Who's Behind the Curtain?

We don't have to search around looking for conspiracies, they're right in front of us.

by Eyes Wide Open

What a difference a new/different President makes! The previous President's standard of operation was focused on his Make America a Great Again agenda that a large number of US citizens from all across the US supported and benefited from. Some of the agenda items as well as promises kept included:

  1. Lower taxes for all
  2. Stop endless wars and don't start new wars
  3. Reduce or eliminate job-killing, burdensome regulations
  4. Increase energy production across US
  5. Revise incarceration laws the Democrats enacted, to be less discriminatory against Black Americans
  6. Move America's embassy to Jerusalem, the official capital of Israel for decades
  7. Develop peace agreements between Middle Eastern countries and Israel
  8. Stand up to, and apply tariffs to, China, in response to years and years of theft of intellectual property and unfair trade practices
  9. Hold the line on Iranian terror and kill terrorists guilty of killing Americans
  10. Create the most robust economy and lowest unemployment in US history
  11. Force Mexico to stop illegal border crossings before illegals get to the US border
  12. Build most of the border wall, even though Congress did everything they could to prevent the wall and not appropriate money to build it
  13. Threaten North Korea like a true American President should when they threaten us with attacks
This list is not all-inclusive. I challenge anyone to name even 4 similar, big-hitter successes or promises kept by any other President in the last 60 years that actually benefited We-the-People.
What's more, President Trump did all of this in a toxic, negative, adversarial, acrimonious, combative, obstructionist environment, created and driven solely by the mainstream media, Big Tech, academia, our elites, and so-called Democrat/progressives from the local to federal level, who relentlessly criticized our former President every minute of every day, no matter what he did or said. I believe President Trump himself said (paraphrase) "I could cure cancer and they (the MSM) would find fault."

So let's ask why. Why would Mr. Trump promise and then do, all the things that all the previous presidents in our lifetime promised to do going back many, many years, but failed to do and always found some lame excuse as to why they couldn't Make America Great at all, and in reality, only made it worse for us, the People?

I believe it's because Mr. Trump is not a bought and paid for politician, and because he sincerely loves the US. Mr. Obama made a bunch of promises to do things for We-the-People and then said (paraphrase) "Get used to no economic growth and no job growth, and a flat stock market - it's the new norm", "You can keep your doctor", etc.

Why would Mr. Obama purposely leave  us worse off than we were before he was President?  I believe that, unlike Mr. Trump who gave a s**t about the common Joe or Jane on the street, Mr. Obama couldn't have cared less about any of us. He is and was only interested in doing the bidding of the elites and Big Tech.

Mr. Obama become shockingly wealthy while doing nothing for We-the-People. I'm sure this was part of the deal to do special interests (read: not We-the-People's) bidding.

He and John Kerry gave a cargo plane full of cash to Iran. That sounds like colluding with, and giving comfort to, the enemy.

And he walked away with millions and a 12 acre ocean front estate on Martha's Vineyard while telling We-the-People to be wary of rising seas due to global warming.

Yes, they absolutely do think we are stupid and unable to detect the double standards and what are eyes see and ears hear. They have total contempt for us, We-the-People - make no mistake! And they will not stop, until they are stopped.

Stark contrast to Mr. Trump, isn't it! Mr. Trump actually got positive things done for us and did not enrich himself on the way. I'm sure it was difficult for some of the MSM and Dems to suppress complimenting Mr. Trump when looking at their 401k's.

And now we've got Mr. Biden and his slew of executive orders rescinding most of Mr. Trump's positive actions, plus new regulations resulting in lost jobs and hindering business and the economy. No matter what restrictions the federal government has put or will put on us, we find a way around, through, etc, to get the job done to survive.

But why would the federal government place restrictions on and purposely hinder progress? Why would they impede or prevent us and the US as a whole, to improve and be all that we can be? Don't they work for us? Shouldn't they have and support our interests above all else?

Of course the answer is no, the federal government does not care what our interests are, what kind of country we want the US to be, what laws we want or don't want, etc.

