You Are Here

Take careful stock of where we are, and where we're heading.

by Friendly Bear

If you’ve ever walked into a shopping mall or park, then you’ve almost certainly seen a large map with an inverted red teardrop or arrow, accompanied by the words, “You are here”.

When you are looking at one of these large maps so marked, it can be particularly comforting. It gives a sense of grounding: you know where you are.

Reading the comments posted in response to the current wave of political news stories and articles, it is obvious that people are becoming increasingly wary of a Biden/Harris administration. They know all too well that China Joe is corrupt and that Harris has expressed dictatorial plans.

I firmly believe that the people who post these comments are good, honest Americans, wonderful people, who are deluged with socialist propaganda and the inevitable conspiracy theories. Yet, they also have been subjected to a form of sensory deprivation due to an absence of facts.

It is also apparent that these people are overwhelmingly Trump supporters, if not all of them. For brevity let’s call these people “Trumpers”.

I am a Trumper. Trumpers number upwards of 80 million. What these Trumpers crave is a large, easy-to-read political map, complete with a “You are here” marker.

Every Trumper with whom I have spoken or read their posts has expressed their belief that America is somewhere between a representative republic and a dictatorship. Like a tense and fearful Dorothy in the “Wizard of Oz”, they’re pretty sure that they’re not in Kansas anymore.

No, we are somewhere in the middle. This is important, because many people throughout the political spectrum believe that we are inching closer to a revolution, a civil war, a “French Revolution”, or some similar description.

Let’s start by figuring where we are not. The stolen election, the lockdowns, the prohibitions on free assembly, the suppression of free speech, and the statements by Biden and Harris of gun confiscation prove that we are no longer the representative republic that we once were.

On the other hand, the fact that state and federal courts have struck down some of the provisions of the lockdowns and prohibitions on free assembly, as well as the fact that Americans are arming up at a phenomenal rate, prove that we are not yet a dictatorship.

This just confirms that we are in the middle, which we already knew. But now we have learned enough to give a name to our location. We can call where we are “Prepared and Cautiously Watching It Unfold”, or Caution for short.

Our map shows us that Representative Republic is behind us and Powder Keg is ahead of us. Yes, I know that Berserk Guerrilla Warfare is beyond Powder Keg, but the mature decision is to stay at Caution, and not only until we have more facts. We should not go down this path until it is justified and unavoidable.

Remember, there are people on both ends of the political spectrum who stand to gain power and money by stirring America to the point of violence.  They want the nation to blow through Powder Keg into what lies beyond at full speed, gleefully awaiting the cataclysm.

Don't grant their wish!  Stay prepared, stay vigilant, stay dangerous, but do not let your emotions, or anyone else taunting you, control you.

By knowing that many headlines and news stories are designed to push you over the edge, you can maintain steady, clear thinking and gather facts. Beat the provocateurs with your will and your self-control while we wait to see more of the coming events unfold.

You are here -> Caution... let's leave it at that.

We all hope that we can soon go back to living in a Representative Republic.  But a state of Caution, as unnerving as it is, remains vastly preferable to the most likely alternatives.

Friendly Bear is a staff writer for  Read other articles by Friendly Bear or other articles on Politics.
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