What Is To Be Done? Part 1 - Where We Are

Things look grim for America - but not so grim as being The End.

The two Americas continue to march forward as divided as ever they've been.  In one America, the Presidential election is finished,  Hidin' Biden is not violating the Logan act by talking to foreign heads of state, and Jill Biden is measuring curtains for the White House.  In the other America, the result is very much in doubt, with more obvious fraud than ever before seen in this country, and legal actions are mounting by the minute.

Where this will end, we'll leave to others to speculate.  For now, though, it's time to start taking stock of where we'll be if, as seems likely, Mr. Trump is unable to Stop the Steal.

We'll also dismiss the possibility of immediate outbreak of civil war.  This is not because we believe it to be impossible, but because, quite frankly, we simply haven't the heart to seriously game that one out.

If Mr. Trump Stops the Steal and remains in office, we will rejoice, but even if that happy outcome eventuates, the underlying facts on the ground won't have changed much.  Half the country, plus or minus an indeterminate few thousand, freely chose to side with thieves, liars, and quite possibly traitors; they aren't bothered in the least by electoral fraud or selling our national interests out to China and the Ukraine so long as it benefits their side, and the Constitution concerns them not at all.

So even if Mr. Trump pulls it off, the balance of power will only change to a limited degree.  If conservatism is to continue to exist, much less triumph in the end, there are certain things we must do regardless of the election outcomeRecent events have showed us that, given that the Evil Party has pulled out all the stops and utterly abandoned scruple, we can't let the Stupid Party continue to conduct business as usual.

Over the course of this series, we'll consider what appears to be the most likely outcome: an illegitimate Joe Biden administration that is, albeit grudgingly, accepted as de facto in office by all.  But we'll also set an assumption we haven't previously had: that the Democrats do not succeed in also stealing the Senate, thus, in theory at least, saving us from their very worst excesses and preserving some level of official conservative influence over legislative events.

So we aren't going to see re-education camps for conservatives, no matter how many fascist leftists call for them.  We also won't see mass confiscation of guns, as there's no way that one single Republican senator would vote to pass such a bill - no, not even the increasingly odious Mitt Romney.  Even a Left-leaning bureaucracy wouldn't dare try to do it on the strength of a mere executive order.

This is not to say that we'll be living in an otherwise-ordinary sane-Democrat version of America.  We'll be in uncharted territory of creeping regulatory tyranny we've never experienced before on these shores, just on the basis of Joe Biden's pronouncements since claiming victory without even considering his fevered machinations before the election.  But, we won't be living in Cuba either - and that, small though it might be, leaves opportunity.

Limits of the Dark Tech Lords

The past few months have seen a trial run of a 1984 Big Brother that George Orwell could never have imagined.  In the 2020 version of 1984, it doesn't take weeks of work and hundreds of bureaucrats to "disappear" a negative story, just a simple push of a button.

When Rudy Guiliani broke the news of Hunter Biden's laptop  that, we now know, the FBI had been silently sitting on for a year, the social-media giants simply banned the entire story from public view, even shutting down the accounts of America's fourth-largest newspaper.

This act of anti-American censorship and partisan bias, all by itself, may have stolen the election for Sleepy Joe - a recent study found that 1/3 of voters had indeed never heard of Hunter's crimes, and when presented with the evidence,

4.6% of Biden voters say they would not have voted for him had they been aware of evidence of this scandal.

That alone erases VP Biden's entire margin of victory in spite of all the other cheating.

But there's a flip side: 2/3 of American voters had heard the news, despite the media's totalitarian efforts to black-hole it, and that was with less than 2 months to spread it around.  By the end of the year, any American who knows what day is Election Day will know this.  The Tech Lords cannot, in fact, prevent the spread of truth and evidence, at least for now - they can only delay it, and that to a quite limited degree.

We're also seeing conservatives abandoning even the traditional conservative outlets in white-hot rage.  Audience ratings for Fox are plummeting, while those for upstart One America News are climbing.  Yes, the New York Post may have knuckled under to overwhelming pressure to conform, but anybody with a computer and Internet link can be the next Matt Drudge or Breitbart.  They can't all be silenced - and they won't be.

Why does this matter?  Because the biggest problem facing America isn't the threat of the tyrannical fascists on the Left.  It's the vast middle of America who doesn't care about politics and who generally believes what he sees on the news.

The more blatantly "the news" hides the actual news, so long as a path remains for actual news to get out, the more ordinary Americans will reach the point where they realize that "the Democrats" aren't JFK and FDR, they're something closer to Hugo Chavez if not (yet) Chairman Mao.  We can't get them there by rubbing their nose in it; but a continual drip-drip-drip of obvious, blatant lies and censorship can't help but change hearts and minds in our direction.  Help the enemy when he's making a mistake!

Courting the Courts and the States

Perhaps Mr. Trump's greatest and longest-lasting accomplishment is the hundreds of conservative judges appointed all throughout the Federal court system.  This might have been for naught - with control of the Senate, the Democrats could simply pass a bill to pack the Supreme Court and double the size of the rest, appointing Marxists and similar psychopaths as desired.