So what does the federal government and the so-called leftists, progressives, and wokes, actually want? They want to rule us and control us by laws and regulations that they themselves are exempt from, like wearing masks. We are pawns in their game. And it's a global game with global players.

They want cheap labor to keep their world and corporations running, and they want the cheap laborers to keep their mouths shut. In their world, we will all eventually be the cheap labor.

And none of what they, the politicians, shove down our throats, applies to them. For example, we get government-run healthcare that we pay for out of our paychecks or via taxes, while they get 100% coverage paid for by us, the taxpayers. We get 401ks while they have lifetime pensions. They vote for and cause wars and we send our kids to fight them.

They demand the end of gasoline-powered cars to combat the fake climate change lie, while flying all over the world in private jets that we pay for. They pass laws enabling highly addictive opioids to be prescribed knowing full well the devastating effects on generations of Americans and fueling crime in poorer areas of the country.

They always point out how they are "helping" the less fortunate when in reality, they are doing irreparable harm. If their lips are moving, they're lying. Are these all random, unexpected outcomes, or are they planned? I'm betting on the latter. The list never ends.

So now let's explore who and what is behind the curtain pulling the strings. As Pink Floyd said, Money is the root of all evil today. There are very few people who ARE NOT millionaires in the Senate or House. And those who aren't yet, just give them a few more years and they will be.

And who wants to work past 65 in real life? Very few if any, normal, sane men and women. But not politicians, they go well into their 80's or until they die.

What possible reason might someone continue to work until they literally die on the job. Only one reason....they are getting something that they feel is so valuable, that they never retire. What could that be? I'm betting it's money and power. If they have dementia and need to wear diapers, so what.

As we've seen with the Biden syndicate and many others, it's pay-to-play, and they all do it. McConnell's wife is being investigated. Eric Swalwell sleeping with a Chinese spy. Both Clintons built a fortune doing it. They all do it one way or another. They all enjoy perks that no one else outside of politics does.

And many of the things they regularly engage in we would be arrested for. Like violating a security clearance agreement. Rules for us, no rules for them. They can charge money to wield their power in favor of the entity paying them or doing them a "favor" like flying Mr. Clinton to Epstein's infamous Pedo Island. Guess who doesn't have the money to buy the power? Uh huh - us, We-the-People. Classic "us vs. them" scenario.

So who has the money and who buys the power from our elected representatives while they ignore us? Basically anyone BUT us. To name a few obvious players: Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Bill Gates, George Soros, China, Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, Wall Street, big time lawyers, Ivy League colleges, corporations, unions, Wall Street, etc... These entities not only buy off the politicians, some of them even write the bills they want the bought off politicians to make into law. This results in We-the-People getting zero representation at the table.

They abscond with our tax money knowing full well We-the-People would object if we knew what they were doing, so they package BS as "this", when it's really "that". There's ALWAYS an underlying goal of each and every bill they pass into law that benefits someone other than We-the-People, ALWAYS.

And the politicians, MSM, Big Tech, social media, teachers, etc...convince (lie to) enough Americans to erroneously support the BS package. As we've seen with the recent election, cheating and violating the Constitution and state laws be damned. They taunt us..."what are you going to do about it".  Frankly and sadly, the answer most often is "we're not going to do anything."

Without someone like Donald Trump, who wants us to have the country the Founders created for us, who believes more jobs and more money in our pockets because everyone is working is better than the government deciding who gets what and when, then I don't think there's much we can do. Trying harder will not work. Voting will not work. Waiting or expecting the lying, thieving politicians to police themselves and pass term limits is never going to happen.

Without Mr. Trump or someone like him, and preferably a 3rd party, I don't see any positive changes on the horizon. Maybe red states will be able to stand up and resist the coming onslaught of the Biden/Harris regime. I hope so.

The more one zooms out and observes: the destruction of society and education, promotion of ambiguous gender roles, the collapse of societal norms, attacks on whites, males, Christians, conservatives, God; open borders, legalization of drugs, outlawing guns and attacking the 2nd Amendment, etc., the more the dots line up and in my opinion, point directly to the elites, big money, Big Tech, corporations, the Uniparty, all the usual suspects, as being the entities behind all of this.

