The People Who Solve Problems

Why do we look to politicians to fix things they only ever make worse?

by Friendly Bear

If a major calamity should ever strike America, we may be forced to pick a leader from scratch. Suppose that a giant meteorite should land squarely on Washington, DC, and it became necessary to pick someone with problem-solving skills to restore civilization.

Whom should we pick?

Well, friends, I have your answer! First, let's look at a few of our best problem solvers.

Truck drivers must each haul over 25 tons of food, building supplies, clothes, tires, puppy food, electronics, all that stuff you ordered online, and everything else we need or want. Think you're a skilled driver? Try backing 64 feet of truck tractor and semitrailer into a narrow passageway to the loading dock of a major grocery store to keep 10,000 tummies full.

Air ambulance flight nurses perform pretty much every emergency lifesaving technique, all while in a cramped space, as the pilot and copilot use every ounce of their skills to narrowly miss power lines, buildings, mountains, and other low level hazards. It would be difficult enough to save a life this way stationary on the ground, but in an air ambulance space is at a premium and the helicopter must transport the patient with all possible haste. The result leaves the air ambulance flight nurse in a pitching, heaving cabin not much larger than a coffin made for two. My hat's off to them.

The mechanics who maintain essential vehicles restoring power after a hurricane. It's big truck mechanic work, but under a lot of pressure, in awful conditions. Electrical power is never needed so much as it is when everything else is going wrong, and these technicians give results not excuses.

Divers who maintain sewer treatment facilities. Sealed up in "dry suits" (hopefully without a leak), they descend into zero visibility stinking sludge to solve problems by feel. 

Firefighters solve problems besides fires. They respond to car crashes and other accidents where they use their rescue skills not only to save lives, but to minimize injuries. Carefully recovering victims, they gently handle the suffering so as to cause no further harm.

Corrupt or do-nothing Senators and Representatives do not solve problems. If one of them survives the giant meteorite, quickly throw some more debris on them and move on.

Old-fashioned engineers solve problems. More than once they've figured out how to get a wounded spacecraft back to orbit and safely on the ground.

Elevator repair technicians definitely solve problems. So do farmers, on a daily basis, too.

"Talking heads" on cable news shows definitely don't solve problems. Neither do self-impressed CEOs and "ivory tower" academics. Maybe you could lure them into the path of the giant meteorite. It's worth a try.

Some lawyers are problem solvers. They blend a knowledge of the law, tireless pursuit of facts, and good people skills, to defend even penniless clients facing the wrath of a merciless system.

The lawyers who write silly, needlessly complex laws and "agreements" are problem creators. If a law leaves a full Federal Appeals Court disagreeing and scratching their heads, it might be a little too tough for the rest of us to understand. 

Now I present a regular solver of enormous problems: the lifelong big rig tow truck driver. When a tractor-semi plunges into a ravine or dangles precariously from a bridge, these are the pros who solve the problem. I've watched them choreograph a ballet of two, or even three, massive wreckers to recover a tractor-semi standing on its nose on a steep hillside. The job gets done without mistakes or injury.

Statistically, most may be men, but I've met equally skilled women big rig tow truck drivers.

Yessiree, if you need a new President under dire circumstances, go to the nearest truck stop's coffee aisle. When a tired, grumpy, big rig wrecker driving curmudgeon staggers to the coffee pot, looking like Santa Claus after a three-day drinking binge, that is the problem solver you need.

In a pinch, shove the politicians aside, tell the obnoxious and pampered Hollywood crowd to "Hush!", run the whiney cable news show host off, with a whip if you must, and find the nearest Middle America, everyday problem solver from "flyover country" to be the leader to restore America.

You will thank yourself - and the giant meteorite.

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Reader Comments

By voting to retain Liz Cheney in leadership, the RNCCC has voted not to recieve any contributions from rank and file Republicans. Liz Cheney voted to impeach a president with no formal presentation of evidence, as in NO EVIDENCE, and in violation of the Constitutional prohibition of Bills of Attainder against private citizens. Removing her from leadership was a no brainer, and House Republicans demonstrated no brains. People with no brains should get no money t spend.

Meanwhile, Democrats want to set up a government truth commission to censor the news, and FBI investigations of subversive groups who ar Republicans. Liz Cheney approves, but won't survive her nex primary.

February 4, 2021 5:10 AM

These were stirring examples of people who can solve practical problems in real life with skill and aplomb. I might point out, with all due respect, that there are more complex forces going on inside the mind of a human being than the problems sketched out above.

Our culture of immediate gratification and perpetual distraction effectively prevents reflection, and it seems to me that once not so long ago, people gathered together over the cracker barrel or in the barber shop to exercise their freedom of speech-and learn how to rein it in.

Social media has amplified the worst tendencies of expression, and effectively silenced its necessary censure.

February 4, 2021 5:56 AM

It has been said that Republicans solve problems, while Democrats " manage" them. Best example is the goal of getting African Americans and Hispanics a bigger share of our economic benefits. For all his faults, one of Trump's most enduring legacies is lowest recorded unemployment levels for both groups pre Covid. The Fed did some research and said that these folks often had negotiated compensation for the first time in their lives. There was demand for their labor and they could jack up the price.
Based on the ongoing mess in our inner cities, the Dems take a different approach. Basically they " manage" the problem with transfer payments that are administered by loyal Dem bureaucrats. If they actually solved the problem and generated productive employment, the bureaucrats would be out of a job and the Dems wouldn't get their votes and union contributions. So it stays " managed". And with little prospect of preparing for employment, the education system doesn't really need to teach at grade level and basically become a holding pen and Teacher Union honey pot.
Unfortunately, it appears the Bidenites are firmly in the " Manage" mode with stimulus forever and minimum wages. To have a successfully career you have to start at the bottom. Minimum wage usually preclude starting wages. And generous stimulus checks give people the non-choice of working or not working and getting paid more. Let's hope our post Covid economy generates employment for all.

February 4, 2021 2:39 PM

In December of 2020 I left the Republican Party and became a no-party-affiliation "NPA" voter. Hopefully, I'll have someone, or some party, worth voting for in '22 but, whoever I cast my vote for, there won't be an(R)or a(D)next to their name.

In April of every year I celebrate the fact that I'm a year closer to no longer needing to worry about whether or not my assets are going to outlast my years left on this planet.
This April I expect to celebrate the same thing ... but in addition I plan to thank God for Gov. Ron DeSantis, one politician who is working hard to try to insulate me (and other Floridians) as best he can from the idiocy of those in charge of the lunacy identified as the Federal Government.

February 8, 2021 1:00 PM


February 11, 2021 12:43 AM
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