Two Outta Three or Two Outta Nine

The Supreme Court's continued hand-sitting will not let them escape blame.

by Friendly Bear

It was the spring of 1978 and Meatloaf's "Two Outta Three Ain't Bad" was popular. Whenever it came on the radio or pumped out of the pizza place's juke box, we teenagers were all singing along.

Generally, we adopted it to also mean that as long as more was going right than wrong, it was okay. Thus, as teenagers with teenage problems, like acne and girls and cars, the expression "two outta three ain't bad" came into popular use.

Flash forward a bit over four decades and as adults with adult problems, like stolen elections and lockdowns and a traitorous Deep State, even "two outta three" would be cause for a celebration.

With many of the States in America backing a Texas challenge to the Philadelphia ballot-stuffing, the Supreme Court refused to hear the case, citing legal excuses. But, late last week stories began to surface that the real reason was that, like a shy witness to a minor car accident, seven out of nine Supreme Court justices simply "didn't want to get involved." Only Justice Alito and Justice Thomas stood up for America.

One of my friends defended the decision of the seven, saying, "Why should they have to fix a mess made by the voters?" Probably cueing in on the shocked look on my face, she continued, "The voters and the legislatures had a whole year to do something about it. So, why should the Supreme Court fix what voters didn't care about all year?" Her argument has merit, though I see it differently.

Americans who were dirt poor, with their feet bound with rags, and scars instead of pensions, fought for thirteen wayward colonies seeking to become America. All too often over the 244 years since, members of America's fighting forces have had to make the same sacrifices to preserve our nation.

Unfortunately, we have a stolen election that will make all of their sacrifices in vain as China Joe assumes the White House. What comes next may shock even hardened Biden supporters.

Just as the 300 Spartans and their allies who fought unwaveringly at Thermopylae were ultimately betrayed, allegedly by a goat herder, so will America's defenders be betrayed by those in the pay of China.

What, I ask these seven Supreme Court justices, should I tell the former soldier who lost his arm defending America in Iraq? What should I tell the Marine now blinded while serving with honor in Afghanistan? It was not just America's men, women served with distinction, too. I have an acquaintance whose daughter struggles with PTSD when the door closes hard.

For periods of WWI, the lifespan of pilots was measured in days. Americans sacrificed their futures all over the globe serving a noble cause. They died freeing people in WWII, froze in Korea, and were forgotten in Vietnam. Call them wars, call them police actions, or call it the GWOT, the human sacrifices are all the same, sacrifices for others.

At home, Americans struggled to insure that the Constitution represented every American. Americans went to great lengths to build and refine a nation worth defending. Human Rights, Animal Rights, protecting the environment, always making America better. Now they have been betrayed.

The Mainstream Media, Big Tech, and our Government, are riddled with China's agents. Fair elections have been overcome with malware and suitcases of counterfeit ballots. This year, 2020, has seen widespread disregard for law and order. And 2021 may make us nostalgic for 2020.

By abstaining, you seven have set into motion events that very likely will unravel much of the remaining respect for the law. Paraphrasing from The Rolling Stones' song, you seven have washed your hands and sealed America's fate.

Sadly, seven out of nine Supreme Court justices couldn't be bothered to decide a controversial case. Let's face it, being a Supreme is a pretty cushy life. You get a lifetime job with a base salary, speaking fees, your own private police force, and all you have to do is occasionally smile and wave like Queen Elizabeth. Yeah, deciding a controversial case might be asking too much from the less-than-magnificent Seven.

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Reader Comments

Naysayers will read this piece and say:"It's just so much more complicated than that".

It's not!

January 4, 2021 8:28 PM

We agree, Fred. The D justices hate Trump. The R justices are afraid of their own shadows.

January 5, 2021 2:04 AM
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