Twin Towers Treason

If Obama isn't trying to destroy America, he's doing a pretty good imitation.

Earlier this month, America remembered the terrorist attacks of 9/11/2001.

You wouldn't think anyone would need to be reminded of what happened on that day.  Apparently our leaders have forgotten, so let's recap: Four jetliners were hijacked by Muslim terrorists, operating in the name of Allah's command to "destroy the infidel wherever he may be found," and proceeded to do exactly that.

It could be argued that the Pentagon is a legitimate military target, although at the time America was not at war with anyone and, indeed, President Bill Clinton had declined to bomb Osama bin Laden when he had the chance.

That argument can't be made for the twin towers of the World Trade Center, to say nothing of the civilian jetliners and their passengers immolated in the attacks.  No, these monsters, following the barbaric dictates of their religious beliefs, murdered three thousand innocents.

We all know the history of what followed: the Global War on Terror, which has mostly succeeded in preventing large-scale terrorist attacks in the United States with several notable exceptions, but seem to have brought about a massive increase in chaos elsewhere in the world.  Prior to 9/11, most of the Middle East was more or less peaceful, albeit under varying degrees of unsavory strongmen; today, half the countries in Arabia are in flames and millions of their erstwhile citizens are invading previously-peaceful Europe.

No country can accept unlimited numbers of foreigners of a totally different cultural background, no matter how unpleasant their own countries have become.  Hungary is doing what Hungary has done for well over a thousand years: close their borders with military force to protect the rest of Europe from predacious Muslims.

Is every last fleeing Syrian a murderous terrorist?  Absolutely not: Syria has long been one of the last refuges for Arab Christians, and now that it isn't anymore, Christians form a significant portion of the refugees.

As for the Muslim rest of them, well - ISIS has boasted of infiltrating jihadis into Europe under the guise of refugees, and Lebanese officials - who ought to know - have warned that tens of thousands of jihadis are hiding in refugee camps amongst other Syrians with the same goal.

The usual fatuous blind men of Europe have bleated about their obligation to accept all comers, ignoring the bloodbath Muslim immigrants have already caused.  For once, the people of Europe don't seem willing to accept this sitting down; for every sheep waving signs of welcome at the Munich train station, many more are protesting this invasion.

Here, protected by thousands of miles of water, we simply don't have this problem.  Somehow, though, there are more and more walking funeral shrouds on American streets, and even prayer rugs spread out to block our sidewalks.  How is this happening?  Are Muslim boat people somehow making it across the Atlantic?

Actually, they don't need to: They are invited here by our very own treasonous officials!  Under the Obama administration, America legally permits as many as a hundred thousand Muslim immigrants every year, plus many more who are admitted as refugees.  The result is what you'd expect, as USA Today reports:

The number of U.S. Muslims will more than double, so you are as likely to know a Muslim here in 20 years as you are to know someone Jewish or Episcopalian today.

And that's on top of the more than doubling of Muslims in America just since 9/11.

Stupidity?  Or Conspiracy?

Is this what we did following the attack on Pearl Harbor?  Did our government accurately observe that the sailors and airmen of the Japanese Imperial forces who bombed us represented only a small minority of Japanese people, and that most Japanese were peace-loving and should be welcomed?  That was a true statement then, just as it is a true statement that the vast majority of Muslims have absolutely no intention of blowing themselves up in our shopping malls.

But it was equally true then that the culture of Imperial Japan placed a heavy emphasis on military victory and abuse of lesser races, just as did the Nazis.  Americans from President Franklin Roosevelt on down recognized that before we worried about innocent Japanese and Germans, we needed to utterly crush and destroy their leaders and war criminals.  Only afterwards, over many decades, could we rebuild Germany and Japan as free countries reflecting our culture rather than their violently evil previous one, and welcome modern peaceful Japanese and Germans to the United States with open arms.

In contrast, because the motivating factor behind modern terrorism is not a single Westphalian state but rather a transborder ideology masquerading as a great religion, our leadership seems utterly flummoxed by what should be obvious: We need to consider Islam as we considered Nazism in the 40s (and, indeed, still do), as an absolute disqualification for coming into our country.

Instead, how does Mr. Obama honor 9/11?  By accepting still more Muslims into our country.

We have said this before and we'll say it again:  We don't believe that Mr. Obama is a Muslim.  But it's not hard to imagine why a third of Americans believe that he is.  Donald Trump was right to ignore the question when he was asked it: we cannot know what's in anybody's heart, and the questioner's guess is as valid as that of the talking heads.

For sure, there's a whole lot more objective evidence arguing for Mr. Obama's Islamic faith than there is to the contrary.  On the evidence of Mr. Obama's actions, FDR himself would probably be asking the same thing.

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