The End of the Republic

Don't be too disappointed that the Supreme Court refused to hear the Trump voter fraud case.

The Supreme Court has refused to hear a case filed by a dozen states, led by Texas, against the disputed state results that, officially, threw the 2020 presidential election to Joe Biden.  Texas alleged widespread fraud.  Most regular readers of Scragged will be familiar with the overwhelming evidence from thousands of affidavits, witness testimony, recorded video, and statistical analysis that the election was stolen by a multiplicity of bad actions by bad actors.

If you aren't already aware of this, you likely have the mainstream media as your primary news source, which has been constantly drumming the idea that there was no fraud whatsoever and President Trump is simply a sore loser.  Arguing over the Big Steal is beyond the scope of this article - and, apparently, adjudicating it is beyond the remit of the high court.

Let's be fair: it's not as if the Court could have resolved the dispute in any meaningful way.  In keeping with America's standing as a 50-50 nation:

Forty-seven percent (47%) say it’s likely that Democrats stole voters or destroyed pro-Trump ballots in several states to ensure that Joe Biden would win. Forty-nine percent (49%) consider that unlikely.

What is any court supposed to do with this? Half the country believes they were robbed; if the Court flipped the result, half the country still would feel robbed, just the other half.  Given that the media is refusing to report on evidence of the fraud, and since much of the fraud was perpetrated in ways that inherently cannot be directly proven, it is impossible to imagine any judicial ruling that would be widely accepted.

Thus ends Mr. Trump's attempt to seek justice through the courts and the rule of law.  Theoretically Congress could still reject the electoral votes of the disputed states, but that's far-fetched.  In all probability, Joe Biden will assume the office of President on January 20, shortly to be followed no doubt by the swearing in of his replacement, Kamala Harris, previously the longstanding mistress and protege of California's political kingmaker Willie Brown, the farthest left Senator, and a foreigner only assumed to be eligible for the Presidency by virtue of the "birthright citizenship" tradition that causes anchor babies and which most conservatives decry.

The conservative press is filled with declarations that this marks the end of the Republic: if it is possible to blatantly steal an election and there is no legal recourse permitted, then we have left the realm of politics and entered the dark world of settling our differences by other means.  The Supreme Court, it is said, has brought us to this dire pass by refusing to do their job.

That's completely unjust to the Justices.  The rejection of the Trump election lawsuits by the Court doesn't destroy the United States in any way.  It doesn't even cause any particular additional harm, unjust though it may be.

Instead, it's something far worse: it merely reflects and indicates that the Republic has already ended. We're simply still coming to grips with that now-indisputable fact.

What Makes A Nation?

Most ordinary people give little thought to what countries actually are, other than colored blobs on a map or globe.  Here's England, there's Japan, down there is Somalia, and that big pink one is Canada.  Some of these are well-governed places you'd want to visit; others are, as President Trump was said to have so aptly put it, "sh*thole countries" any sane person would want to stay far away from.

But that conceals more than it reveals: Somalia, for example, is a failed state precisely because it is not a nation.  Those unfortunates who live there do not view themselves as "Somalians"; first and foremost, they consider themselves to be members of a tribe or even a family.  They have no greater affinity for some other tribe than they do for Mexicans, even if  they share the same passport.

In contrast, Japan is filled with Japanese people who see themselves as a nation of Japanese people.  They share a common culture, a common heritage, common history, largely common tastes, and have mostly similar fundamental views of the world.  Obviously there are disagreements in Japan - there is active politics, after all - but those disagreements tend to stay within a certain range because most of the major issues are agreed upon by everybody.  Thus, Japan has a relatively narrow Overton window.

It is possible to have nations that contain other nations - for instance, Canada considers their Indian tribes to be "First Nations."  The political views of these aboriginals are wildly different from those of other Canadians; for example, they tend to entirely reject property rights on the grounds that all of Canada is "stolen land."  They're right, of course - their own direct ancestors stole it from whoever was there before them, which in some cases is still in dispute to this day.

In this, Canada is no different from literally anywhere else - every single spot of ground where people live has been fought over since mankind came down from the trees.  It's what we do as human beings.  If we tried to execute "justice" for all past historical conquests, we'd simply be executing every last person and giving it all back to the apes, which of course is the end-goal of modern environmental leftists and their mentally-deficient elite apologists.

The purpose of politics and the rule of law is to attempt to provide a way to settle such differences without bashing each others' brains out.  Sometimes this works, as when Canada decreed a new territory, Nunavut, as a sort of racial gerrymander that's mostly occupied by Inuit aboriginals who therefore can largely rule themselves as they see fit.