Make no mistake. Open your eyes. Watch. Listen. They (the swamp) do not care about you. They have never cared about you. They will never care about you. They are selfish, self centered, egotistical and evil. They will never stop unless or until they are stopped. They have eroded any power We-the-People had and our ability to effect change (See 2020 election results). And frankly, they have just begun.

Mr. Biden will bow out one way or the other, and probably soon. Ms. Harris is a wild card but worse than Mr. Biden. They will not squander their majorities in Congress like the RINOs do. And it's already begun.

Without Mr. Trump or someone like him, it'll be up to red states to hold the line against the federal overreach and violations of the Constitution.

And all the while, the rest of the world, especially our enemies (China, Russia, Iran, North Korea) are watching and waiting. And "they" don't care.

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Reader Comments

Excellent piece; it certainly clears up any mystery about how "Trump Derangement Syndrome" came about. Wonder how bad things will have to get before anyone hears the first Democrat express any regret over his vote....

March 25, 2021 1:58 AM

Excellent article. A good sign will be when the GOP fires Mumbling Mitch and he retires. In short, clean house.

March 25, 2021 1:09 PM

Frankly, I'm tired of articles like these that point out all the bad things that are happening.

For once, I'd like to read an article that puts forward a concrete strategy to give power back to the people.

I guess the reason there are no articles out there like that is that there is no strategy that will do this.

March 29, 2021 2:54 PM

Frankly, I'm tired of comments like yours Michael, that offer absolutely nothing other than criticism.

Here's your chance to step up Michael, and write an article that puts forward a concrete strategy to give power back to the people.

March 29, 2021 7:33 PM

@Michael We've written several articles giving concrete solutions by listing things Republican states can do right now. If you're interested, I'll post links to them.

Also, Rico is TOTALLY RIGHT. If you'd write one, we'd gladly publish. We have published many Guest Editorials.

March 31, 2021 6:45 PM

I think my original comment was somewhat misinterpreted. I wasn't criticizing articles here on Scragged....far from it. I find Scragged articles to be much superior to the everyday fare one reads online.

My comment was directed at emails I'm constantly getting from friends and associates complaining about the latest outrages they see on tv or read online but none ever seem to come to grips with, what Lenin famously said...

"What Is To Be Done".

March 31, 2021 8:31 PM

In writing the article I was trying to compare/contrast the Trump presidency vs now, and paint as concise a picture of the current state of affairs as I could, while exposing the disinformation and outright lies we are being fed daily. Not the easiest thing to do when the msm & leftist politicians are working 24/7 to make everyone not believe what their eyes see, their nose smells and their ears hear. My goal was to try and get readers to realize and accept the reality of where we are and the overwhelming likelihood that we're never going back, at least in my lifetime.
I was absolutely not trying to rant n rave about "all the bad things that are happening". I was trying to get to the root cause(s) and trying to identify the "who's". I was trying to get readers to realize that this is not going away after the republicans win the house back in 2022 or after Biden/Harris in 4 years. They're not going to stop.
And regarding "what is to be done", I don't have an answer. It's hard enough trying to wrap my head around what I think and perceive is happening. That's why I wrote the article... if readers say "yes, I agree, that's what's happening". That validates that I've captured and described at least part of the problem. And only after that can any solution be formulated. I know voting isn't the solution.
I want people to grasp the magnitude of what's occurred and what will occur.
So if some of us here misinterpreted your comment as criticism, and yes, I did interpret it as criticism, then maybe next time, before throwing cold water on someone's article without writing a proper rebuttal which I think is fine, you might consider the effort the author put in and that gathering thoughts, ideas, evidence, documenting the info, organizing and editing over and over, refining the ideas, etc... and submitting it for publication, is no easy thing.
As WO said, the site is nice enough to publish guest articles, so why not give it a go and write one. It's a good experience and even better when a reader comments that they liked or agreed with the subject matter. Shows me I'm not the only one watching and not the only one drawing the conclusions I draw.

March 31, 2021 9:48 PM

Well, here's something all of us can do.


April 4, 2021 12:10 PM
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