The End of the Civil Rights Era

There's nothing noble about Dr. King's successors.

This week marks the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s legendary "I Have a Dream" speech on the Washington Mall to the massed throngs of, predominantly, black Americans demanding the equal treatment due their status as citizens.  In commemoration, another march and more speeches by our liberal masters were conducted - which demonstrate conclusively that justice has been done and the civil rights era is at an end.

What once were the structures and organizations pushing for real redress of legitimate grievances have degenerated into nothing more than a power-mad bunch of thieves and charlatans who care nothing for truth, justice, or anything else that Dr. King would have valued other than money.

Character?  What's That?

As with many other conservative commentators through the years, Scragged has often held up Dr. King's famous call for equality as a measure against which to compare many of our modern-day notables who fall desperately short.  One can't review his words too often, so here they are again:

I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.

The simple fact is that most of the time, in most parts of America, most ordinary people on a day-to-day basis genuinely do not judge their fellow citizens by the color of their skins.  That's good, and a vast improvement over the naked bigotry of Dr. King's day.

The problem is that our utterly corrupt national opinionmakers turn their full force of hatred on anyone who tries to judge people by their character.

We saw this starkly revealed in the out-and-out lies surrounding the Trayvon Martin / George Zimmerman case.  Zimmerman's phone calls to 911 were malevolently edited by NBC news to make him appear to be a bigot, even though a full-on FBI investigation of him found not the slightest shred of racism.  Martin, on the other hand, was painted as an angelic choirboy despite clear and convincing evidence of his participation in multiple felonies, and despite the bloody wounds he inflicted on Mr. Zimmerman which made Zimmerman's plea of self-defense persuasive to the jury.

If we apply Dr. King's test to Trayvon Martin, he wouldn't deserve to be dead but he'd definitely be worthy of an extended time behind bars.  Yet the national media treated us to a 24/7 pillorying of "white Hispanic" Zimmerman, and to this day countless talking heads still claim that justice was not done by his acquital.

On the other hand, we have the appalling horror of Chris Lane, an Australian exchange student who was shot dead from behind without warning by a trio of minority felons who "were bored."  There wasn't even the confusion of Zimmerman's following Martin around his neighborhood, or any interaction between murderers and murdered at all.

Yet what did the infamous Rev. Jesse Jackson have to say about this far more clear-cut act of villany?

Praying for the family of Chris Lane. This senseless violence is frowned upon and the justice system must prevail.

The "prayers" of such moral midgets are worthless.  "Frowned upon" is an appropriate reaction for the unearned respect widely shown to the entirely undeserving Jackson.

"Frowned upon" is not what you do to murderers - and not what Dr. King would have done, either.  He would have condemned Lane's killers as the evil reprobates they are.  He might even have castigated them as "unworthy of their race," for Dr. King lived in a time when a great many black Americans believed it was the responsibility of each black person to rise above white bigotry and prove themselves "better than that."

All too many modern young blacks, who have no conception of the struggles of their forbears or any true understanding of what racism means, work hard all day to prove the racists of old right by demonstrating their total lack of character.  What sort of person bludgeons 88-year-old war hero Delbert Belton to death as he sits in his car in a parking lot?  Two young black men who lack even the slightest shred of conscience, that's who.

There will always be black criminals just as there will always be criminals who are white, Hispanic, Indian, Eskimo or anything else.  The difference in elite reaction between the two, though, is appalling, and shows the utter moral bankruptcy of those who cloak themselves in the stolen clothes of the civil rights movement of Dr. King's day.

Chickens Do Come Home To Roost

That "movement," as well as being morally lost, is also criminally stupid in a way that Dr. King never would have been.  It is a shameful fact that young black men commit violent crimes out of all proportion to their numbers in society, so much so that ordinary people automatically assume "suspects" in news reports is code for "young black men" unless otherwise stated.

Do today's black leaders move heaven and earth to make sure that felons are locked away and innocent people are protected?  Not on your life!  Instead they protest the "stop and frisk" policies of cities like New York, which have led to falls in crime rates not seen since the 1950s.