Other times it doesn't: Antifa doesn't seem to find the ability to steal elections to be a sufficient source of power.  Even after burning down endless blocks of American cities this summer, they're still creating lawless "occupied zones" where anyone unfortunate enough to supposedly own property there might as well just flush their title deed down the nearest john even though they're still liable for the property taxes.

Now, it's still quite possible to have a country that's one big blob on the map, even though it contains many separate nations that hate each other.  Historically, this is called an empire - and in an empire, there's no equality of nations.  Somebody is always The Emperor, and everybody else isn't and won't ever be.

Thus, the Austro-Hungarian Empire ruled over Austrians, Hungarians, Czechs, Slovaks, and countless others, but the Austrians were on top.  The Roman Empire ruled over Jews, Greeks, Egyptians, and so on, but it was run by the Romans and everyone knew that.

Thus, the Romans were somewhat tolerant of the foibles of the Jews, but only up to a point: when it came right down to it, if there was a conflict between Roman rules and Jewish preferences, the Romans almost always got their way.  The Jews tried multiple times to overthrow Rome, but failed every time - there were just too many Romans and they were just too good at war.

America is said to be an exceptional case, and it is in one way: to be an American, you don't have to be any particular previous nationality.  This is in contrast to Japan, where fourth-generation Koreans are still considered to be Other.

But that doesn't meant that just anybody can be an American: traditionally you have to, at the very least, agree with the premises of the Constitution.  That's why Nazis are not allowed to become Americans and are expelled if they're caught having entered by fraud: the tenets of Nazism are diametrically opposed to everything that is American, and they have no place here.  We've argued that the same is logically true of Islam and should be legally as well.

Two Nations Trapped in One Border

It's now readily apparent that the tenets of the modern Democrat party are diametrically opposed to, and are completely incompatible with, the traditional American principles generally held to by most Republican voters.  Indeed, the Democrats and our elite institutions which they've controlled for some years now drip with disdain and contempt for those very beliefs.

The most obvious one is freedom of religion - devout Christians who believe the same basic doctrines as Americans have for hundreds of years and their forbears for thousands of years before that, are now castigated as "deplorable" because they believe that marriage is between a man and a woman, a man cannot become a woman and should not attempt it, and that an unborn child is a genetically distinct human being and not a worthless, meaningless scrap of tissue.

Similarly, the traditional American Second Amendment right of individuals to keep and bear arms for their own protection is utterly denied and destroyed by Democrats whenever they have the opportunity.

This year, we learned even the right to freedom of speech and of the press is contingent on your political views: the media and the Tech Lords conspired to prevent the news of Hunter Biden's crimes and Joe Biden's corruption from being publicised.  This action, by itself, "stole" the election for Sleepy Joe.  Though technically it wasn't election fraud, it was nevertheless un-American and anti-American in principle.

Our founders wisely called for America's motto to be "E Pluribus, Unum" - Out of many nations, one nation.  This worked fairly well for a long time when the melting pot was at full boil and "Hyphenated-Americans" were clearly understood as definitionally anti-American.

For the last century, however, the enemies of America, operating under the cover and eventually the name of the Democrats, have destroyed this essential philosophy.  Instead, they've carved out, within our borders and occupying pretty much our entire elites, a separate nation in direct opposition to the principles of our Founders.

Now the Democrat Party has decided that any opposing views do not deserve to be seen or heard, much less have any power.  Congressional Democrats are now seriously discussing refusing to seat elected Republican Congressmen who'd supported Donald Trump.

Politics only works when your side has the opportunity to freely make its case to the voters; the voters are able to effectively cast a vote that will be properly counted and not overwhelmed by dead people voting on photocopied ballots; and, if you win, your side can take and effectively wield power.  None of this applies to America in the year 2020, or even in 2016, as we saw with the multiple frauds and lies that prevented President Trump from exercising the full powers of his duly-elected office.

If your side is not allowed to win because the other side cheats; if your side is not allowed to express its views because the other side bars them from effective means of communications; if your side's representatives are expelled from places of power, and if your side isn't even allowed to worship in your own way - well, the Republic has long since already ended in any meaningful way.  Like it or not, we are living in an empire, where the only law is force.

The ancient Jews didn't appreciate that one bit, and tried to throw off the yoke at every opportunity.  They never succeeded... but today there is an Israel, whereas the Roman Empire is long gone.

It's often said that you truly believe in something when you're prepared to die for it, but those Zealots had something even stronger: they were prepared to die for principle even when they knew they had no chance of winning.  That's why it's essential for the lawsuits to continue even though every last one has been shot down by the courts; for marches and rallies to carry on even after Joe Biden crosses his fingers to take the oath of office; for elected Republicans who still maintain access to their seats to block every unconstitutional and corrupt action of the Biden administration by every means possible; and, yes, for local authorities to nullify tyranny using their own power.

