Trump Should Have Stayed with Classic Coke

Never forget what made you a success.

The dust has settled. The realization Biden is our President is now truer than ever; this is not some bad dream where we wake up and the American Government is working somewhat on our behalf. No, we have crossed the tipping-point of no return: America will gradually fade into the sunset.

It may exist in some form or another, but the country will never be the same. Government will continue to grow until we are merely one with two classes - the rich, and everyone else. How did this happen? Why wasn't it stopped?

In corporate America, one thought can gain a stronghold. Everyone "talks" themselves into believing a singular idea will work with only positive results. The sky is the limit. Do you remember when Coke decided they needed a new formula?

The Board of Directors allowed themselves to be manipulated by a singular marketing aspect - consumers wanting a different cola - without considering the fact millions upon millions enjoyed the original flavor. Upon releasing New Coke, the backlash was devastating. They immediately relaunched the original as Coke Classic - then, all was well in Coke Land.

The same happened to President Trump and his brain trust - though the word brain is a misnomer. Mr. Trump, himself, spoke on how their polling numbers showed he need only gain a small percentage of "new" voters to win the 2020 Presidential Election; their figures showed him running away with the Electoral College. At this point, the phenomena of the "Echo Chamber" took place.

Just like Coke, Mr. Trump's team completely bought in. There was no way he could lose. The numbers clearly were in their favor. Now all they had to do was plan the victory parade.

Ironically, all the previous talk of voter fraud was forgotten. They simply believed the projected figures, and none of them took the time to put a Plan B into effect - the "Echo Chamber" at its worst.

The President destroyed his polling numbers. Officially, it was 75 million, but probably closer to 90 million. Yet, he lost.

Why? They didn't have a Plan B to cover the acts of voter fraud. Unlike Coke, there wasn't any quick solution to this problem. They were caught flatfooted. Contested states didn't have the proper people on the ground to stop the fraud from being reality. It would be weeks before teams were in-place, and nearly all of them were volunteers.

This isn't hindsight being 20/20, no. Previously, Bush, Jr. and Cheney encountered the same problem in the 2000 election against Gore and Lieberman.  But they had a team on the ground, in Florida, within 24 hours. James Baker was point person, backed up by appropriate experienced political hands.

In fact, this is the exact game plan Trump and Co. should have put in place; they easily could have identified the key states where problems might occur or where victory would be won - or lost - by a few thousand votes.

Assembling these teams would not have been a problem, since the Trump Team had been talking about voter fraud for months upon months before the election. They had so much time to bring together the best. The right people in place would have led to Republican victory.

Why? Solid people would have been on the ground immediately in each highly contested state. A "known" individual would have been the spokesperson and a team of experts would have guided the state's Republicans to ensure the Electoral Votes would have gone to Mr. Trump. Voter fraud would have been challenged from day one. There simply is no replacement for the "Best of the Best" on the ground.

Do you really believe, under the exact same circumstances, Bush, Jr. and Mr. Cheney would have lost? No. Mr. Cheney understood politics and surrounded Bush with the finest out there. Meanwhile, the Trump Team featured no one of that magnitude. Trump's Senior Advisor was his son-in-law, Jared.

As Republicans, it is pretty easy to see Mr. Trump let us down from November 4th on.

"If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking."

- Gen. Patton

Call it the "Echo Chamber" effect.  Regardless, we are stuck with New Coke and no immediate chance of Classic reappearing.

Just as consumers overwhelmed Coke into bringing back the Original Formula, we must join together - on the Right - to replace Mr. Biden and the Liberals who choose to destroy America. Bad taste isn't the problem; it is the systematic destruction of our country.

Classic Coke, anyone?

A Reaper is the pseudonym of a businessman who sells his products to both Blue and Red Customers and wishes to remain anonymous. He loves his freedom but most importantly, knows: FREEDOM IS NEVER FREE!  Read other articles by A Reaper or other articles on Politics.
Reader Comments

In the 1930's under prohibition, we saw the rise of the Mafia. People wanted their gin, and the Mafia took over entire cities with a protection racket. Police, Judges, Mayors and their city supervisors found it easier to take the money than fight. It took the FBI to clean out the corruption.
This time, the current Mafia took out the FBI as well. Anyone who examines the data from the vote accumulators will see Trumps votes being adjusted downward time after time. The term accumulate denotes addition, not subtraction. 84 decreases in the PA Trump vote obviously is not possible in an honest election. Georgia had similar problems. Election Computer firewalls were breached from ISPs out of China hundreds of times during the election and we have video of election fraud. In my own town, they accepted late mail-in ballots with no postmark. (They lost that one in court, but the votes still counted.) This was truly criminal behavior - the Mafia take over of our country. And no federal judge was willing to stand up to the corruption. Even the Supreme court was cowed by the threat of packing the court.
Civil disobedience is all that remains to us...

March 19, 2021 12:33 AM

This article or opinion in no way accurately reflects reality. It's a gross, speculative, oversimplification of what actually occurred. To try and blame Trump for the in our face violations of the law and the Constitution that resulted in a fraudulent election outcome is ludicrous. But when in doubt, blaming Trump seems to be the "Trump card/get of jail free card" the wokesters and capitulators are using no matter how ridiculous the attempt to assign blame to Trump is. And the analogy to coke doesn't work. The authors final premise, "we must join together" ..... is the same rhetoric bs as usual.... try harder, all politics is local, if you don't vote Republican then your helping the left.
The game of politics, including and especially voting and elections, is and always has been, rigged. Trump pulled the curtain back farther and wider than any elected official to date. There's no right or left, there's only the uniparty in dc that doesn't care what we the people say or do in protest. We have words, they have the military. Ask the Chinese how their rocks and sticks worked against tanks in Tianenmen Square in 1989. It's beyond ironic that the US and the world blasted the Chinese communists for their response to the protests, by killing the protesters, while over here in the US, Biden and the uniparty are attempting to do the same namely, solidify power and put down any/all protests.
It is and always has been, us vs them, only now, no one can deny it, and the left, the msm and the uniparty no longer even attempts to hide it. But make no mistake, there is no placating the left. They will not stop, ever. And if you are a Christian, white, or conservative, then you are the enemy.
Trying harder will not work. Voting is futile. I will not vote again unless it's for Trump or someone very much like him. The uniparty are all liars only out to perpetuate their power and subjugate us under them.
Wake up, open your eyes. Stop hoping and face reality. It's only going to get worse. The leftists have at least 2 years to do whatever they want and unlike the spineless republicans, they will. Wait n see. Taxes, healthcare, election law, religious freedom, gun laws, socialism, open borders, gas prices, energy, etc.... all going to get worse. In a short 2 months gas prices jumped $1.00 and inflation has jumped making the cost of everything higher.
Any idea that "well.... now they'll stop, right?", has to be smashed. They will never stop unless they are stopped.
Monday morning quarterbacking is an utter waste of time and I refuse to engage in any of it. Stay in the now and observe what's actually happening. The past is passed, let it go.

March 19, 2021 3:49 PM

Well said Eyes Open Wide, well said.

March 20, 2021 2:50 PM

mmm ... baloney.
trump relied on the FBI, and the courts to uphold the law.
his only flaw was in trusting the "integrity" of both.

March 26, 2021 2:51 PM
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