For no clear reason, mainstream America has put up with this sort of destructive caterwauling, perhaps because mainstream Americans would prefer to live in Oklahoma over New York City anyway.  Now that the race-based violence of 1970s New York City is coming to Oklahoma, mainstream America might start changing its tune mighty fast - and Dr. King himself was able to see this danger:

"Do you know that Negroes are 10% of the population of St. Louis and are responsible for 58% of the crimes?  We've got to face that.  And we've got to do something about our moral standards," Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. told a congregation in 1961.  "We know that there are many things wrong in the white world, but there are many things wrong in the black world, too.  We can't keep on blaming the white man.  There are things we must do for ourselves."

When Bill Cosby echoed Dr. King's worries a few years back, he was condemned as an Uncle Tom.  Stoking up racial grievance has been hugely profitable for bigots like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton but it's destroyed the lives of ordinary black people who are preyed on by the monsters in their midst, and of law-abiding black people who are viewed with suspicion everywhere they go because of the vile deeds of individuals with whom they share nothing beyond color.

White Americans are not going to put up with their friends and family being murdered, mugged, raped and assaulted by young black thugs forever, while at the same time having their perfectly rational fears condemned as racist.  Eventually the dam will break.

And when that happens, if human history is any guide, a lot of innocent people will be swept away.  This will be the fault of whoever is doing the sweeping, of course, but the elite bigots and racists who automatically call any police action against a black felon "racist" will be the underlying cause.

Calling Good Evil and Evil Good

The evils perpetrated and defended by today's "civil rights leaders" would be bad enough, but this week's celebratory speeches contained one sentence that pretty much sums it all up, delivered by none other than Dr. King's own son Martin Luther King III:

Sadly, the tears of Trayvon Martin's mother and father remind us that, far too frequently, the color of one's skin remains a license to profile, to arrest and to even murder with no regard for the content of one's character.

It's hard to imagine one sentence on the subject that's further from the truth.  To even be able to tell such a monstrous lie, false in every possible way, rises to the level of a blood libel - on George Zimmerman, on all white people, on America itself.

The news is filled with more and more reports of black thugs who take this exactly how it's meant, beating up innocent white victims while exulting that they're "doing it for Trayvon" - yes, even the murderers of Chris Lane.

Far be it from Barack Obama to say that Delbert Belton looks like his own grandfather, even though it's the truth.  The more he and his fellow travelers try to inflame race hatred, the more brightly will shine the rejected wisdom of Dr. King, who understood full well that there are an awful lot more nonblack people on this continent than there are blacks and always will be.  Maybe Dr. King's call for justice and living it was the right idea all along?

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Reader Comments

My Mother's old adage: "As good as you are, and as bad as I am, you're as bad as I am, as good as you are.", comes to mind when I hear of Dr. King and his wonderful speech. It was then, and is now, inspirational. And it was difficult to inspire a sixteen year old. The meaning of the adage is of course, everyone has good and bad points. But I disagree with it.

There is nothing good that comes from this administration of our government. Dishonesty is the word of the administration from day one. All of the speeches by Our Fearless Golfer are written by someone else, and a third person, or maybe more, puts the words on the teleprompter for him.

There are purely evil people in the world. The Golfer-in-Chief is neither. He is little more than a fence post with ears. He does as he is told, and does it without question. The real evil is Holder, and the people who direct the Golfer. They are the purest of evil, unadulterated. Observation will prove that. The Chemtrails, Monsanto and others poisoning our foods, and the rat poison (flouride) poured into our drinking water. What can we do about this dire situation?

There is a solution, I believe. Part of the solution is to know your rights and from where they come, and to assume the power to exercise those rights. Another part is to get active in local politics. We can take back our local governments, and move upward - or downward - depending on one's point of view, and reclaim our once great Republic. Peace, Robert Walker

August 27, 2013 2:02 PM

"There are an awful lot more nonblack people on this continent than there are blacks and always will be."

Hmm. Makes me think of that DHS employee who's now enjoying paid leave because he runs a website trying to spark a race war. Maybe he needs to listen to Dr. King too - and do the math.

August 27, 2013 5:56 PM
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