Democrats Fanning Ferguson's Flames

Sadly, civil violence and conflict benefits Democrats at the polls.

Our media love to set blacks and whites at each other's throats.  When Trayvon Martin was shot in a fight with Mr. Zimmerman, the newspapers kept referring to Zimmerman as a White-Hispanic, a racial category that not even the US Census Bureau uses.  They wanted to make it seem that whites go around indiscriminately shooting blacks.

Hearing witness accounts of two men fighting, one and the ground and the other on top, the police noticed injuries on the back of Mr. Zimmerman's head, correctly inferred that he'd been on the bottom having his head pounded on the sidewalk, and didn't arrest him.

When Michael Brown was shot by white policeman Darren Wilson, the racist reverends, our attorney general, and our media were all over it, completely ignoring the 60 Chicago blacks who'd been shot over one holiday weekend.  This time, considerable rioting ensued and many small businesses were destroyed.  When the grand jury had carefully and thoroughly examined all the evidence and reached the conclusion that Officer Wilson had acted reasonably within the requirements of the law, the rioting started up again, doing even more damage.

Our media also reports that a rookie white policeman shot a resident of a New York housing project under circumstances which remain unclear.  The usual suspects are howling for the officer's badge and wanting to know his name and address.  The day before the Grand Jury delivered their verdict, the New York Times reported that Officer Wilson had married a Ferguson policewoman and gave the address where the happy couple were planning to set up housekeeping.

How is that fair or safe?  Officer Wilson has been buried under a cascade of death threats and was living in an undisclosed location until the Times disclosed it.  We're told that the Ferguson officer will never be able to work again even though he's been acquitted.  He certainly can't be a cop again, he'd walk the mean streets with a great big bullseye on his back.

The Boston Herald recently ran a series of articles about unsolved Boston murders.  The solve rate for murders in the non-black parts of the city are somewhat above the national average, but very few murders in black neighborhoods have been solved.

To the expected accusations that the police ignore black-on-black crime, the police argue that blacks won't talk to the police, either because they don't trust the police or because they fear that the perpetrators will kill them for talking.  Either way, police can't solve murders without information; they aren't mind readers.

Many years ago, as Detroit was declining from a civilized place to a jungle whose inhabitants were busily burning it down, the Slab Slums of the housing projects were strict "no go" places for policemen.  They wouldn't go in the projects even in pairs because it was too dangerous.  The residents of government subsidized housing had turned themselves over to the law of the jungle.  The policemen who patrol the New York housing projects routinely walk around with their guns drawn because of the dangers.

If policemen continue to be destroyed for trying to do their jobs, they'll stop patrolling black neighborhoods as the Detroit police did and black neighborhoods will rival Chicago for high crime rates.  If black rioters keep destroying merchants in their neighborhoods, where will they buy groceries, shoes, or their many other human needs?

Unfortunately, the racist reverends and many Democratic politicians find this situation advantageous at election time.  The high crime rates in black neighborhoods please the public employee unions which support Democrats because of the vast armies of taxpayer-funded bureaucrats, social workers, "experts," and other timeservers who claim to "help" the problems while making matters worse.  Teachers' unions bribe Democrats for permission to continue running dropout mills which produce unemployable inner city youth, which increases both the prison population and our welfare rolls, to the Democrats' further advantage.

Welfare recipients tend to support Democrats because Democrats trumpet taxpayer-funded handouts.  The citizens of Ferguson, having just burned down their town, will no doubt be presented with a gift-wrapped pile of taxpayer "recovery" funds loudly trumpeted by Democrat politicians.

Somehow they fail to realize that it's because of Democrat policies that they are are trapped in a cycle of poverty - not least because so many of the low-level unskilled jobs that uneducated Americans used to be able to get are now filled by armies of illegal aliens who'll take even more of their jobs now that Mr. Obama has declared them legal.  In the long run, these illegals will become another army of Democrat voters, if not they themselves then via their anchor-baby US citizen children.

With Democrats reaping such advantages from their socially destructive policies, why would they stop?  One town burnt down is no big deal, after all, no Democrat elites live anywhere near it.  And it isn't their kids that won't be able to find jobs with a living wage.

Will Offensicht is a staff writer for and an internationally published author by a different name.  Read other articles by Will Offensicht or other articles on Partisanship.
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