But we're going to assume they don't control the Senate, which means none of that can happen.  Joe Biden may wield Mr. Obama's famous pen, but there will still be some limits enforced by the courts.  Not as many as we'd like, no doubt, but some lines will remain uncrossable.

Similarly, the Left doesn't control all 50 states - indeed, they control fewer than they did last month.  Republican governors still have the power to appoint originalist judges and have them confirmed by Republican legislatures.  As we'll see in a future article in this series, this can make a truly enormous difference: it certainly has for the Left over the past half-century, and it's not their fault that conservatives haven't bothered to fight back the same way.

By the same token, Republican governors aren't merely limited to appointing judges - they can work with Republican legislatures to pass actual laws.  Joe Biden will likely be unable to do this, or very restricted.  In fact, this is precisely why our Founders did not create a democracy - they created a republic for just such a time as this, in hopes that state governments, at least some of them, would fight to defend the rights of their citizens.  We can, and we must - which means we'll need to hold to the fire the feet of any officeholder who claims (R) after their name.

Any (R)s who hope for higher office have a heavy burden of proof of worthiness.  Who immediately bowed the knee to pretender Biden at the command of his media allies?  Who, in contrast, refused to deem the election over until all legal issues have been resolved in accordance with our laws?  Who is just hiding hoping nobody notices them?  It's (still, somewhat) a free country, and if an individual officeholder prefers to hide in a hole, that's their right - but that also should forever bar them from the public stage of leadership.

Ignorant or Indoctrinated

As we've realized over the past year, the most pressing structural threat to America is the fact that nearly all of its young people spend the first few decades of their lives being indoctrinated all day, every day, in anti-American leftism in our public schools and universities.  Do this for generation upon generation, and is it any wonder that more young folks want socialism than capitalism?  After all, it's what they've been taught.

A shiny bright silver lining of covid panic is the fact that public schools aren't able to indoctrinate nearly so effectively.  The kids aren't under the thumb of teachers unions; they can't be just handed condoms or transported to abortuaries, and they aren't sharing locker rooms with mentally ill peers suffering from gender dysphoria.  They may be being taught the infamous Big Lies of Howard Zinn's People's History of the United States, but they won't go unchallenged when parents can hear them via the Zoom sessions.

It's hard to say for sure, but some observers claim that homeschooling has doubled this year, and in a sense every single American family now has homeschooling experience of a sort.  No doubt plenty of parents are counting the seconds before their little monsters can be locked up again, but vast numbers may find they like being involved in their children's lives.

Again, education is very much a state responsibility (assuming it's a government responsibility at all) and homeschooling cannot be banned without legislation - perhaps not even then.  A clear majority of American states will allow and even encourage it for the foreseeable future, no matter what Joe Biden and his appointees may do.  In the long run, this may - may - prove to be the salvation of America: kids have astonishing powers to detect lies, fraud, and hypocrites, if only one person points out the imperial nudist.

America is a very big country, not easy to dominate from on high.  It's also a very rich country where individuals can afford to own millions of guns and literally billions of rounds of ammunition.  Longstanding traditions of individual liberty make it not so easy to squash Americans out-of-hand, particularly with more people waking up to the high crimes that are blighting their lives.

Yes, traditional America has suffered a staggering defeat.  So did England when Hitler bombed and burned London during the Blitz. At the same time, it was the very horror that convinced all England that they could not surrender and had to fight as one man.  And fight they did.

In the following articles in this series, we'll explore a few practical ideas as to fights that can be set, fought, and won, in the environment in which we anticipate shortly finding ourselves.  We just need to get off our duffs, collective and individual, and do it.

Petrarch is a contributing editor for Scragged.  Read other Scragged.com articles by Petrarch or other articles on Partisanship.
Reader Comments

Good article. Lays out the reality if Biden wins and puts what may happen into perspective. Hopefully, the Senate will be able to prevent the worst.
This is a concern... A friend in North Carolina told me he read Biden’s stance on 2nd Amendment and that it states Biden will try to drastically limit the ability to purchase ammunition since banning &/or confiscating guns would be too dangerous and difficult. He said Biden may ban online purchases of ammo leaving gun owners, our country’s last line of defense against tyranny and socialism, unable to purchase ammo or severely limit what can be purchased and where. What good is a gun with no bullets.
In my opinion, the number one deterrent conservatives and Christians must maintain and strengthen is the right to keep and bear arms. All one has to do is look at Tiananmen Square, Hong Kong, Venezuela, or any other place where the citizens do not have the right to keep and bear arms and see what happens when you try and face down a tank or armed military when all you have is a rock or stick. Doesn’t end well.
This is why the Founders made it the second amendment preceded only by the first which guarantees freedoms concerning religion, expression, assembly and right to petition - because they knew how critically important it was to have an armed citizenry able to defend and protect themselves and their rights against those who would try and take or threaten them.
Make no mistake with whom it is we are dealing with and realize that we are dealing with evil. Evil that will do whatever it takes to force their will upon all and at any cost. Conservatives, the Right, Christians...have all been reduced to labels by the left. We are no longer human beings made in the image and likeness of God. No! We are less than human deserving of whatever the left feels we deserve. And I think we all have a pretty good idea of what that is.

November 12, 2020 12:00 PM
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