We're far from sanguine about the prospects of civil war, though seeing lefties suggesting a split gives us cause for hope.  If it comes to either, though, don't blame the court - blame the reality of two nations with nothing in common.

It's looking more and more like a surly but mostly peaceful divorce is not only the best option, it's the only option that won't lead to massive bloodshed if not genocide.

Does that mean our side has lost?  Absolutely.  The question now is, can we salvage anything of America at all, or is it all gone for good?  For History does record the occasional "lost" civilization whose beliefs were so powerful that, even after defeat and destruction, it rose Phoenix-like from the ashes; and if ever there was a creed with the foundational strength to be able to do perform that feat, it is Americanism.

Petrarch is a contributing editor for Scragged.  Read other articles by Petrarch or other articles on Partisanship.
Reader Comments

"Our founders wisely called for America's motto to be "E Pluribus, Unum" - Out of many nations, one nation. "

The nations the Founders were talking about were the 13 nations (states/former colonies) that formed the United States, not the wretched refuse of teeming shores. At the time, 85% of the Whites in the new nation were of British stock. Even then the Puritan north was different from the Planters of the South and the Border Reavers of the West wanted little to do with either group. The American nation has been under attack since the 1830's when hordes of Irish and Germans started invading our shores. We had very little immigration between 1787 and the 1830's. Usually less than 3% of our population a year. The Frenchmen we gained during the Louisiana Purchase tended to fit rather well. The Spanish in Florida we shot or expelled.

December 14, 2020 12:17 PM

This article made me dig out and re-read Schlichter's "John Matheson" books.

So, is there any evidence that anyone credible (on either or both sides) is actually pursuing this USOC & Jesusland solution?

December 14, 2020 1:26 PM

I wanted to give the areticle an uptick but due to the fact that I am not a FB account holder I am not able to. Why do you not use Disqus commenting as well as FB.

Thank you in hope.

Phillip Grimison

December 14, 2020 3:28 PM

Biden's inauguration will not stop investigations of vote fraud, nor should it. If vote fraud invstigations were military recon by fire, I would say we've found a really juicy target, based on the Party's frantic efforts to suppress vote fraud news.

Chicago Machine Democrats cast 100,000 fradulent votes in the 1982 election for Governor of Illinos. It didn't change the election outcome. Republican Jim Thompson won anyway by more than 8,000 votes. However, a federal task force got 63 Machine Democrats convicted of various kinds of vote fraud. Chicago elections were a lot cleaner after that, but only for a while.

The only way the Republican party can stay alive is to stop vote fraud. The only way to stop vote fraud is to prosecute it. There should be a federal special counsel to investigate and prosecute vote fraud nationwide. Regardless, private investigations will continue.

Republicans, as a party, need to have zero tolerance of vote fraud. Every Republican jurisdiction in the country should prosecute every vote fraud, no matter how small. One dead voter is one too many. Private investigations that turn up evidence can help lower the costs. There are fingerprints on dead voter's mail in ballot envelopes, Biden only ballots, machine marked ballots and unfolded mail in ballots. Prosecution of vote fraud based on fingerprints should be a slam dunk.

Every Republican legislature should take steps to make vote fraud harder. Also, no Republican official should enter into any consent decree that makes vote fraud easier, like Georgia's Secretary of State did. Any Republican official who is willing to tolerate vote fraud should face pressure and an RNC financed primary opponent if neccessary.

Legally, a lot of vote fraud cases got thrown out on the docrine of laches, basically Republicans should have sued before the election. OK, after Biden's inauguration, immediately sue again for the next election. If the courts say it's too early, remind them of their laches rulings. What's the Goldilocks window for lawsuits? Keep suing until some court says there's no way to make states abide by their own election laws, or some court creates a precedent that gives us a way to make states abide by their own laws. If there's no way to make states abide by their own laws, that's public scandal that will get coverage, despite efforts to put a lid on it. If there is a way to force states to comply with their own laws, we can duplicate it for every state that ignored their own election laws and make vote fraud harder.

The answer to screams of "voter suppression" is simple. One stolen presidential election is enough. If Republicans want to survive as a party, they have to have the courage to say exactly that.

I have been a voting resident of Suburban Chicago since 1972. From 1976 to roughly 1994, I was a poll watcher, official canvasser and sometime election judge in notorious Cook County, IL. I know from experience that if you don't continuously prosecute vote fraud, the Republican party dies. There is no other way.

December 14, 2020 5:30 PM

Split up the USA? Hell no! War to the knife and knife to the hilt. Exterminate all communists and Democrats, but I repeat myself. Time for Trump to cross the Rubicon!

December 14, 2020 10:08 PM

is a good summarization of current evidence for vote fraud.

December 15, 2020 11:06 AM
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