of an extremist.  What, then, are we to make of the removal of "God" from the official 2012 Democratic Party Platform, and the deafening chorus of boos that resounded across the convention hall when He was put back in?

Most Americans don't particularly care which god you worship so long as it's not a barbaric murderous one, and they're even OK if you don't worship any god at all.  But they do demand public respect for the God Whom, to this day, the overwhelming majority of Americans believe in.

What sort of political party will intentionally insult, ridicule, and boo an institution believed in by 92% of the voting public?  An outrageously extreme one that couldn't touch the mainstream with a ten-foot pole, and that's just what America got to see in living color.

We're All In This Together - Chains, That Is

The final definition of what it means to be a modern Democrat came all too quickly, in an official Democratic Party video so shocking that it raised hair far away across the pond.  The Daily Mail reports:

Last night a video was played at the Democratic National Convention in which the Democrats proudly proclaimed that "government is the only thing we all belong to" in an effort to justify an ever expanding state that intrudes into more and more areas of ordinary folks' lives.

Seriously? They want people to be slaves to the government?

Seriously, the Daily Mail has to even ask that question?  Virtually every single action of the Obama administration has been calculated to expand the overweening power and reach of government into the most trivial aspect of every American's life.

Americans know that we belong to America; we DO NOT belong to the government.  The whole point of America was that a free people refused to belong to a King and unaccountable Parliament, and made that point with much bloodshed.  A hundred years later, Americans led by a Republican president shed more blood to enshrine the principle that no man belongs to another man under any circumstances.

In theory, we hire the government to perform services which we couldn't perform for ourselves.  In the American system of delegated powers, government belongs to us; we most definitely do not belong to it.

Democrats, in direct conflict with everything that makes America American, think that we all belong to the government - ruled over by themselves, of course.

It's been transparently obvious for decades that Democrats and leftists of all sorts actually do believe that we all belong to the government, in the most literal sense.  In Democrat parlance, taxes aren't taken from us, everything we earn belongs to them and what they don't take is a gracious gift from our ruling elites that should be appreciated.  That's why they refer to tax cuts as "tax expenditures" - their government, run by and for themselves, generously chooses to spend some of its rightful money by allowing it to remain in your pocket.

Our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor are nothing compared with the needs of government as articulated by our ruling elites.  The Lord of the Manor owned his serfs no more and no less than Democrat grandees think we all belong to government.  To say that the Founders would be appalled barely scratches the surface.

At what point do we call taxes and regulation for what they truly are, slavery and theft by degree?  What's new isn't the Democrats' contempt for their subjects, it's their willingness to come right out and tell us how they feel.

The Republican convention will be forgotten by next month; though there were memorable events there, nobody much saw them.  The longer and more vividly the Democrat convention is remembered, the better off America will be, as a lurid reminder in their own words of just why we call them the Evil Party.

Petrarch is a contributing editor for Scragged.  Read other articles by Petrarch or other articles on Partisanship.
Reader Comments

Abortion is America's greatest sin, the murder of unborn children. No one says I am going to have a fetus, they say I am going to have a baby. And there is no magic where at the end of the first trimester that a fetus becomes a baby, it has always been a baby.

How do you overcome the democrat's statement that we all belong to government? It is through education, the education of our youth that we are a capitalistic, entrepreneurial, free enterprise system and the freedom that each of us derives from that system. The liberals of today, ho are an offshoot of the old communist party of the fifties, decided to infiltrate the education and governmental system in order to overthrow our way of life while the producers worked and were too busy. The producers mistakenly ignored them to their detriment as they imposed taxes at a mere one or two percent increase every year. When the producers occasionally yelled the liberals in congress would back off for a while but their appitite for absolute power would always come back. That is a short scenario of what got us into the mess that we are in today. We don't have an income problem, we have a government problem and to coin the democrats that we all belong to the government, we should decide to overhtrow this absurdly large government and shrink it back to the government we had before 1912. Government would operate on duties and tarriffs. Most say this can't be done but it will be done, either willingly for by the force of bankruptcy. Take your choice.

September 11, 2012 11:11 AM
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