The Don and the Juice

Evidence of Trumpian wrongdoing no longer matters.

As with just about everything these days, Americans are in two completely different, utterly non-overlapping worlds when it comes to the recent unprecedented FBI raid of Mar-a-Lago, Donald Trump's personal home and club.  Lurid stories of Fibbies rifling through Melania's scanties fill one side with fury, while the other reads of boxes of classified information and dreams of a jumpsuit to match the Presidential hair.

Let's quickly dismiss the headlines: there is not the slightest legal pretext for the search on the grounds of "stolen classified documents."  Donald Trump was the President of the United States at the time the documents were taken, so there simply is no such crime possible.  The President, for good or ill, is by law the ultimate legal authority on how classified information is to be handled.  If he says to stash it in his closet - or, more precisely, gives the order for that to be done a few hours prior to Joe Biden taking office - there is absolutely no legal authority that has any power to prevent or punish it.  If you don't like what he did, don't vote for him again, but that's the only legitimate or legal recourse.

This is the same legal truth that caused us, to our great dismay, to be forced to agree that Hillary Clinton cannot be jailed for her egregious mishandling of 30,000 classified documents on a home-brew server in a bathroom - which, unlike Trump's physical papers, were almost certainly hacked by the Russians.  None of that matters: President Barack Hussein Obama was personally aware of her practices and participated in them, therefore, they were 100% legal.

In a nation that honored the rule of law, this same absolute protection would be applied to President Trump as it was to President Obama.  As is crystal clear, we don't live in that world: by definition, everything a powerful Democrat does is legal, whereas Republicans are criminals merely by existing and should just leave.

The Donald, unlike most of us and unlike General Flynn, has the resources to fight this case up to a court whose judges are old enough to still have some residual respect for the old ways.  Despite lefty frothing, he won't be doing hard time for leaking classified secrets.  But, that was never the purpose of the raid, merely the pretext, as Mr. Trump, the FBI, and Judge Bruce Reinhart who signed their search warrant knew full well.

That's why the warrant doesn't merely say the Feds could search for and seize classified information that the government felt didn't belong at Mar-a-Lago, oh no - it said "All physical documents and records constituting evidence, contraband, fruits of crime or other items illegally possessed..."

It's right there in black and white - this was a fishing expedition, in fresh hopes of finding something, anything, to pin on the hated enemy of the Deep State.

Seeing Injustice Done

Where does this leave us as a nation?  Nowhere good, that's obvious.  Half the country already didn't trust the FBI; now, recent polls show that full 53% - yes, more than half - of Americans agree with the statement that "the FBI is Joe Biden's personal Gestapo."  At this point, there is no serious choice but to disband the FBI - it is simply impossible for any police force to do a fair and honest job of investigation and prosecution when more than half of the general population of their jurisdiction believes them to be dishonest.

Ironically, the one time this isn't a problem is when the FBI is, in fact, being used as a Gestapo to prosecute political crimes - those are generally pursued in courts in Washington, D.C., which votes 93% Democrat and has no problem with juries containing Democrat activists sitting in judgment on politicos.  This is the culmination of a trend of "guilty until proven Democrat" which we explored months ago.

Countless billions of taxpayer dollars have been spent, and entire political careers founded on investigating Donald Trump, thus far with no effect.  If there was any serious Trump wrongdoing to be honestly found, it surely would have been by now, as whatever investigator, lawyer, or proscutor can claim his orange scalp will be a mass-media hero dwarfing Woodward and Bernstein of the original Watergate scandal.

But, that doesn't mean there's nothing to be found by hook or by crook.  As Mr. Trump and many other Republicans have suggested: the FBI could simply have planted phony evidence during the search for future use.

There is, of course, no reason to believe that they did; by the same token, given the FBI's behavior, there's no reason to assume that they didn't.

Which brings us to what once was called the Trial of the Century, the O.J. Simpson murder trial way back in 1995.

Again, Two Worlds

At the time, on the single subject of OJ's guilt, America resembled what it's now become on nearly every subject - two totally contrary views with no overlap.  White Americans, then the majority, overwhelmingly considered him guilty beyond any doubt, either reasonable or unreasonable.  In stark contrast, blacks were equally convinced that he was innocent and that he had been framed by racist police officers.

In a certain sense, we'll never know the truth, but from a quarter-century of hindsight it looks like they were both right.

While OJ was not convicted of murder, he was later found to be civilly liable for his wife's death, and his fortune was stripped from him as punishment.  Yet how can you be liable for a murder, while not actually being guilty of murder?

Logically, you can't - but, the jurors on his murder trial were onto something.  It's now generally considered that OJ did in fact kill his wife, but not just OJ was on trial - the LA police force was.  Detective Mark Fuhrman played a larger role in the trial than he'd expected, since the defense cast him as a racist bigot who'd planted, destroyed, and mishandled evidence to make darn sure OJ did hard time.  It didn't help that they had tapes of him using the "N-Word."

So, as a black Los Angeleno put it many years later,  "They framed a guilty man, that's all it was."

Now, obviously it's good for society to punish murderers.  But as unfortunate as it is to let a murderer go free, it's vastly more dangerous to allow a police force to get the idea that it's OK to plant false evidence, lie on the stand, and frame people - even people who are, in fact, guilty.  That seems to be what his jury decided - the greatest risk to the general public wasn't from OJ, it was from rogue police, so that's who they slapped down.

And that's where we are with this Trump investigation, or any other.  The FBI is so overwhelmingly politically biased, that literally no case they might make can be trusted by anyone.  It's now been proven, for example, that they intentionally sat on the infamous Hunter Biden laptop and exerted their influence to get the Tech Lords to censor talk of it, leading directly to Joe Biden's election.

Is Mr. Trump guilty of something?  At this point, it doesn't matter anymore - a rogue Gestapo-like FBI is far more of a threat to every single American, and particularly to anyone not on the farthest of far left that controls the Democrat party, as to make any possible wrongdoing by the Bad Orange Man completely immaterial.

Petrarch is a contributing editor for Scragged.  Read other articles by Petrarch or other articles on Law.
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